Saturday, April 26, 2008

State Bible Drill

This weekend was the State Bible Drill Competition. Drillers came from all over our state. Some even drove through the night to get here. We are blessed because we didn't have to travel far. Every bible driller did an excellent job.

This is G.I. Joe's second year competing in Bible Drill. The last time he competed, he was in 5th grade. He is now in the 8th grade. Which means he got to compete in the Youth Bible Drill. Click here to see what they had to memorize. I have to be totally honest. There is no way, I could of memorized all they had to memorize . Out of all the youths in our church, my G.I. Joe was the only one that advanced to finals. The two young men who competed in the High School Drill, also made it to the finals. One of our Children drillers had a perfect score. We are all so very proud of them.

I have to confess here... I only helped him practice his drill 2 or 3 times. He practiced at home on his own. But every Wednesday he met with the other drillers from our church and practiced for one hour. The two ladies in charge were there faithfully every Wednesday to help them out. They only had 8 seconds to look up the scriptures. They had 5 different drills. The scoring sheet is here. All the youth drillers from our church had worked so hard that they had worked hard to drill in 5 seconds.

The best part of all this is, that they will all have these scriptures hidden in their hearts for a lifetime. They will be able to call upon God's Word at any time. How awesome is that!!!

This is our church bible drillers. The young men wearing black shirts are the High School Bible Drillers. The group wearing pink are the Youth (middle schoolers) Bible Drillers. The ones wearing light blue shirts are our Children Bible Drillers. My G.I. Joe has his arms crossed. He's the one on the far left. We only had two young ladies competing this year. One was in the youth and one was in the children's bible drill. We sure hope that more participants join next year.

Here we were waiting to be told where each group had to go. There were many participants. Many also went to cheer on the participants. If was truly a joyous occasion. If the drillers were nervous, they didn't show it. Everyone was smiling and laughing. OH, two of our drillers did have a belly ache when we all met at our church. But by the time we got to where they were holding the drill, they were feeling fine. I won't tell who it was, but I can say that it wasn't my G.I. Joe.

G.I. Joe made it to the finals. He did so well. He answered every time he was called. I'm so proud of him.

After the drills were done, we all hopped on the bus and headed home. The church treated the drillers to lunch. We stopped at an Italian restaurant close to home. The food was great, but the fellowship was even better. What a great bunch of drillers. I know that they will forever be blessed for having learned the scriptures they've learned. Well done, good and faithful servants.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy 45th Birthday To My Knight!

Today we celebrated my Knight's 45th birthday. I know that the heaven's rejoiced day he was born. He is an AWESOME man of character. I'm so blessed that he picked me to be his wife.

For the first time EVER, he stayed home with us on his birthday. We loved having him around. If was great to be able to see him and kiss him whenever I wanted, which was often. ;o) He spent the day home relaxing. Which is hard to believe, cause the man does not know what the word relax means. The only thing he had to do today was ump a Juniors game. My poor Babe. But at least it was a cool evening. When it's someones birthday around here, we 'all' take the day off. Well, except for those who attend college. :o(

Daughter of the King baked the birthday cake. She also decorated it. The birthday person gets to choose what they want for dinner. Being that he's recovering from oral surgery and he's still not able to chew, he decided to have tortellini. YUMMO! He can swallow that carefully without choking. It was a huge hit. Daughter of the King really outdid herself tonight. There were no leftovers!

I had to retake this picture 6 times! I kept telling them things were so much easier when they were wee ones!

The birthday boy having some fun. Boys will ALWAYS be boys!

A birthday kiss for my Knight. I sure love my man!

We all love Snoopy. This was my Knight's birthday car from our children.....

As they say, "We owned it mom." They added stickers to the little Woodstocks. Since there were five Woodstocks, they each claimed one and personalized them. The one that has the graduation cap and teddy bear is Daughter of the King. She's graduating this year. The one with the burger and the soda is The Warrior. He loves burgers and soda. The one with the vanilla ice cream cone is Still Waters. The one with the chocolate ice cream cone is G.I. Joe. The one with the raft, is Soaring Amongst The Clouds. She's the thrill seeker. They also added the confetti and balloons. They really did 'own' it! LOL!

I can't believe I found this card. It was the perfect birthday card for my Knight...

If you look closely, the dragon is holding a "heating" bill. Well, I scratched the word 'heating' and wrote, "shopping". Why? Because I'm a shop-a-holic. So I guess I 'owned' my card too.

