Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm 45!

YEAH!!!! I can't believe it! I am only 5 years away from being 50! To tell you the truth it's been great!

Someone I know wished me happy birthday. But he said, "Happy 29th birthday." I know it was like saying, you'll be 29 forever, never hitting the 30's. But I told him thanks I turned 45 and I'm thrilled. Being 29 was great, but I wouldn't want to go back. I've been very blessed. Every step of the way has been great. Yes, I've had ups and downs, but they've helped me to grow stronger and be the person I am today.

I started my day the way I love to start my day. It just made my day. :o) My Knight was home with us today and it was great. Soaring Amongst The Clouds cooked my favorite breakfast, french toast and bacon. It was DELISH! Of course I drank my favorite morning drink... coke.

Still Waters baked a cake and decorated it for me. It was chocolate fuged. YUMMO!!! Since Daughter of the King knew she wasn't going to be here, she had given me a b-day card and wrote , "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL JUNE 26" on the envelop. So, today I got to open it. I was also given a card by the rest of my children. We are all big Snoopy fans. The cards were perfect.

Since my Knight had to work the concession stand for a little league All-Star game tonight, I was given my birthday present at lunch time. They got me a laptop computer. I'm overwhelmed. I'm so undeserving. I was speechless. But I'm grateful and thankful. Now I don't have to keep borrowing Soaring Amongst The Clouds laptop. Did I mention that Still Waters got me hooked on the game Mahjong? Well she did. When I'm having to take a rest, I sit on our couch and Soaring Amongst The Clouds lets me borrow her computer so I can play Mahjong. Now, I play on my own computer, updater my journal and check my email. This is AWSESOME!

Well due to a thunder strom, the game was postponed. They'll be playing tomorrow night. So my Knight called and asked what I wanted to eat. I know this sounds awful, but I've been craving a taco salad from Taco Bell. That's what I asked for and that's what I got. :o) After dinner we had cake. I had a wonderful birthday. My family treats me like a queen. They really do. I'm so blessed!

Like I've mentioned before, my picture files are not on my computer yet. I'll share pictures when I can.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Catching Up

So much has happened in the last three weeks. I just don't seem to have the time or energy to sit down and write about it. But I must. I want my family to see things through my eyes. So here are some of the things that have been happening.

Something happened to our computer and I'm not able to access my files. Nothing is lost, PRAISE THE LORD! My Knight is man of many talents. I'm so blessed. He's going to fix it. I should be able to access my files soon. Thank you Dalin'!

Airman G was here for three weeks. He came and went. To tell you the truth, it didn't even feel like he was here. He really didn't come calling on Soaring Amongst The Clouds. He spent the time with his family and his friends. Soaring Amongst The Clouds was invited to spend time with him and his family. She was thankful for what time she did get to spend with him.

Daughter of the King is at youth camp for a week. We are all missing her terribly! One would think that in a home full of people, one wouldn't be missed. Au contraire! The dwellers of the Castello are REALLY missing Daughter of the King. Her name is mentioned gazillion times a day. G.I. Joe and The Warrior are constantly wanting to call her. They keep saying, "Time to check up on Daughter of the King." It awesome to see that our children really do love each other and want to be around each other. I'm so blessed!

My Knight and I weren't thrilled with the idea of her going to camp. But she is 18 and we allowed her to make the choice. This is her first time attending summer camp. She's been on mission trips. Our main concern is, how much time is idle time? Not that we feel our children need to be entertained 24/7. But we all know how satan loves to mess with those that have too much time on their hands. When they go away on mission trips, they are constantly busy working. Not much idle time. My hope and prayer is that lives will be touched and changed.

Still Waters planted our pineapples. It will be three years before we can see fruit, but we are excited about being able to eat our own pineapples. We will wait... patiently. Good things come to those who wait. :o) We just hope all this rain we are getting won't uproot them and kill them.

Soaring Amongst The Clouds is enjoying her summer time. She's done with her summer online course. The last couple of weeks we've (Soaring Amongst The Clouds, my Knight & I) have been having some talks. She's a wonderful, godly fair maiden. As parents we want what's best for our children. We trust and have faith that she will make wise decisions. We pray that God will help her to be discerning and continue to help her to be wise. She knows the decisions she makes today will effect her future. We aren't telling her what to do. All we want is for her to be happy.

