Thursday, July 23, 2009

Go... Go... Go!

It has been non-stop since my last entry. I haven't really had the chance to sit and share what the dwellers of the Castello have been up to. But I must admit, that what spare time I have had, I've spent it on... Facebook. I think it's time fore me to say, "Hi, my name is Lady G and I'm a Facebook addict." Is there a support group for Facebook addicts?

Well, I don't have many pictures to share. Mainly cause I'm spending most of my time in the car driving here and there. But I will share what I do have...

Our Fair Maidens got back this past weekend from their mission trip. The went with World Changers to Brunswick, Georgia. They were blessed beyond measures as they were busy doing what God led them to do. We aren't sure how this happened, but Soaring Amongst The Clouds and Still Waters assigned to the same crew. Daughter of the King enede up not having anyone from our church group in her crew. Even so, they all enjoyed what they did. The crew they were assigned to worked on a home that was in much need for the roof to be repaired. In fact the home that Soaring Amongst The Clouds and Still Waters worked on, needed the trusses to be replaced. Then they replaced the roof and put new shingles. Both homes that our Fair Maiden's worked on needed the outside to be painted, lots of yard work and cleaning up the yards. I couldn't help but cry as I heard they stories they shared. I hope they take the time to write and entry about their trip. I know that you will be blessed by their stories, I was.

While on the trip, Soaring Amongst The Clouds got dehydrated. She was pretty bad off. They ended up giving her 2 bags of fluid. But trooper that she was, she was back to work the next day. I tell you, our Fair Maidens are young ladies that look delicate. But they are tough young ladies. God was watching over them and He took care of them.

The day after they got back, Daughter of the King came down with the flu. Praise the Lord it wasn't the swine flu! But none the less, it was the flu. She was feeling miserable! I wanted so bad to take a picture, but I knew she would KILL me (even though she didn't have the strength!) if I even got near my camera. My poor baby girl is still recovering as I write this.

Still Waters got her 4 wisdom teeth extracted yesterday. Needless to say, I'm still not allowed near my camera. :( My poor baby girl's cheeks are swollen. But praise the Lord she's not having pain. She feels sore, which is expected. The surgeon prescribed some good meds. :) I did make some chicken soup (for her and Daughter of the King) and they've been eating that. It seems to help. She's also putting ice packs on he cheeks and that's helping too. I've also had her put some arnica on her swollen little cheeks. I know it's old school, but hey, my Abuela Caky always had us use that for just about everything. It really does work!

Remember how I said that The Warrior made the 11-12 yr. old All-Stars team? Well, they won! They are District (insert our area number here) Champs! This coming Saturday they'll be playing in the Sectionals. After that comes the State Championship. Then Reginals follow. After that... The Little League World Series at Williamsport! Yep, every little boy's dream! Oh, I forgot to mention that when they won the District Championship, they were UNDEFEATED!!! They ten run rulled all the teams they played! Those little players played their little hearts out. Oh, what's even KEWELER is that since my Knight is the team manager, he said a prayer and a little devotion before every game. How AWESOME it that?! None of the players or their parents objected. God is good... ALL the time!

As I'm writing this The Warrior has a 102.2 temp. I believe he has what Daughter of the King has. He doesn't want to miss the game this Saturday. I (we) would greatly appreciate it if you would pray for him. Not just him, but for ALL our children.

G.I Joe will start packing tomorrow. He'll be going to (insert another state's name here) to an Academy. I really can't share to much about this right now. But I will when he gets back. He is really excited and so are we. We know that this is an awesome opportunity for him to learn and grow. He'll be rooming with a friend. I can't wait to see what God has in store for him while he's gone. Please pray for him as the Lord leads you to. Thank you. :) I will update this the day he leaves and I will add a picture of his departure. :)

As for me, I am heavyhearted. My sister in Christ is dealing with the tragic loss of her soul mate. She is having to explain to their 6 yr old, things that he shouldn't have to deal with at his tender age. My heart aches for them. I am finding myself hugging my loved ones a little tighter and saying, "I love you" more often.

Thoughts of my brother Toots and my Abuela Caky keep raising through my mind. I miss them terribly. My Abuela taught me so much. When I first got married, she was the one I called for cooking tips. Our phone bill was astronomical! Considering I was first calling her from Louisiana and she lived in Florida. Then we were stationed in Germany! She is the wisest woman I have ever known. I'm thankful that she knew that I loved her and she new how very important she was to me. My Toots was the brother all girls wished they had. He was my sunshine. Just being around him one couldn't help but feel at ease. He had such charisma and charm. What makes it a bittersweet for me is that my precious G.I. Joe is the spitting image of my Toots. Not just in looks, but "how" he is, how he acts. They way he says things, his humore, his outlook on things. There are times, that my eyes just well up at the thought, "My Toots would of loved being our Squires' uncle". He was already a wonderful uncle to our Fair Maidens. The thought that they are growing up without him... is sometimes unbearable. :(

I have to keep reminding myself that God keeps His promises. His Word is true. I hold on to the hope that one day we will ALL be reunited. What a sweet reunion that will be. Until then... I hold on to His promise and remain faithful.

Faithfully His...
Lady G~