My Dearest Knight,

Happy Birthday. You are my dream come true. I love you.

forever yours...
Your Lady~

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Some Brotherly Love

The other day, Still Waters got home late from school. Poor thing had to sit through a lecture for extra credit. We missed her... A LOT!

Once she got home, I went up to her room to see her. The Warrior came up with me. He sat on her computer chair. Like all boys, he started spinning himself on the chair. While I sat on her bed. We watched her put her books away and hang up some of the her laundered clothes. The Warrior had brought up her clean clothes and laid them on her bed for her. I sometimes wish my eyes were a camera. So I can instantly capture the moment. He got up and hugged his Still Waters. It was a lingering, full of love kinda of hug. She needed it and he sensed it. She said, "Everyone needs The Warrior's hug." It made her day.

The Warrior showed a little love to Soaring Amongst The Clouds too. He went into her room and laid down beside her. This time, I had my camera. I was able to capture the moment.

Today during Still Waters' art class, she was drawing on her sketch pad. He professor took a look and told her she should illustrate books. Funny thing is, a teacher I know was impressed with her drawings. He is writing a book and has asked her if she would be interested in drawing the illustrations for his book. Coincidence? I think not, I'd call it a God-incidence. ;o) She is very excited.

Steps has come to visit with Daughter of the King a couple days a week. We enjoy having him over. They'll sit and play games for hours.

One of those night's, we had ice cream for dessert. Poor guy, I asked him a question while he had some ice cream still in his mouth. He went to swallow it and got a brain freeze. Needless to say I felt awful! But I have to be truthful, we all laughed... including him. Sorry Steps!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Mom, How Did You Know?

One of my Fair Maidens asked me today, "Mom, how did you know that dad was the one for you? How did you know he loved you?" I was 18 years old when I got married. My Knight had just turned 19. How did I know at that tender age, that he was the one for me? I told her how I knew... he told me he loved me. Not just with words, but with his actions. Above all else, I was first in his life. That is true love, dying to self. That's exactly what Jesus did for us.

When we met, we were not Christians. So I can't say that God was first in his life or mine. But I can say, that he put me first above all. Through our courtship, I saw the kind of young man he was. His family was important to him. Being that he was committed to working on our relationship, he chose to "leave" his parents and put all his time and effort into our relationship. But at the same time, he still honored his parents. They understood that the time had come to let go. His friends were his friends, but I was his best friend now. He put me first. I couldn't help but fall in love with him.

Today, that kind of love and commitment is hard to find. The world pushes the "me" attitude. I see married people going out weekly with friends. Instead of going out as couples. There is nothing wrong with an monthly night out with friends of the same sex. But we have to be careful and guard ourselves. What is the purpose of those outings? Be sure it's not a time to get away and feel like you are still single. Are you doing or saying something, that would dishonor God, yourself or your spouse? Keep yourself in check. I don't think this only applies to married couples. I think this applies to those that are engaged, courting or single folks too. Remember that God is watching. Your future spouse could be watching too. They might be observing from a distance. What are they seeing?

We need to remember that love is not a "feeling". Feelings come and go. I chose to love my Knight. This is a choice I make daily, throughout my day. My Knight does the same. Can you imagine what it would be like if we don't "chose" to love daily? So many things influence us throughout our day. How much love would I have for my Knight when throughout my day, I've watched the Lifetime channel. The channel I think that men a bashed daily and women are ALWAYS the heroines. Not only that channel, but if I spend time watching a movie or program that portrays men as being stupid or not good leaders of their families. If surround myself around women who don't edify their husbands but complain and belittle them, what would be my frame of mind when I see my Knight? Things around us have a way of influencing us. So, I chose to fill my mind with things that I know would help me to be the woman God intends for me to be. To be the wife and mother He wants me to be.

When my Knight is home, I like to be home too. I value my time with him. He is important to me. He is the one I will be with for the rest of my life. So it's a relationship I treasure. When I fellowship with friends, it's during a time that I know he'll be busy at a meeting or at home working. If my friend has a need, my Knight understands. He knows that I will be with my friend in her time of need. He knows that he is first in my life, because I've showed him that with actions. He knows and trusts that my priorities are in order. That's how I feel about him. That's what he's proven to me too. Was it always like that for us? I have to honestly say, yes. Which is hard to believe because we didn't have Christ in our lives in the beginning. But we did have good examples, our parents. More on that on another entry.

