Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Restraining My Lips

This entry is not because of anything that's happened. This is just from a random thought. I shouldn't really say random, because it was prompted by a "thought for the day and a scripture for the day". So I guess in reality, it's not really a random thought. Did I lose you? LOL! Stick with me now...

Looking back, throughout my younger years (child, teen, 20's & 30's) I wasn't as verbal as I am now. I know, those that know me personally might find this hard to believe. LOL! I realizing, that I'm becoming ... or dare I say "I am" a person I really don't care to be.

I have noticed that I am not good about keep my lips closed and my words from blurting out. I am speaking my mind. Believe me, that most of the time, that is not a good thing! Who cares what I think any ways?! Why do I have to try to tell someone my point of view? Do they really care? Are they just provoking me or worse yet, am I doing the provoking? I need to keep reminding myself, "Who cares?!" LOL!

What should matter to me is what my Lord and Savior thinks about me. That I need to be careful of how I handle myself and what I say. Since God is living in my heart, I need to let Him shine through and not let my flesh get in the way. What should matter is what my Knight, Fair Maidens and Squires think about me. I should walk a path that they should want to follow.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Smart people speak from experience—smarter people from experience, don’t speak.

SCRIPTURE FOR THE DAY: In the multitude of words sin is not lacking, But he who restrains his lips is wise.
-Proverbs 10:19

I need to have this tattooed backwards on my forehead. That way when I look in the mirror, I will be reminded! Well, maybe that wouldn't work, cause I don't look in the mirror that often. I know, I should have it tattooed on my hands. I can't help but look at my hands, cause I'm an addicted blogger.

Lord, thank you being the Almighty One. For your mercy and grace. For your unconditional love. Help me to be the woman you want me to be. Let your light shine through me. Keep me on the straight and narrow path. Help me not to provoke others and to keep my mouth buttoned up.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Funnies To Share

The Warrior has always been fascinated by cows. He loves them. When we moved into our home, the property next to us had about 50 cows. One day as The Warrior and I were looking out the bay window of our family room, I started talking to him about God's creation. I was telling him how much God loves us. I told him how much his dad, sisters, Papi, Granma, and other family members loved him. As we were watching some birds fly, I asked him, "And do you know who else loves you?" He quickly replied, "Yes, the cows love me." I couldn't help but laugh. Here I was expecting him to tell me, "Yes mommy, you love me." Needless to say, I hugged him tightly and loved on those cherubic little cheeks. I told him, "Yes, sweetie you are right. The cows love you and so do I."

Today I was sitting on our couch and I decided to watch a movie we had checked out from our local library. Soaring Amongst The Clouds is my movie partner. We like the same type of movies. So I asked her if she wanted to watch the movie with me. She was in our living room playing Call of Duty 4. She replied. "Ummm... mom, I'm busy _______ ______." Still Waters and I couldn't help but laugh at her response. Now if any of you know my Fair Maidens, you know that they are loving, caring, gentle, warm hearted young ladies. Her response was not her typical response. She was totally focused on her game. Her soldering skills/shooting skills must be improving. She's received two friend requests. Not bad for a Fair Maiden. Way to go Baby Girl! NOTE: I had originally posted the words she used, but at her request, I deleted the words and put a blank. They weren't offensive words, but she feels that they were a little too... ahh... military. I'm beginning to regret having shared my blog with my children. Even though they are the reason I blog. So that they can look back one day and reminisce. I now know what it feels like to be censored. Have I mentioned how much I don't like censorship? Well, I don't. But being that I love my daughter and I don't want to "provoke" her, I will honor her request. Who loves ya Baby?! ;o)

Look at her intense concentration! She's out for blood! Watch out bad guys, she's comin' to get ya!

I've been wanting to do something a little different with my hair for quite some time. So I called the beauty school in our area to schedule an appointment with the daughter of a good friend. She's a student there. I know what you must be thinking, "ARE YOU CRAZY! You are going to let a student work on your hair?!" Well, this young lady is very talented at what she does. She's been coloring her own hair since she was 14. She is now 20. I've always admired her spunk and creativity. Not that I wanted anything that drastic. :o)

I've always wanted to have mahogany highlights. So that's exactly what she did. She did a great job, except that once she was done she realized she hadn't done highlight on the very front part of my hairline. She had used up all the mixture, so she went back and mixed some more.

