Monday, July 28, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY July 28.2008...

Outside My Window...
I see my G.I. Joe and The Warrior, swimming and playing in the pool. Soaring Amongst The Clouds and Daughter of the King are sun bathing. The sky is covered with fluffy clouds that look like cotton candy, except they are white, not pink or blue. The sun is shinning brightly.

I am thinking...
How blessed I am that I'm able to be a stay at home mom. I'm able to enjoy having my children with me 24/7.

I am thankful for...
My Knight. He is a loving, caring, hard working man. Who loves God and his family.

From the kitchen...
Seasoned flank steak is marinating in pineapple teriyaki sauce. We will bake french... I mean American fries. A salad for those that like salad. For dessert, Still Waters will make her caramel, chocolate chip brownies. From scratch of course. ;o)

I am wearing...
My grey, University of Miami lounge pants and a green t-shirt to match. Well, the lounge pants use to be my Knights. Being that I shrunk them a couple of years ago, they now belong to me. It was done accidentally. ;o)

I am creating...
Absolutely nothing.

I am going...
To finish up the laundry. It's calling my name...

I am reading...
My friend's blogs.

I am hoping...
My Knight will be able to take some vacation time soon. He needs the break.

I am hearing...
My Squire's shower running, Nicodemus (our golden retriever) snoring, the humming of my laptop, my Fair Maiden's laughing and giggling while they watch a music video.

Around the house...
There is peace.

One of my favorite things...
My children's laughter.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
Tuesday: pictures taken for future roles
Wednesday: church
Thursday: orthodontic appt. , youth work day, quilting, groceries
Friday: mowing, bowling with college/career group

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

I love Cherry Blossoms, they are so beautiful. It makes me think of peace and tranquility Still Waters found this picture for me. It's now my desktop picture.

An Angel Encounter

I know some will have a hard time believing this, but it's the truth. There is just no other explanation. My G.I. Joe had an encounter with his guardian angel.

My Knight, Soaring Amongst The Clouds, Still Waters , Daughter of the King and G.I. Joe traveled to Tupelo, Mississippi with some members of our church. They went with World Changers on a mission trip. You can read about how it all went in their blogs.

While they were there, one day the went out and about. My Knight and a group of youth were going to cross a 10 lane intersection. Some went ahead, while others lagged behind. Well, G. I. Joe saw two of his friends ahead of him so he was going to catch up. He thought it was an 8 lane intersection instead of a 10 lane. So he was looking one way and didn't see a car coming. So he was hit on his backside. He landed on the front hood of the car, was propelled and landed on his feet. He suffered no injuries. No bruises. No concussions. We know that God was looking after him.

I haven't even been able to blog, cause I just couldn't even put it into words. Every time I think about it, my heart beats faster and my hands start to tremble. My Knight called me as soon as it happened. This is what he said, "Babe, I wanted to call you and tell you before you heard it from someone else. G.I. Joe is fine. But he got hit by a car." My knees buckled and I felt my life being drained away. Immediately tears welled up and I began to cry. For me, the rest of the day was a blur. But I had to remain strong. The Warrior was with me and he needed me. It was hard for him too.

I know that G.I. Joe's guardian angel was the one that was standing between G.I. Joe and the car. He had no bruises where he was hit. I know the angel cushioned his landing, when he landed on the front hood of the car. He had no bruises from that landing. I know the angel carried him when he was propelled. He landed on his feet, totally unharmed. It wasn't his time. My G.I. Joe still has work to do for his Father. This has strengthen his faith. God is good... ALL the time.

I want to thank you all for keeping my family and those that went on this trip, in your thoughts and prayers. I know that God heard our prayers.

I have often thought, what if something happens to my beloved. But I always come back to, I know that I will see them again. Because I know where they will be... in my Heavenly Father's Mansion. I know they will be there. I hold onto His promises... I have hope. Do you know where you're going?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What's Up...

We are missing our family big time. It's been a blessing to be able to speak to them daily. I've been able to send the e-couragram to them. For each of them, I sent uplifting quotes and messages. I'm glad to hear that they have received some of them. I hope the others show up too.

