Sunday, June 28, 2009

What's Going On?

Well, let me tell you...

The Warrior made the All-Star 11-12 yr. old Little League Baseball team. WAY TO GO BABY!!! My Knight will be managing/coaching the team. We are THRILLED beyond words. This will be The Warrior's last chance to try to make it to The Little League World Series in Williamsport. He's very excited and is really enjoying getting to play with the other players. He's also loving the fact that "dad"is going to be there every step of the way. :) G.I. Joe has been helping out with the practices too. GREAT bonding going on with the three men in my life. What a blessing!

Soaring Amongst The Clouds has been busy learning to scuba dive and surf. What can I say, our children are adventurous! It's in the blood! I'm so proud of them! IF you'd like to see some of the picutres, head on out to her blog. She's LOVING it! She was taking a summer online class. It was a 12 week class. Well, she finished it in 6 weeks! Pretty focused and determined, huh?! She's enjoying her summer.

Still Waters took a summer class also. Which happened to be very interesting. I can't remember the title of the class. But it had something to do with learning about Asian Religion. She had to attend a Buddhist ceremony. She had a hard time trying to find a Buddhist temple, but she found one. Did you know that women do not attend their services? Well, they don't. She was the ONLY female there. Needless to say she felt very uncomfortable and didn't stay for the entire ceremony. But she was able to gather some information and took some outside pictures of the temple. She didn't feel it was appropriate to take pictures inside. I hope she journals about it, because I think you would be very interested in seeing what she observed. You can check her blog out and see if she's updated it. She has also been very busy working in the Media Center at the U. She works 5 days a week. We really miss not seeing her throughout the day.

Daughter of the King has been quite busy. She has also taken up surfing. She's loving it too! Aside from that, she is working as a part-time nanny. Yep. Our nephew, The Constible and his wife, La Madre, needed help with their two little ones. Boo and Buttons are 2 yrs. old and 10 months old. La Madre is studying to get her real estate lisence. The Constible is the PR officer for the Sherrif's office and he's also a real estate agent. They are quite busy. So Daughter of the King helps them out 3 days a week. She's getting to spend some quality time with the wee ones and everyone's loving it!

G.I. Joe just got back from a baseball/mission trip. He had a wonderful time. The Coach of the school where he plays sports at, asked him if he wanted to partake in this mission trip. He was the only one from Florida that attended. The other young men were from Kansas, Mississippi and Georgia. The Coach go to go along too. They went to help a church set up for Vacation Bible School (VBS). The young men's main job was to canvas the local area and get the word out for the church's VBS. During the day they knocked on doors and talked to people or had the doors slammed in their faces. But they were all in good spirits. In total, they visited over 1000 homes in 4 days! At night, they played baseball games against local schools. They got to play 4 games. They won three of them. They were suppose to play 5, but one game got cancelled due to rain. Even so, they had an awesome trip. The organization they went with is called Operation Renewed Hope. They are talking about going to Panama or Domincan Republic next year. This is not new to them, they've been there before. When they visit other countries, they hold baseball camps, take medical supplies and share the gospel. The boys that attended this year, my G.I. Joe included, were new to this type of mission trip. G.I. Joe is very excited and can't wait!

We got to go see one of the baseball games cause it was only 2 1/2 hours away. So I was able to take... 300 pictures! :) It was good to see my G.I. Joe. We were all missing him terribly. This was his first trip alone. Well, he's been on mission trips before. But my Knight and the Fair Maidens have gone along with the group too. This was his first trip without any family along. One he got home, he did tell me that he had missed us all. Be still my heart...

My Knight took a week off. I would like to say it was a vacation, but it really wasn't. I guess it was a vacation "away" from work. LOL! It was wonderful to have him home with us. Except G.I. Joe wasn't home to enjoy it, but that's ok. He was blessing and being blessed where he was at. ;) Well, being that my Knight was on vacation, he decided to help the All-Star team get ready for the upcoming games. So, they had two practices a day! Yep.. 3hrs in the morning and 3 hrs in the evening. If you are from Florida, you can attest to what I'm about to share. It's been record HOT in the Sunshine State! These boys practiced their little hearts out and NEVER complained! In fact, they wanted to keep going! I kid you not!!! We were all amazed! The parents were ready to go home, but the players wanted to keep playing! Don't worry we are BIG into keeping hydrated! At every practice, we had a cooler full of iced water. They had plenty of water breaks too. On the last day of double practice some of the parents decided to eat out at Chili's. We had a great time. The team is really gelling. They really get along great. We are very hopeful. ;)

My Knight and I celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary, on June 19. We have been married over half of our lives. I'm sooooooo awesomely blessed! I can't begin to share what a wonderful man my Knight is. I'm so thankful that God saw fit to bring the two of us together. God is good ... ALL the time.

I... am... officially... now.... 46!!!! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Yep, my Knight turned 46, two months and two days ago. So we are both 46. :) You know what?! 46 feels GREAT!!! I'm loving where I'm at right now. Things keep getting better! You know that story about the lady wanting to be buried with a fork? She told the pastor that when people asked why she had a fork, that he was to tell them, because dessert is always served last, so the best is yet to come. That's truly how I feel. Every step of the way, I've felt, "it can't get any better than this, this is good right now!" Well it has, and it keeps getting better and better. Life is good... cause God is good... ALL the time!

Chosing to stay positive and see the good...
Lady G~