This summer we'll be celebrating our 26th wedding anniversary. I'm so very blessed. I can't take the credit for it and neither can my Knight. It's all God. He had plans for us. He knew that one day we'd be His. In His infinite wisdom, He showered us with grace and mercy. He brought the two of us together. He opened my eyes and I saw our future in my Knight's eyes. It was God's reflection. Even though I didn't know it at the time. But God did.

My Knight and I are not perfect. We fail and fall. But He is there to pick us up and help us our journey. We are there for one another. That's how it should be.

As I write this, I think that she knew the answer to her question. She has "seen" the love her dad has for me. She has seen the love her dad has for her and siblings. I think she just wanted to "hear" it. She wants that kind of love too. My prayer is that God blesses her (and my other children) with that kind of love and commitment and much more.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Great Expectations

For those that read my other blog, be be warned. I reposted this entry there. I don't know if everyone that visits this blog, visits my other one. I wanted to be sure that everyone got to read it. I feel it's an important topic. Too often, we do have great expectations...

Great Expectations
by Dennis and Barbara Rainey

"For this cause a man shall leave his father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife; and the two shall become one flesh."
~Ephesians 5:31

My wife and I spent the first year and a half of our marriage in Boulder, Colorado, where the winters are cold and electric blankets are standard survival equipment. We fell into a habit of snuggling under those blankets but forgetting to turn out all the lights. And every time, Barbara would say, "Sweetheart, did you remember to turn out all the lights?"

Usually I would hop out of our comfy bed and run barefoot through the 55-degree apartment, turning off light after light (that Barbara had turned on). But one time I got fed up and groaned, "Honey, why don't you turn out the lights tonight?"

Barbara replied, "I thought you would because my dad always turned out the lights."

Suddenly I was wide awake. It dawned on me why I had been suffering occasional minor frostbite for the past few months. And I shot back, "But I'm not your dad!"

We stayed up for a long time, discussing expectations-what Barbara expected of me and what I expected of her-with many of those expectations stemming from what we had imported into our marriage from our homes.

When we were married, for dinner I expected meat and mounds of mashed potatoes with butter cascading down the sides. Alas, it was not to be. Barbara leans toward exotic tuna casseroles and lots of other things I could not begin to identify.

Each partner brings a certain set of expectations into a marriage. When they are not met, the drought of disillusionment can dry up the dialogue in the streams of our conversation.

Marriage provides a relationship where two people can hammer out realistic expectations. No mate will ever fulfill all of your desires in marriage. There is only One who is capable of that.


Ask God to help you to be realistic in your expectations of others.

*Discuss:* What expectations of your mate did you bring to your
marriage? Which ones were met? Which ones were not? How reasonable
are they? If you haven't ever done so, why not consider sitting down
and communicating your expectations to your spouse?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our Middle Earth Family

We are big fans of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I can't begin to tell you how many times we've seen the movies. Well, not only are we fans of the movies, but we are big fans of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Our Fair Maidens have read the books. But Daughter of the King has read them over and over and over. She has read them so many times, that we bought her the hardback.

J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis are my Still Waters favorite writers. She has read most of their books. Daughter of the King has read most of J.R.R. Tolkien's books too. A few years ago, Still Waters was inspired to draw our family as a Middle Earth characters. I thought I'd share it with you...

From left to right: G.I. Joe, Still Waters, my Knight, The Warrior, Lady G~ (me), Soaring Amongst The Clouds and Daughter of the King. This is the picture I have on my desktop. I hope to frame her drawing, but so far, I've not found "the" frame I have in mind. My search continues...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

August Rush

Music has always fascinated us. In the way it communicates without words, without pictures.
~August Rush, the movie

A fellow homeschooler, suggested I see the movie, August Rush. I decided to purchase it instead of renting it. I'm not sure why I did that, but I'm glad I did. A couple of days later, I watched it with Soaring Amongst The Clouds and my Knight. You must be thinking, "It's a chick-flick! You wicked woman. How can you subject you Knight to such cruelty? " I didn't. It's not the sort of movie he would "want" to see, but he would see it with me cause it's something "I" would want to see. Yes, we do that for one another. Why? Because we love each other. Back to the movie...

I can't begin to share just how wonderful I think this movie is. If you haven't seen it yet, take time to see it. But be sure to have a handkerchief with you. You'll need it.The music moved me so much, that the very next day, I went out and bought the August Rush soundtrack. Click on the link and to listen to the soundtrack. You'll be in for a treat. Should you also feel lead to purchase the songs, go to Wal-Mart. They have it for $13.88. A much better price than itunes.

