Thursday, January 29, 2009

Finishing The Sentence

1. I love... my Knight in shining armor, my Fair Maidens and my Squires

2. Right now I want... to runaway from here and take my family with me.

3. I feel like... the young men and women of today do not know how to commit.

4. I hate it when... I forget to turn the oven timer on. Which happens ALL the time. Which means, I burn whatever I bake. Which is why I can't bake.

5. I fear... that I will fail my children.

6. I'm lonely without... my loved ones around.

7. I need... my Lord and Savior.

8. Today I... cleaned the Squires bedroom and bathroom.

9. Tomorrow I'm... hoping to feel better. The Boss Lady (my sister) bought two tickets (one for her and one for me) to Celine Dion's concert. I really don't want to miss it.

10. I just... don't understand how someone can say I love you and their actions don't show it.

11. I want to meet... Jesus.

12. I'm hungry for... an Outback steak, potatoes, salad and blooming onion!

13. I love it when... my Knight hugs me, I feel loved and protected.

14. I'm afraid of... my loved one dying and not knowing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

15. I'm listening to.. My Knight and Still Waters laughing .

16. I'm wearing... my pajamas.

17. I wish I was in... Colorado, skiing with my family.

18. I'm craving.... white chocolate.

19. I want to get... my hair straightened.

20. I can... watch reruns of my programs, over and over again.

21. I can't... understand why my family likes to watch UFC or MMA.

22. I have... a loving family.

23. I haven't... seen my dad in over three months. I miss him terribly!

24. I'm nervous to... mess up my Christian witness.

25. My Mom thinks I'm... married to a wonderful man. She's right!

26. My Dad thinks I'm... a wonderful mom.

27. I think... Life is good, cause God is good... ALL the time!

28. I'm happy when... my beloveds are happy.

29. I'm sad when... my beloveds are sad.

30. I like eating... junk food!

31. I hate eating... vegetables, so I don't eat them.

32. I love watching... my children play sports.

33. I love listening to... my children's laughter.

34. I like playing... with my Knight. ;o)

35. I hate waking up to... the sound of the alarm.

36. I can see... God's blessings.

37. I'm glad that... God is my Lord and Savior!

38. I'm disappointed that... I haven't been an effective witness to my unsaved family.

39. I look like... myself.

40. I wish I looked like... no one else.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Did Someone Say Zumba?!

Ok... I... AM... HOOKED on ZUMBA!!! I first heard about it a couple of years ago. I saw a commercial for the dvd's. I thought, "Oh, I would LOVE to do that!" But it was new and one ever knows exactly what you are getting when you purchase dvd's. So I forgot all about it.

Until... a fellow homeschooler shared that she was attending Zumba classes at the Y. WHAT?!?! The Y in the next town has Zumba?!?! The offered our homeschool group a 3 day free pass. I went to one of the classes. That's all it took. SIGN ME UP BABY!!!

They offer the class 4 times a week. At present time I'm only able to attend 2 of the classes. :o( I wish I could go 6 days a week. The workout is PHENOMINAL!!! FUN!!! EASY!!! When our hour of exercise is done, I leave feeling like I haven't had enough. I want MORE!!!

When I first started Zumba, I was weighing 126-130lbs. Wearing a size 7 or 9. I am presently weighing 110lbs. Wearing a size 3/4 or a 2 (if bought in Target). Aside from doing Zumba, I'm eating smaller portions and drinking more water. I am still eating whatever I want to eat, but in smaller portions. I'm still eating sweets, chocolates, coke and fast foods. I've also started to eat lost more fruits... specially pineapple. YUMMO!!!

What I love even more about it, is that my Fair Maidens also enjoy Zumba. This is something that all four of us go and do together. You should hear us in the car on the way to class. I have some AWESOME Zumba type songs on my ipod. We crank it up and get all worked up before we even get to class. Once we are there, we are READY!!! Let me tell you... you should see them shake their stuff! I didn't know they had it in them!!! WAY TO GO BABY GIRLS!!! You do me proud!!! ;o)

The Squires Bake Their First Cake!