This was the end result. If it had come out white, I would of looked like Rouge in the movie, X-Men. Except I'm much older, Hispanic, and not as pretty as she is. So, I guess I really wouldn't have looked like her. I can always dream right? LOL! The color came out like a red orange. It didn't match the rest of my hair. I know she was beside herself, but I told her it's not big deal. Which it really isn't a big deal. Hair can always be fixed, grown out or be cut. It's only hair! :o) I have plenty of baseball caps and hats. LOL!

Well I was due for a haircut. It's a been over 6 months since my last cut and my ends were as split as they could get. When I saw my stylist, she asked who did my hair. I told her the story and she said, it's a common mistake with student stylists. She offered to fix it. Turns out she only had to do three foils in the front. She matched the color beautifully...

This is what it looks like now...

Still Waters caught me saying something to The Warrior. I was concerned that he was going to try and push me into the pool.

Ok, this part is not a funny. But it's a bitter sweet moment. G.I. Joe's last game of the season was tonight. It might be his last little league game. You see he's 14. Next year he hopes to be playing ball for our local high school. Tonight they put him in to pitch the last 2 innings. He struck out the best hitter in the junior league. He's done this before and he's been the only one to do it this season. WAY TO GO BABY!!!! He always has a positive attitude. He's always grinning and smiling. I wish my eyes were a camera. So I could automatically capture fleeting moments.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Graduation Weekend Finale

Sunday morning, everyone was up and ready for church. Our church recognized all the senior graduates. The dynamics in our home will change once again. Time sure has flown by. I had mixed emotions. This weekend has been a little too surreal for me. This weekend alone I have taken over 200 pictures. But I have spared you. LOL! I'll only share a few more...

I can't believe that my Baby Girl has graduated. I can still see Daughter of the King when she was a two year old, in her Little Mermaid pj's running around with her little mischievous, beautiful smile and twinkling eyes. Her hair all up in a ponytail and all the little flyaway hairs hanging out. She has grown into a beautiful (inside and out) godly young lady. A Fair Maiden, who loves the Lord and walks the straight and narrow road He's laid before her. She is such a treasure. I'm so blessed that God chose me to be her mom. My cup runneth over...

All the graduates had a turn to go up to the podium and share a little about themselves and their immediate future plans. They all looked so nice and sharp. This year there were three homeschoolers graduating. Daughter of the King was one of them. They opted not to use a cap and gown, even though they could of if they wanted to. The two homeschooling young men wore a suite and tie. They looked absolutely handsome. Daughter of the King wore a white eyelet dress. She was breathtakingly beautiful. I found it interesting that the ones that wore their cap and gown couldn't wait to take it off. Even so, they looked very distinguished. Our Fair Maidens had decided long ago that they would wear a cap and gown once they graduated from the university. They felt that high school graduation was not the "end" of schooling, so why bother with the "ceremony" of cap and gown. LOL!

Mr. Pool, Mac and Daughter of the King will be attending Alumni University. They will both be living at home, but commuting to the university. All the other students will get their Associates Degree at the local community college. After two years, KT plans on attending my favorite college's arch rival. She's killing me! Mr. Nice Guy will be getting his nursing degree from the community college. They have a teaching and nursing program where you can get your 4 year degree right at the community college. Pretty awesome! The rest of the young men aren't too sure what they want to study. They still have plenty of time to think about their future.

The graduates were getting ready in the Bridal room. I slipped in to take a picture. KT tried to shoo me away, but I wouldn't hear of it. I snapped some pictures. I'm sure she wanted her mom to take the pictures, but she wasn't able to. You see she's the 1st grade Sunday School teacher. Some parents stay after their class and talk while she's waiting for all the parents to come and pick up their children. Note: Please remember that the Sunday School teachers also need to get to church on time and find seating. Be courteous. :o)

Let's see how many times did I have to try and get one good picture...

take 2...

take 3...

take 4...

take 5...

take 6...

take 7... WOW! Only 7 takes, things are improving. LOL!

Good friends are hard to find. It's a blessing once you do.

Daughter of the King with Mr. Bill (our youth pastor) and his lovely wife, Mrs. L.

Steps with his parents, The Mechanic and Jewels.

Daughter of the King and Steps. After the congregation congratulated all the graduates, Steps, his family and our family all went out to lunch. We went to an Italian restaurant not far from church. We had a great time. I LOVE Italian food! Must be cause it's in my blood. My maternal grandfather was Italian. :o)

It took my Knight 7 tries to get this one shot. But it was worth it. ;o)

The Fair Maidens of the Castello.