Well, I'm off to listen to some music, but think about this...

"The music is all around us, all you have to do is listen."
~August Rush, the movie

Are you listening?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Thought And Scripture For The Day

Sometimes the Lord calms the storm; sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms His child.

SCRIPTURE FOR THE DAY: And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
~Philippians 4:7

Peace to you and yours....
Lady G~

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Artist

God has blessed Still Waters with incredible talents. This is one of her class projects. She had already drawn the fairy but wasn't sure what else to paint. We came up with the idea of the fairy watching a fairy being born out of a flower. I have a wild imagination and I'm creative, but I can't draw to save my life. LOL!

First off let me start by saying that this class that Still Waters has to take considering the major she chose, is causing her to stretch. I mean, S-T-R-E-T-C-H wayyyyyyy outside her comfort zone. Still Waters is very creative and artistic. At the same time, she is very methodical, analytical, symmetrical, logical and a perfectionist to boot. So I'm sure now you see how this class has really pushed her to go outside her box.

Once again, all the students were allowed to paint what they wanted. In the last painting, the object was to use complimentary colors. Notice there is no orange. She does not like that color. I think she did a great job. I should mention she got an A on this project. She's turning the "fairy" painting in on Thursday. I'm sure she'll get an A too.

Baby Girl,
I don't love you because you are talented. I don't love you because you are creative. I don't love you because you are gifted, beautiful inside and out. I love you because you are you. I love you forever... I like you for always... As long as I'm living... My baby you'll be...
love always,

Monday, April 07, 2008

Children At Play

Tonight my Knight had a little league baseball board meeting. So he went to the meeting straight from work. I had a mom's fellowship meeting. I can't even begin to share what an AWESOME time of sharing we had. What a bunch of godly women they are. I'm looking forward to next months meeting. {{{{{{{Ladies, thank you again for the scriptures you shared and for inspiring me.}}}}}}}

As I was driving off to my meeting, this is what I left behind...

Yes, they were playing with paper airplanes....

The Warrior was running after me saying, "Why do you want to leave me?"

Ok, let's see who's flies the longest.

G.I Joe showed some love, by hopping over the fence and getting Soaring Amongst The Clouds airplane.

Checking to see which way the wind is blowing.

Brotherly love... The War of the Planes. I believe it was a tie.

They are trying to gather some "passengers" for a plane ride. The passengers ended up free falling without a parachute. Poor ants.

Oh no, it's her mischievous grin. What could she possibly be thinking?

On guard! But who is she dueling with?

Awe..............................................The Ent (from LOTR).

The Warrior being... well... The Warrior. LOL!

This is one of there favorite "type" of shots. We have many of these. I need to blog about this one day and share all the shots we have. They are quite humorous. It's very... ah... them. :o)

This was G.I. Joe's idea. I loved it! I can't believe that he posed for it. I also can't believe that The Warrior almost cracked a smile on this one.

This is so typical of them. Our children love to play with the camera. They are so creative. I love it.

Soaring Amongst The Clouds' attempt to do the Squires' trademark post. She didn't know that G.I. Joe was trying to.... this.

Sapphire, our Arabian horse. We love to see her gallop. It's been a while since she's been ridden. We need to get back on the saddle.

Before I headed out the door, I tried looking for my camera. I wanted to take it to the meeting and take some pictures. I saw my children having fun outside and Still Waters taking pictures of it all. I'm so glad I decided to let Still Waters keep my camera tonight. Thank you Darlin' for capturing the memories. I'm so blessed. I love you....

Parents PLEASE Teach Your Sons!

If you are a frequent visitor of my other blog: A Knight's Lady, please be warned that I posted this same message on both blogs. I felt lead to post it twice. Not everyone visits both blogs.

Let me start of by saying that I KNOW that parents ALSO need to teach their daughters. But I'm writing about the "sons" today. Because I'm getting sick and tired of hearing how rude and cruel some young men are. YES, I know that young ladies are too! But like I said, I'm focusing on the young men today. URGH!!!!!!!

Mom's we need to do a better job of teaching our sons how to treat girls. I'm saying moms, because we are their primary influence when they are young. Now, dad's you need to step up to the plate and show you sons how to treat young ladies. I say this to you, because once your sons are older, they need to be mentored by you, a grandfather, an uncle, a male church member, a caring neighbor or another "positive" male role model.