In the past, I've sent with them a letter to be opened every day. I would share with them what I would be praying for on that day. I would share a scripture or a quote. No two letters were the same. Which means I wrote, 32 letters/notes, because 4 of the dwellers attended the mission trip. They were gone for 7-8 days. This year, 5 of the dwellers attended the trip. So I would of written 40 letters/notes. Being that we've been busy with All Star games, I had not been able to do what I've done in the past.

I felt awful because this was G.I. Joe's first mission trip and I wanted to do for him what I've done in the past for my Knight and our Fair Maidens. He of course had no clue what I had planned. So he's really not feeling like he's missing out on anything. Sending e-couragram daily has really worked out. I've been able to send one to everyone that went on the mission trip from our church. Which actually is turning out to sending more than 40 a day. You see, 17 of our church members went on this trip. But it's easier to send via email. I don't have to write the scriptures or quotes. I can just copy and paste. :o)

Allow me to share what happened on Tuesday. I sent one of the young men a note. I told him I was praying for him and shared a quote. I also mentioned that he should not follow in his brother's footsteps. I told him to be safe. You see, last year his brother was tearing down a chimney, a brick fell on him and cut him around the ear. He ended up going to the ER and getting stitches. Turns out, the day before (unbeknown to me) he had been stung by bees, sniped by a dog and burned by an appliance he was trying to move. When he got my note, he couldn't help but laugh. God sure has a funny sense of humor. By the way, this young man is doing well. He's loving what he's doing. They are all doing a great job.

Soaring Amongst The Clouds sent me a picture via the phone. She was standing on the porch of a pretty, quaint, little, white, house. It had a wooden swing on the porch. I asked her if it was the home she was working on. The home was very small. Turns out, it was the birthplace of Elvis Presley. WOW! How AWESOME was that! My Fair Maiden looked so beautiful standing on that porch.

I have not talked to G.I. Joe since he left. He is definitely enjoying his independence. LOL! I can't wait to hear all his trip and seeing things through his eyes.

I've only spoken once to Still Waters. The one time I spoke to her , she told me she was having a great time. Out of all my children, she will have pictures to go with her stories. I can't wait to see/hear all about her trip. Sweetie, you ARE your mother's child. :o)

Daughter of the King and Steps were put in the same crew team. So I know they are really enjoying working together. I can't wait to hear what they both have to share.

My Knight's voice has a way of soothing my soul. Even though my days have been like a whirlwind since he has been gone, hearing his voice at the end of the day (or during the day) warms and calms my spirit. I can't wait to see him, hold him and hear him.

For those that know my Warrior, you will find this hard to believe. My Warrior has been sleeping in until 9:30a! He is our earliest riser. He takes after his daddy. But he has been sooooooooo tired from all the b-ball practicing, that he's been sleeping in. I myself, have been getting up at 10a. But then again, I've been going to bed at 3-5a!

The Warrior has been having 2 practices a day. Batting cages in the morning and regular practice in the evening. Except today we had a 2p practice instead of the 6p. The coaches had checked the weather report. Looked like we were going to have lots of rain, so they decided for an earlier practice. Which worked out great cause it started raining at the end of practice. It wasn't the usual rain, it was a torrential downpour.

Yesterday, I went with the Warrior to look for a tape he needed for his bat. Turns out, we didn't need the special tape, electrical tape was what we needed to seal the end of the batting tape. Since we were close to the mall, we decided to go see a movie. We ended up seeing Indiana Jones. We LOVED it! But then again, we are Indy fans. :o) After the movies, we shopped for much needed pj pants for The Warrior. We decided to have an early dinner at the mall. We had Sbarro's pizza. It was DELISH! By the time we got home it was time to get ready for b-ball practice. So off we went. Bedtime turned out to be 11p. well, at least for The Warrior. I went to bed at 3:30a.

Today my Warrior had practice at 2p. We showed up at 1:30 and were the first ones to get there. My Knight will be proud. I'm never the first anywhere. LOL! I never do this but I had some errands to run, so I told the coach I'd be back, but I wouldn't be gone long. I am not one to drop my children off and take off. But today I ran a few errands. I didn't want to do the errands after practice, cause I knew my Warrior would be tired. That's why I decided to run the errands during practice.

My errnads...