My three youngest children. Hard to believe they are 18, 14 and 11. They will ALWAYS be my babies.

The proud parents of the graduate. This coming fall we will have three attending the university. I can't believe we have three college students. Time stands still for no one. But I welcome what the future holds with open arms. Why? Because I know WHO holds the future.

Graduation Weekend Parte Due

Soaring Amongst The Clouds knocks on my bedroom door, I mumbled, "Come in." She asked, "Mom? Are you going to The Warrior's baseball game?" I answered, "Yes, what time is it?" She tells me, "It's almost 8:30a." I jumped out of be. And that is how my Saturday started.

The Warrior's game started at 9a. Good thing I never eat breakfast! I quickly washed up, got dressed and we were out the door. We got to the fields a couple of minutes before the game started. My Knight and The Warrior had to be there at 8a. I love it when my Knight coaches our son's team. He's so good at what he does. Well, The Dodgers were undefeated this season. YEAH! They are the Top Team. So now they get to play all the Top Teams in our district. Which means we are still not done with baseball. LOL! But I don't mind. :o)

The Warrior holds two titles. One is, The Three/Two kid. He has a way of getting a full count and then smacking the ball into tomorrow land. The other title is, The Walking Kid. He holds the record for the most walks. Which is kind of funny considering both titles kind of contradict itself. LOL!

When The Warrior's game was done, my children and I went home to have lunch. My Knight had to stay at the fields. He was umping a game at noon and at 3p. We were back the the fields by 1:30p. My G.I. Joe's game was at 3p but he had to show up at 2p. I didn't stay for his game this time. Soaring Amongst The Clouds and Daughter of the King had a softball game. I've only been able to make one of their games. So I went to see their game.

Our Fair Maiden's game was awesome. Let me tell you why. Our church has two co-ed softball teams. They were playing each other today. So every time I cheered, "Go *insert church name here*!", I was cheering both teams on. Don't tell anyone, but secretly, I was rooting for my Fair Maiden's team. ;o) After their game was done, I thought, "Hey we might be able to see the tail end of G.I. Joe's game." So everyone except Daughter of the King, got in the car and drove back to the baseball fields. Daughter of the King stayed to watch Steps game. Did I mention that the softball games are about a 45-50 minute drive from our home? Well, not you know.

I got to the field in time to watch my G.I Joe ( who happened to pitch the ENTIRE game!) catch a infield fly and the game was over. LOL! Oh well. Good thing I didn't watch his game. He's a good pitcher, but I get so nervous!

G.I. Joe is one mighty handsome Squire. He really did a good job pitching today. He really enjoys playing baseball. His team won. There is still a chance that they could win first place for the second half of the season. If they do, then they have to play the winning teach of the first half of the season. Whoever wins that game, is Top Team. Then they go on to play all the other teams in our district. I sure do hope we win. Our team is the underdog. The coach who's team won the first half of the season really needs a lesson on humility. But I shouldn't be judging. I'm say this as I'm slapping my wrists for being so naughty.

We got home around 7p. I was sooooo tired! I felt like I was dragging all day long. Of course I had made a comment about that. To which Soaring Amongst The Clouds replied, "Mom, I thought you were a night owl?!" Well, apparently I can no longer burn the candle on both ends. Gone are the days. I now require lots of beauty sleep. Except I now get lots of sleep, but the beauty part is nowhere to be found. Ohhhh... to be young again, NAH... I wouldn't trade where I am at this moment in time for anything in the world.

I have to say after dinner (pizza) I crashed out on the couch. I was in and out (mostly out) of consciousness for the rest of the evening. I can't even remember walking to my bed!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Graduation Weekend Parte Una

As I was downloading ALL the pictures I wanted to share, Soaring Amongst The Clouds came into my bedroom and plopped unto my waterbed. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my waterbed? Well I do! It's one of those old fashioned waterbed, it's full motion. You can feel the whole bed move like a wave when you touch it. I love it and so does my Knight.

Well, back to what I was saying... she looked so cute, I had to take a picture...

"Oh no mom! I'm not looking!" That's ok sweetie, I don't mind. :o)

"Ah mom!" No problem sweetie, I can still imagine you smiling under my blanket. :o)

Then all of a sudden I heard a buzzing sound. Ah, it's her beau, Airman G! GREAT! In order to text him back, she has to be able to "see" so, out pops her head from under the blanket. Timing is everything. Thanks Airman G! :o)

What a weekend this has been! We have been so busy, I haven't even had time to write an entry. Boy do I miss it when I don't get to journal about our 'happenings'. I have TONS of pictures to share and just as much to write about. So go get a cup of java (or coke in my case.. soda, not the illegal stuff), prop up you feet, relax and sit a spell.