Soaring Amongst The Clouds has tennis twice a week at her school. Today the young man that made the rude comment last week, made another comment. *READ PREVIOUS POST HERE*He rolled up his short as high as they could go. The teacher asked him teasingly, "What are you doing? Roll those down they are too short." He replied, "Well, Soaring Amongst The Clouds wears short shorts." My Fair Maiden has the longest shorts in class!" She just couldn't believe that he was calling attention to her shorts and being singled out. Our Fair Maidens are modest. Ok, they don't wear turtle necks or skirts that touch the floor, but they are very modest. Not just in what they wear, but in how they speak and act. URGH!!!!! Now their mama, is another story. I want to go over there right now and wring that young man's neck!

As soon our dad gets home she's going to talk to him and see what if anything she can do about him. He's just giving her a hard time. She has tried ignoring him but that doesn't seem to discourage him.

My mom use to tell my brother, "You need to treat a girl like she's a rose petal. Treat them delicately." She told him this throughout his growing years. He died at 19, but let me tell you, girls LOVED him. I was 7 years his senior and my sister was 6 years his senior. Even so, you would think, poor guy, he didn't stand a chance. He did. He had charm, charisma and people were drawn to him.

I know that not everyone is like that, but we can teach our sons to be polite. To think before they speak. To be gentlemen. To help out and not sit there while a lady is trying to juggle bags. Moms need to give their sons opportunities to be young men. Let them help you carry the bags. Let them open the doors for you. Have them take the kitchen trash bags outside. Allow them to do "outdoor" work. They can weed, water the plants, cut the grass (if they are old enough). Give them the responsibility to take care of your indoor or outdoor pets. Allow them to clean your car, inside and out. Once they are old enough, allow them to pump the gas for you when your car needs gas. When you make the menu for the week, give him the opportunity to pick a couple of dinners for you too cook. These are only some ideas of what a mom can do to help their sons along.

Dad's there is so much you can do. One of the most important thing you can do is to LOVE and RESPECT your wife. This will set an example for him. When your wife gets home with the groceries, help her carry the bags. Better yet, carry the bags while she puts all the items away. When you are fixing the car, have your son help you. When you are doing yard work, get him involved. If you are working in the garage, let him give you a hand. If you are going to the hardware store or auto shop take him along. Spend time with him. Make sure he hears you edifying your wife.

Ladies, if you are divorced, I know it would be a little more difficult if dad isn't around. Allow the grandfather to be involved in his mentoring. If that is not a good idea, maybe a neighbor who has a son the same age or a church member. I knew this family who's dad had passed away. The mom had two young daughters and a young son (they were all under 10). The men of the church stepped up and mentored the young son. They included him in outings. They would invite him to baseball and basketball games. They taught him how to play ball. What a testimony all those men were to this family.

*NOTE: I'm not just saying this to moms and dads out there. This is ALSO a reminder to myself and my Knight. I know that it's sometimes easier for us just to "do it" ourselves. It takes TIME to show our children to "do things". But it's TIME WELL spent.

The most important thing parents can do is to PRAY for you sons. Let me share my prayer with you. You don't have to pray what I pray, but it's some of what I pray for my Squires. Oh, I pray this over my Knight too. ;o) This is in no particular order...

* for divine protection and perfect health
* That all behavior born out of hurt, rejection, or negative emotions/responses be healed
* Give him discernment, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, anointing, revelation, vision, faith and favor
* Create a desire and passion for God above all other things, wife and family next
* May he be a man giving of time, energy and prayer with accountability and follow through
* That he be man who submits, listens and obeys God with an insatiable hunger and thirst for God's Word, God's presence, and God's plans
* Search and know his heart, expose what is not pleasing and drive it from him
* Establish integrity in him, and guard his heart, mind and spirit with truth
* Give him courage to walk in that integrity too
* For his education, future mate, marriage, future children and generations to follow

Please keep in mind this is SOME of what I pray. The Lord will lead you differently. I did not "come up" with my prayer on my own. I'm not gifted with words. LOL! I learned from other moms and God leads me in my prayers. There are times that I think, "Wow, where did that come from? Cause that certainly isn't something I would say." Amazing how, when you open up to Him, He just fills you up.

