Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Restraining My Lips

This entry is not because of anything that's happened. This is just from a random thought. I shouldn't really say random, because it was prompted by a "thought for the day and a scripture for the day". So I guess in reality, it's not really a random thought. Did I lose you? LOL! Stick with me now...

Looking back, throughout my younger years (child, teen, 20's & 30's) I wasn't as verbal as I am now. I know, those that know me personally might find this hard to believe. LOL! I realizing, that I'm becoming ... or dare I say "I am" a person I really don't care to be.

I have noticed that I am not good about keep my lips closed and my words from blurting out. I am speaking my mind. Believe me, that most of the time, that is not a good thing! Who cares what I think any ways?! Why do I have to try to tell someone my point of view? Do they really care? Are they just provoking me or worse yet, am I doing the provoking? I need to keep reminding myself, "Who cares?!" LOL!

What should matter to me is what my Lord and Savior thinks about me. That I need to be careful of how I handle myself and what I say. Since God is living in my heart, I need to let Him shine through and not let my flesh get in the way. What should matter is what my Knight, Fair Maidens and Squires think about me. I should walk a path that they should want to follow.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Smart people speak from experience—smarter people from experience, don’t speak.

SCRIPTURE FOR THE DAY: In the multitude of words sin is not lacking, But he who restrains his lips is wise.
-Proverbs 10:19

I need to have this tattooed backwards on my forehead. That way when I look in the mirror, I will be reminded! Well, maybe that wouldn't work, cause I don't look in the mirror that often. I know, I should have it tattooed on my hands. I can't help but look at my hands, cause I'm an addicted blogger.

Lord, thank you being the Almighty One. For your mercy and grace. For your unconditional love. Help me to be the woman you want me to be. Let your light shine through me. Keep me on the straight and narrow path. Help me not to provoke others and to keep my mouth buttoned up.

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