I'll start with Friday night...

G.I. Joe helped out as a waiter at a dinner function at our church. The dinner was for a chaplain who ministers to those serving time in jail. All those attending the dinner were police officers and some who were ministered by the chaplain. I had asked K what time the function would be over so Still Waters could pick him up. She told me they would be done by 9p. Dependable daughter that she is, she was there right on time. More on this in a bit...

Soaring Amongst The Clouds took The Warrior to his baseball practice. They were there until 7:30 or so. On the way home she picked up a pizza and a dozen garlic rolls from our favorite pizza place. That was their treat. I felt guilty that My Knight, Daughter of the King and I were going to go eat at out. More on that later...

Ok, back to G.I. Joe and the dinner function. Still Waters picked G.I. Joe up at the time she was told. From there they went home to eat our favorite pizza. Fast forward to Saturday. Turns out the dinner function didn't get done until 10p! The helpers were there until 11p cleaning up. I have to be honest. I'm glad all of mine were home safely by 9p. I would of been a nervous wreck had I known they were still out at 11p, being that I was over an hour away.

Now, let me tell you what we did on Friday night. Our church invited all the graduating seniors from our church to dinner and to an 'outing'. Had we had any college graduates, they would of been invited too. We went to the 'Ohana restaurant at Walt Disney World. The seniors got to vote as to what they wanted to do after dinner. Their choices were, miniature golfing at Disney's Fantasia Gardens or Disney Winter Summerland, go cart racing, or see the movie: The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Would you believe they picked the movie?! What an AWESOME group of graduates we have!

We took a couple of pictures in the lobby of the Disney World Polynesian Resort. Do you know how many takes it took for me to get one printable shot? SIX! I would print them all, but I'll spare you the goofiness (pun intended).

We decided (or should I say, I decided) to have some pictures taken by the pool. As you can see, there were only two young ladies graduating. My Daughter of the King and her closest friend, KT.

Here we have the handsome young graduates. You can't see it, but right behind them is a water slide. My Mentor (she is the high school girls Sunday School teacher) didn't know about the water slide. She kept telling the young men, "Some of you climb up and sit on the top of the rock." Yep, that would of made a pretty picture. All we would of seen were flailing, wet legs.

This is extremely unusual of KT. I don't believe I have EVER seen a picture of her like this. I'm honored that I was the one that was able to capture this moment. Notice, Daughter of the King is oblivious. LOL! This really cracked me up!

Way to work the camera ladies. ;o)

I have to tell you, it took me 18 takes, to get this one shot. Wish I could share them all. But I think some would KILL me if they ever happen upon my blog and find the pictures. Here they are looking all prim and proper. YEAH... right!

These two were striking their modeling pose. I'll leave this one alone...

Boys having fun...

Mr. Pool (on the left) drew a heart on the sand. He coaxed Steps to look at him 'lovingly'. Back in my younger days (100 years ago), guys wouldn't be caught dead doing something like this, but times sure have changed. This is quite the norm now. But to tell you the truth, it really was funny. In a weird way. LOL!

... a heart has been broken...

Their creativity amazes me.

My Knight and I, in a tropical setting. Ah... how romantic... yeah right... as we are surrounded by 10 graduating seniors and 4 other chaperons! LOL! Well, I can always pretend we were alone. Oh, we were complimented for getting into the 'spirit' of things because of our Polynesian attire. I even straightened my hair to to try and look Polynesian. But there's no way this Ameri-Cuban chica could EVER possibly look like a Polynesian hula girl. I do have the moves though (must be the Latin blood), just ask my Knight. ;o)

I LOVE this flowers. I think they look like angels. The white leaves (or are they petals?) look like wings. If you happen to know the name of these flowers, please tell me. I would love to plant a few of these around our pool. It'll give us a tropical feel while we're swimming or relaxing outside on our deck.

Dinner time! Dinner at 'Ohana is buffet style but different. It's even better, cause we didn't have to get up to get anything! Everything was brought to us. Disney sure does know to treat their guest! ;o) The food was ABSOLUTELY DELISH!!! What did we eat? Well let me tell you, chicken, pork, turkey, steak, shrimp, sweet Polynesian bread, noodles and salad. I can't even begin to describe how tasty everything was. The waiters were constantly coming by and asking if we wanted more of... (everything I mentioned before). I'm a steak eater. Forget the chicken, turkey, shrimp and pork! I had second, thirds and four helpings of steak. Would you believe I even had room for dessert?! YEAH BABY! Dessert was: bread pudding, vanilla ice cream with some banana caramel syrup. Be still my heart!