I guess, I'm just trying to say, please remember your son is hearing and watching you. Be a positive example, not just for your's but others are watching too. Who knows, you could make a difference in someone's life.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Our Sunday

I've spent the last four days in prayer. I'm not sure what to make of what has happened and how I got pulled into it. Well, I do know, it's because I was asked to translate in a meeting at church. I have been uneasy since I met with some of church leaders. I do not want to cause my brothers and sister in Christ to stumble so I will not share what happened. But I would greatly appreciate your prayers.

Even so, life goes on....

Still Waters took a little break from her school work. How does she relax... by playing Assassins Creed. Yes, we own the game.

I was going to take a nap after church today, but instead, I gave my Knight and The Warrior a hair cut. This is the shortest my Knight has had his hair in years. He looks just like he did when he first enlisted in the Army 27 years ago.

I love my deep blue eyed man. He still makes my heart skip a beat. I LOVE YOU BABE!

Needless to say, The Warrior wanted a Marine hair cut... again! This time he kept telling me, "Mom, you need to go further up on the sides." I kept going up until I realized he was trying to get a "semi" mohawk!

For those that were praying for my Soaring Amongst The Clouds, I thank you. It's good to see her twinkling.

Today she spent some time working on her Physics homework. Yep, she has to build two paper airplane. The catch? One has to do a loop and the other one has to fly (glide) for 8 seconds. She has been working hard. But she thinks she's got it. :o)

Daughter of the King had lunch at Steps' home. Jewels had a cousin that was visiting and they all had lunch together. After that, she swung by here to pick up G.I. Joe. They had a drama meeting. They are getting ready to do a skit in a couple of weeks. They are all excited about it.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Gardening Day

Like I mentioned a couple of days ago, we bought a tiller. YEAH!!! So today we decided to start tilling our garden. We are starting out small. But we are looking forward to when we'll be able to have a larger garden.

First off, let me start by saying that... I LOVE flowers. I even love weeds that have flowers. I just think they are all beautiful. But then again, God doesn't make junk. He created the flowers therefore to me they are beautiful. A couple of years ago, we planted some Salvias. Let me correct myself, we planted bunches and bunches of Salvia close to our vegetable garden. Once we gathered our crop, we really didn't tend to the Salvia. Winters have come and gone. To my amazement, the Salvias have come and go too. I decided to uproot this one and move it to the front of our home. I hope it thrives. I am not known for having a green thumb. :o( I hope I didn't kill it by moving it.

My Knight was showing Still Waters and I how the tiller works. I'm thankful she was there, cause I have already forgotten how to turn it on. Notice, how unkempt our garden is. We have much work ahead of us.

Still Waters loves working the land. She enjoys being outside. She is in her element when she's outside weeding, tilling, planting, watering... well... gardening.

She was outside with us from 10am until almost 2p. Still Waters and my Knight did the tilling.
After they tilled the area, they cleared it up. Once they were done, Still Waters started weeding the area outside our pool . We only have the left side of our pool area to weed. It's looking much better. She did a great job.

Praise the Lord we still have our Squires' play wagon. In the last couple of years, it has come in quite handy. Even though they no longer "play" with it, we put it to good use....

.......see! :o) I wouldn't want to have to carry all the weeds to the compose pile.

Thanks to our handy dandy wagon, we just pull it to the spot and dump it!

This is what it looked like in the end. We'll be clearing out the area on the right side of the garden. It use to be an outside pen for Belle (our Nubian goat). We no longer keep her there, she keeps Sapphire (our Arabian horse) company. Which means, that our garden will grow another 10 feet. Give and take a few feet, considering I not good at measuring. LOL!

You are probably wondering, "Well, where are all the other dwellers of the Castello?" I'm glad you asked. Soaring Amongst The Clouds had to meet some fellow students at the library to finish working on a project that is due this coming Tuesday. Daughter of the King and G.I. Joe were helping at a function at church. The Warrior was attending the function. Everyone had a great day.

Ooops, I forgot to mention what I did. Well, I planted two Salvia plants in our front yard. One on each corner of our Castello. I also planted four Mexican Petunia plants. I love these flowers. I planted two on the right side of our front door entrance and two on the left side.

I want to thank a fellow blogger for telling me the name of the plant I've been looking for. It's called African Iris. We use to have them at our old home, but I didn't know it's name. I'll be heading out the our local landscaping shop tomorrow. ;o) {{{{{{{Thank you my friend... I greatly appreciate you help in naming the plant for me.}}}}}}}