Yep, you read that correctly. They baked their first cake. They were supervised by Daughter of the King, but they were unassisted. The results we absolutely DELISH and BEAUTIFUL to behold.

The youth Sunday School classes had a little competition. I can't remember all the categories, but two of them were best tasting and best presentation.

G.I. Joe decided to bake a chocolate chip chocolate glazed bunt cake.

He used fresh strawberries to help decorate the cake. He drizzled chocolate glaze over the bunt cake and....

... the strawberries. The end result was....

... BEAUTIFUL! He won second place for the best dessert presentation. People were quite surprised. They all know that our Fair Maidens have great cooking/baking skills and wondered if he had any help. But they also know that the dwellers of the Castello are not cheaters. ;o) WAY TO GO G.I. JOE!!!

The Warrior baked a lemon delight cake. He grated the lemon and orange.

Mixed it with drained mandarins and cool whip. YUM!!!

Poured the mixture over the pineapple cake....

... and coated the cake with the frosting. Let me tell you... it was DELICIOUS!!! All were amazed that a 12 yr. did such a great job. What can I say, he takes after his dad, his sisters and his brother! WAY TO GO WARRIOR!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

No Longer Courting

Daughter of the King and Steps are no longer courting. They have different views and opinions on some issues.

I commend people who stand firm on their believes. Well as long as they don't judge and/or try to impose their believes, opinions or views on others. Accept the difference as long as it doesn't compromise your standards.

Steps couldn't accept the difference of some of the issues he felt strongly about. Which is fine. When God convicts us of something, we should follow through with those convictions. But we need to be careful and not impose it on someone else. Daughter of the King was willing to accept the differences and has since the beginning. She felt as long as she didn't compromise her standards all was well.

Now that they are no longer courting she feels that God has used this to strengthen her. Not only has she grown spiritually from this experience, but she has become wiser and maturer. She is an awesome, godly young lady. God is good... ALL the time.

We don't know what the future holds for Steps, Daughter of the King or any of us. But we do know WHO holds the future. We stand firm on His Word. We know He is a promise keeper.

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.
-Jeremiah 29:11

Friday, January 09, 2009

So Much Has Happened....

... I don't know where to start! Some I can't share because it's has to do with others that aren't family members. I don't feel I can share, even though it involves my loved ones. But please pray for those we love. The evil one is working hard and we all know that this is his playground. Most importantly, we know God is greater and He prevails!

I will share some other things that have happened...


We had a great Thanksgiving. My family wasn't able to travel up this year. My dad had to work on Friday. :o( So we had a small Thanksgiving gathering... the 7 dwellers of the Castello. :o) We did had fun though...

We did what like to do most... be outside and have fun. Look at my Knight! He's still got it!!! YEAH BABY!!!

I love this picture. Can't pinpoint why, but there's something about it. The Warrior says, that G.I. Joe is using the force. LOL! We all thought that was funny.

Love this picture too. LOL! Soaring Amongst The Clouds is trying her hardest and G.I. Joe is just standing there. Love the way her hair looks. I really wish I could see her face. She's so expressive.

G.I. Joe trying to one up his dad. My Squire has a lot to learn. Some day when he's a dad, he'll see.

The Warrior enjoyed some bb gun target shooting. He's quite good at it too.

I had some fun target shooting also. But I need lots of practice!

Still Waters getting into it too! She rocks in target practice too, but she rocks all the time any way.

Daughter of the King was having fun shooting too, except she was using the camera.

Daughter of the King put down the camera and got in on the fun also.

The Squires like to cook and bake. This was The Warrior's first attempt at making pizza. Daughter of the King was showing him and giving him tips on how to make the best pizza ever...