* Pay a doctors bill. You see, my Knight does the bills. He pays them electronically. This particular doctor can't be paid electronically. Our insurance company didn't send the doctor the payment, they sent it to us. Wouldn't you know it, it came in while my Knight was away. Not that he would of been the one to go to the office and pay, but of all weeks for the check to arrive it was this week. The week that I have been running around like a crazy mama. One more thing for me to do. But I do it with a cheerful heart, because it's one less think for my Knight to worry about. While there...

* I went to Quaint Little Town (cause it's close to the doctors office). I went to one of the shops and bought something that Soaring Amongst The Clouds has been wanting. I know she's going to LOVE IT!!! While there...

* I went into one of the other little shops and got something for Daughter of the King. I know she is going to FLIP! I know, I'm showing my age again. :o) But I don't care, I'm thrilled to be 45. :o) Oh, the something I got her was even on sale! I know it sounds awful to get a present on sale, but once I can divulge what it is, you'll see how awesome it was to get it on sale. :o) In fact, I'm am now planning on going back and getting some more. ;o)

* I stepped into another little shop and purchased a "Life is good" cap, for myself. Did I mention that's been my motto for years? Well it has. Now, someone else is making gazillions off of my motto. LOL! Oh well... tale e vita (such is life).

* Stopped at the health food store to get some Arnica gel. It works wonders on black & blues, sore muscles and ache bones.

* I took a picture of a store, whose name happens to be friend's name. She has an uncommon name. So I thought she'd get a kick out of it. Now if I only knew how to send it via my new computer. Oy vey!

* Bought some more gatorade and lifewater. We really should buy their stock. Our children do drink plenty of that stuff.

Once the errands were done, I went back to the fields. They weren't done yet! Goodness! Good thing it started to pour. YEAH!!!

For a treat, my Warrior and I went to Baskin-Robin/Dunkin' Donuts. I had a double scoop, strawberry ice cream sundae with whipped cream and nuts. I know, you don't have to say it, I'll say it for you, "What a pig!" Yep, and I scarffed it down too. :o) My Warrior had a double chocolate oreo shake. He had a small one. For some reason when he eats too much ice cream it makes him cough. I wonder what's up with that? Anybody out there know why this happens?

Until the end of July, McDonald's is selling their hamburgers for 49 cents. Sorry, I don't know how to do the cent sign on my computer, so I have to type it out. Their cheesburgers are .59. I could write it like that but it looks funny having a period in the beginning and the end. Oh, but I did write it like that. LOL!! Oooops! My Warrior had two plain hamburgers with an order of medium freedom fries. I'm sure the coah won't be happy. But hey, they all ran 7 laps today. My Warrior has "0" body fat. I'm not exaggerating either. It's the truth. I figured a little treat won't harm him. Who loves ya Baby?! I know, the cows do. That's another story for another day. I of course ordered a cheesburger no pickles and an order of medium freedom fries. I checked my Warrior's burgers, but I should of checked mine too. Cause of course, it had a pickle. YUCKO! At least I can take the pickle out without it affecting how my burger tastes, My Warrior (my G.I. Joe too) don't like anything on their burgers. Just meat and bread.

Once we got home my Warrior unloaded the car, while I fed Sapphire and Belle. Next we took quick showers and sat down to eat. We were both so tired, we just sat and relaxed on our couch wrapped up in his quilt. We had a quiet evening together. I love nights like these.

Tomorrow will be another busy day. Life is good. I'm so blessed...

Ooops, I need to share this. As we were walking out of the ice cream parlor (I know, I know, I'm dating myself again) It was raining. My warrior took off his baseball cap and gave it to me to cover my ice cream. His shake had a top. The he rain to the driver's side opened the door for me and closed it after I got in. Then he walked around to the other side and got in the car. Yes, that's my Warrior, the tender hearted. Be still my heart...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Update On The Dwellers Of The Castello

* My Knight, Soaring Amongst The Clouds, Still Waters, Daughter of the King and G.I. Joe (along with some of our church members) are on a mission trip in Tupelo, Mississippi. Please keep them in you thoughts and prayers.

* Yes, we know that's Elvis Presley's birth place. :o)

* Earlier today, I got a call from my Knight. This is what he said, "I wanted to tell you before you heard it from anyone else, our G.I. Joe is fine, but he got hit by a car." I felt my life drain out of me. The car was going slow so he wasn't "run over". He wasn't injured at all. He told me that it was like there was a barrier (I say an angel) between G.I. Joe and the car. He just kind of was pushed away by the car and only lost his balance. He never fell.