The Hula Lady took a liking to our young men. She was lots of fun. There was plenty of entertainment.

I can't remember if I've mentioned this before, but my Knight and I teach the college/career Sunday School class. Which is why we got to go along on this fellowship. All these graduates will be moving up to our class. We a thrilled to have them in our class again. You see, my Knight was the high school boys Sunday School teacher until last year. So he's had the pleasure of teaching them before. Now I get to be blessed by them. YEAH! :o) Sir Nice and The River are twins. This is Sir Nice, he's soooo funny, can you tell? LOL!

Daughter of the King and KT sat next to each other. They've been friends since 6th grade. They are very good friends. Which is kind of funny cause they really don't have that much in common other than they are godly young ladies. Which in reality is a pretty big thing to have in common.

George (on the left) and The River got picked to hold the limbo stick. Why did they get picked? Well George told the Hula Lady that it was his birthday! LOL!

Hula Lady, dressed them up in hula skirts and leis. She gave them enough leis so they could share it with out entire group. Pretty awesome! After they had their skirts and leis on, the Hula Lady went away to get some other stuff. I started to tease George and The River. I told them she went to get the coconut bikini tops. LOL!

Here they are 'hanging loose' while Mr. Bill was calling the theater to find out what time the movie was playing. Ok, I'm dating myself, but I really don't mind. Remember the show, "Mr. Bill" on Saturday Night Live? Well, our youth pastor reminds me of that show. Wish they had those on dvd, they were soooooo funny!

Daughter of the King and KT were the only high school ladies that were able to make the fellowship. My Mentor is the high school girl's Sunday School teacher. I was a helper in that class up until last year. My Mentor has been a good friend of mine for over 14 years. She is exactly what Scripture describes as a Titus 2 woman. She really isn't that much older than I am. But I didn't come to know the Lord until I was 28 years old. At the time she didn't even know it, but I was watching her. She lead me by example. She's really and AWESOME lady. I'm so thankful for her friendship.

George, Mac and Steps have been friends since infancy. How special it must be to have lifelong friends. What a blessing.

We went to the AMC Pleasure Island 24 Theater. As you can see by the name of the theater, there are 24 theaters! This place is HUGE! Being that I'm directionally challenged, I could easily get lost! They have more than one entrance! Good thing my Knight came along, he's a great navigator. Did I mention that Mr. Bill has poor navigational skills? Oh... the stories our youth group could tell!

I decided to quickly take some pictures before the previews started. Daughter of the King and KT got camera shy. The theater was starting to get crowded, but everyone was real nice about my picture taking. I even heard a young lady ask about our group. When she found out what we were doing, she said, "I wish I went to a church that did that."

As you can see, the young men had no trouble being camera shy. Thanks guys! You all are so easy to work with. Well, all except The River (the twin with the red cap). All night I was trying to get a picture of the twins together. I thought, I'm sure their mama would love it. He made it quite difficult for me. So much so, that this is the only "together" picture I got of them.

All in all Friday night was absolutely FANTABULOUS. I laughed so much , that tears weld up. I'm really looking forward to getting to know these young men and ladies better. Well, I know the young ladies. :o) My Knight and I hope that they continue to come to Sunday School. Sometimes the transition from high school Sunday School class to college/career Sunday School class is hard to make. It's sometimes intimidating to be 17 or 18 years old and step into a class that has members who are 18-26 year olds. We hope and pray they'll feel welcome and accepted. The members in our class are a great group and I know they are eager to get some fresh blood... I mean happy to make new friends.

Ooops, I forgot to mention how late we were out. We didn't get home until 2:30a! As I was getting ready for bed, I realized my Knight was going to ump two games on Saturday and The Warrior had a game at 9a. I had completely forgotten to wash my Knight's sliding shorts and The Warrior needed his sliding shorts washed too, since he had just used them for practice. He usually has two, but he out grew one. Since this season is almost over, I had decided to wait until next season (I'm sure he'll be growing some!) to purchase a new pair. So yep, I started doing laundry at 2:30a. Then I had to wait until it was done to put it in the dryer. Between one thing and another, I didn't get into bed until 3:30a. But hey, my men had clean sliding shorts!