Let me tell you... it was DELISH!!! Oh, and no, this was not our Thanksgiving dinner. I put this here cause they made the pizza the day before Thanksgiving. For Thanksgiving we had our tradition dinner. Turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, salad, corn and desserts. YUM!

Still Waters is a fair maiden after my own heart. She's clicking away with her camera as her siblings are baking. So here we are, taking a picture of each other. I wonder how hers turned out?! LOL!


We had a great Christmas. Steps, JC & his family came and had Christmas Eve dinner with us. We had our traditional dinner. Pork (my Knight cooked it...and it was FANTABULOUS!), black beans, white rice, yucca, mojo, bread and salad. For dessert we had flan, striped delight and a delicious madarin yellow cake. I made the flan, Still Waters made the striped light and The Warrior made the madarin yellow cake. The food was WONDERFUL and the fellowship was even better. I must confess, that I didn't even get around to taking pictures on Christmas Eve. I can't believe I did that! :o( But below are some pictures I took on Christmas Day...

Daughter of the King was thrilled with the skin or is it decal for her laptop. It's so her. Look at that smile. She's so beautiful inside and out.

Our Fair Maidens and I are big fans of Audrey Hepburn. Earlier this month, our Fair Maidens, our Squires, JC, Steps and I had gone to Downtown Disney. In one of the stores, I found this calendar. I knew Soaring Amongst The Clouds would like it, so I bought it. It wasn't easy keeping it a secret from her.

Our Fair Maidens got their brothers a hat for Christmas. It amazes me how they all know each other. I mean, they really know each other. So they always buy the perfect gift. G.I. Joe and The Warrior loved their gifts.

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE my Knight? Well, I love him completely and unconditionally. Be still my heart...

G.I. Joe got an acoustic guitar and an amp. He wasn't expecting it. I can't even begin to tell you how thankful he was. We had him open the amp first. Then we told him that the store clerk told us he could us it with any guitar. He proceeded to tell us that the guitars we have can't be hooked up. We apologized and told him we were sorry and that we'd take the amp back. This went on for a little while. After everyone opened their gift and we were getting things cleared up, I went back into my room and brought out his new guitar. He loves it! Notice he's wearing the hat his sisters gave him.

No one would EVER guess that our fair maiden, Still Waters, enjoys watching UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) or MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). She's such a petite young lady and I had the hardest time finding something in her size and a clothing design the fit her style. But I did! She LOVED it!

Soaring Amongst The Clouds got JC the shirt he's wearing. A while ago, the two of them had gone to a near by town to walk through their downtown. In one of the stores, he saw a t-shirt he like, but they didn't have his size. Soaring Amongst The Clouds made a mental note and the search began. LOL! It took quite some time but she found it. The closest store that carried it was one hour away. Well, Christmas morning, he took of the shirt he had been wearing when he got to our Castello and put on the one Soaring Amongst The Clouds got him. Little does he know what a hard time she had finding that shirt for him. JC gave Soaring Amongst The Clouds something that's close to his heart... his chain with a cross. As you can see, she's wearing it.

JC doesn't like to have his picture taken. So I took this one without him knowing. I don't know why he doesn't like his picture taken. He's very photogenic. But he's very modest. Which is kind of rare. A lot of young men now a days are kind of full of themselves. They want the focus to be on them and they only care about what's going with them. JC isn't like that. He's all about others. It's refreshing.

Our children have a tradition they came up with all on their own. On Christmas Eve, they all sleep in the same room. Since we've been living in the Castello, they have always slept in Still Water's room. I love to hear them up there talking and laughing, while I'm downstairs wrapping. Be still my heart...

Abuela (my Knight's mom), came and spent a couple of days with us. She LOVED the digital picture frame we got her. It was my Knight's idea and of course it was a GREAT idea! He uploaded or downloaded which ever way you say it, old and updated pictures. We would find her sitting by the picture frame and looking at it. She would tell us about the pictures she was seeing. It was bitter sweet to watch her.