* We've been busy getting things ready for the mission trip. Lots of last minute shopping. Cause even though we made lists, we kept forgetting this or that. We should seriously buy Wal-Mart stock!

* I can't sleep when my Knight isn't home, cause I miss him so much, not because I'm scared. Why should I be, I have God with me. Oh yes, and a couple of Smith and Wessons and I know how to use them. ;0)

* The Warrior's baseball team are our District Champions. Sectional games are next week! WAY TO GO BABY!

* The Warrior and I are home alone! Oh my... what fun we'll have!!

* I'm sorry to say that I'm still not able to post pictures. :o(

* Did I mention I got a laptop for my birthday? Well, I did. I also got a BEAUTIFUL design skin for it. I'll post a picture when I'm able to.

* Yesterday I went to bed at 5a. Seems like today I'm doing the same... it's already 3:12a. I might as well stay up so the Warrior and I don't miss morning church.

* I miss my Knight and my children.

* This week I did 20+ loads of laundry. I'm not kidding! Oh and yes... all the clothes are put away.

* Today I rented some "chick" and other flicks I've been wanting to see. You know how it is... while the cat's away, the mouse will play. ;o) Sorry Babe, but I wouldn't put you through that. XOxoXO

* We have been at the ball fields every day (even on Sunday, but after church) for the past three weeks. I'm not complaining, I'm just stating a fact. :o)

* All three of our Fair Maiden's were given some scholarship money. They were complimented on the high GPA. I'm so very proud of them.

* Soaring Amongst The Clouds got a letter congratulating her for making the President's List. She attended a community college. They have a president, not a dean.

* Still Waters got a letter congratulating her for making the Dean's List.

Well, I kept it short. Not bad for an update of a family of 7. I can't believe it didn't take me all night to write this. I should do this more often. I feel I bore those that read my journal. So for now...


Friday, July 04, 2008

Why Did My Son Have To Die...

My Knight is not into big crowds. So going to see fireworks is not something he enjoys. In the past we have gone to Quaint Little Town to watch the fireworks. We usually get there just in time to watch the show. This is the first time in a couple of years that we stayed home.

We didn't get together with any one. It was just us, the dwellers of the Castello. My Knight just wanted to be home and relax. I know our children understand why their dad wants to be home and relax. But I also know that they would of loved to have invited friends to come and spend the day with us. Our Castello is our sanctuary. A place of refuge. The last couple of weeks we have been so busy, we really haven't had any down time. My Knight was looking forward to some peace and quite and no agenda.

Being that we were home all day with no plans, gave me lots of time to think about this holiday. Did I mention that my Knight was watching the History Channel...well he was. This is a popular channel at our home. So is the Discovery Channel. Being that it's the 4th of July, the History Channel mostly had programs relating to Independence Day.

I really didn't sit down to watch the programs, but I did catch glimpses here and there. At one point I heard something about George Washington and how a British soldier has not fired upon him. I was reminded about a book I read years ago. It's called, The Bulletproof George Washington, by David Barton. I highly recommend this book. I also thought about how this country came to be founded and why. I thought of all those that have bled and died in order for us to have freedom. Most importantly, I thought about my Lord and Savior... Jesus Christ.

A while ago, I received the poem written below. I think it's the perfect time to share it...

A mother asked President Bush,
Why did my son have to die in Iraq ?"

Another mother asked President Kennedy,
"Why did my son have to die in Viet Nam ?"

Another mother asked President Truman,
"Why did my son have to die in Korea ?

Another mother asked President F.D. Roosevelt,
"Why did my son have to die at Iwo Jima

Another mother asked President W. Wilson,
"Why did my son have to die on the battlefield of France?"

Yet another mother asked President Lincoln,
"Why did my son have to die at Gettysburg ?"

And yet another mother asked President G. Washington,
"Why did my son have to die near Valley Forge ?"

Then long, long ago, a mother asked...
"Heavenly Father, why did my Son have to die
On a cross outside of Jerusalem?"

The answers to all these are similar --
"So that others may have life and dwell in peace,
Happiness and freedom."

~author unknown