The day after Christmas, we went to the shooting range. We just had to try out The Warrior's Christmas present. Yep, that's right. He got a 22 caliber rifle and he LOVES it! Everyone got to shoot it...

... and everyone LOVES it too! We also practiced with dad and mom's weapon too. We had a great time. :o)

I must say The Warrior did an EXCELLENT job cleaning his rifle. He really knows how to take care of his weapon. He's been taught well by the master himself, my Knight.

JC gave the Squires a remote control helicopter. It was a HUGE hit! The were flying that thing all over the house. The Warrior decided to land it on the rooftop of one of the building in our Christmas village. He's so imaginative.

While dinner was being cooked, G.I. Joe, The Warrior, Daughter of the King and Steps played some card games. A good time was had by all.

We had a wonderful Christmas. It was a little rocky but God is good.. ALL the time. Praise God for faith... hope... and love.

My Sister's Visit...

The Boss Lady came up with three other friends. They went to the Holy Land Experience. They really enjoyed it. Well her friends decided to go shopping one night. So my sister and my family got together and went to Chili's. I'm 18 months older than her and I've ALWAYS (except during the our first 2 years of our lives) been shorter than her. LOL! So we joke around our big height difference. She calls me her little big sister and I call her my big little sister.

This is very rare... a picture with The Warrior smiling/laughing. The Boss Lady said something in Spanish and when we translated it, The Warrior couldn't help but laugh. I would share what she said, but the humor would be lost in the translation. But let me just say this, my children were shaking their heads in disbelief and laughing. Well, not just my children, but my Knight too. My sister is one of a kind and I love her.

Wow, a family picture. I was about to say, "and we are all smiling", but no. As you can clearly see, The Warrior has his self controlled soldier look on. Even so, I still like this picture. It might look posed, but those smiles aren't posed, they are real.

Ok, Still Waters and Daughter of the King were having wayyyyy too much fun at the expense of Soaring Amongst The Clouds and myself. You see my sister is very vivacious, outgoing, loud, friendly and fun. So when you are around her, you can't help but be caught up in the spirit of things. Anyway, being that we were at Chili's I had a margarita. Being that it was Chili's they have a 2 for 1. Well, Soaring Amongst The Clouds ordered a strawberry mango margarita. I didn't try hers, but mine was good. Anyway, our Fair Maidens were making fun of our "flushed" faces. Soaring Amongst The Clouds and I are light weights. Two is our limit. All I'll say is that we had a FANTABULOUS evening! It was great seeing my sister again.

G.I. Joe's braces were taken off today!

YEAH!!! He had them on a couple weeks short of 1 year. He did a great job taking care of his teeth. Never broke a bracket! Didn't have to go in for an "emergency" visit or anything! He was a great patient. I'm so proud of him.

He has ALWAYS had a beautiful smile. One can't help but smile back when he smiles at you. He's got such charm and charisma. He reminds me so much of my brother. (sniffle... sniffle...
wiping away a tear)

My Knight bought a punching bag. Boys and their toys! LOL!

There is something about a manly man! Specially my manly Knight! Boys and young men today I find are a little feminized. I don't know, they aren't as manly as they use to be. But my Knight and our Squires sure aren't girlie. Oh, have you heard Brad Paisley's song, I'm Still A Guy? I really like that song.

The Warrior having a little fun with the bag. My Knight is loving every minute of it! Wish you could see the smile on both of their faces, while they were punching that bag. They were having a great time!

Afterward, I noticed The Warriors knuckles were red, scraped up and had started to bleed. My poor Baby! But he loved it! Now I hear all three of my men saying, "We want tougher knuckles, tougher forearms, touched knees..." etc... No girlie hands other than our Fair Maiden's and mine in our Castello. They are so cute! I just love my Knight and our Squires.

Well that's enough catching up for one day. I'll try to get back on track and keep up with more frequent updates...