G.I Joe is thrilled to be playing on the Senior Little League baseball team. He's a lefty when it comes to anything sport's related. For everything else, he's a righty. He's a pitcher and a first baseman. It's an advantage to be a lefty first baseman. He loves the game. To tell you the truth, I was beside myself when he was asked to play for the Senior team. It's an honor to be a asked to play in the team when you are 14 years old. The Senior team is for 15 year old players. After it hit me, I had some concerns. My G.I. Joe just turned 14 in March. The other players are 15 and some just turned 16! What will my Squire be hearing in the dug out?! But PRAISE THE LORD we have a great relationship with out children. You wouldn't believe the conversations we've had through the years!!! G.I. Joe is a wise young man and he's well grounded. He's made wise decisions in choosing friends. So, I'm sure he'll do just fine.

Euro soccer has started. We have been watching it. We don't watch it during the year, but we do watch it when it's getting close to the World Cup and the Olympic Soccer games. I know that some think it's boring or unexciting. But we love it! In no other team sport, does a player have to keep running continually. Scoring isn't easy. That's what makes it so exciting. Being that I LOVED our visit to Italy, that's who I always cheer on. Well, except when USA is playing. Then I'm USA all the way! But for Euro soccer, I was cheering for Italy. But they got beat by Spain. :o( I know I should be cheering for Spain being that my grandfather was born and raised in Spain. But I really love Italy. I hope to one day go back and visit again. Hey, I can always dream. :o)

Well, that's enough catching up. I'm hoping to be updating my files soon. I'm really not the one that updates it. My Knight is the one that does all my computer stuff. But he's so busy right now, so I'll just have to wait patiently. Which means you have to wait patiently too. :o) I've got LOTS of pictures to share. But all in due time...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Blinked...

... and then, we are celebrating our 26th wedding anniversary. I love my Knight more today than I ever dreamed possible. To think that on our wedding day, I thought I couldn't possibly love him any more than what I did on that day. But I do...

... he is my Knight in shinning armor. The Prince I dreamed of marrying. The kind man every parent dreams their daughter will marry. He's my wish come true. My answered prayer.

My Dearest Knight,

I remember as a little girl, thinking and wondering what kind of man I was going to marry. I made a mental list of I wanted him to be and how he would look.

At first my list went something like this...
* Blue eyes
* Someone like my dad
* Likes to play football
* Taller than me
* Stronger and faster than me ( I don't want a sissy boy)
* A policeman or a soldier
* Someone who wants a motorcycle

As I got older my list changed (somewhat) and it went something like this...
* Someone like my dad
* Someone who will love me and wants me for being me
* Someone who wants lots of children
* Someone of honorable character (faithful, honest, courageous, responsible, virtuous, etc...)
* A Knight among men
* An athlete
* Someone with blue eyes
* Someone with morals and values

Looking back, you are everything I ever dreamed of and more. Marrying you at the tender age of 18 was the best decision I have ever made. You've encouraged and uplifted me every step of the way. You have helped me to grow and blossom. I am the woman I am today, because of you. The past 26 years have been the best years of my life. Every step of the way I've thought, "It can't get any better than this." But is has. I look forward to the years ahead. I love you so much that at times I can't even find the words to express myself. The thought of you leaves me speechless. I'm so blessed you chose me to be your wife. Te amo...

forever yours...
Your Lady~

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Right Of Passage

I don't know how I could of possibly forgotten to share this, but I did. Maybe it's because I'm in denial. Yep, I think that's why. *sniffle sniffle- as I wipe a tear*

My G.I. Joe shaved for the first time on Father's Day. What a Father's Day present for his dad. My Knight showed him how to shave properly. I wish I could of witnessed that moment between the two of them, but I was sleeping. I'm usually the last one to get up around here. I'm sure it wouldn't of meant that much had I been there clicking away with my camera. This is a moment that was meant for just the two of them. A moment for me to step back let them relish in the right of passage. I have had my moments with our Fair Maidens. I know I will have many more to come and so will my Knight. Be still my heart...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day, Darlin'

My Knight loves being home. He would prefer to stay home than go out to eat, to a movie, a themed park or anything like that. So to help celebrate Father's Day (his day), we wanted to do whatever he wanted to do...

Plans: Grill burgers and Italian sausages. Bake freedom fries. Have chocolate cake for dessert. Hang out in the pool and catch some rays.

What actually happened: It rained all afternoon. We ordered pizza. Ate chocolate cookies for dessert. Played a little Call of Duty 4. Watched Bourne Identity (he picked it).

Sometimes we don't get to do what we want. But PRAISE THE LORD we are flexible. :o) We didn't let that put a damper on our plans. I think he still had a wonderful Father's Day.

The dwellers of the Castello... my Knight, our Squires and our Fair Maidens.

An attempt to look tough, by the men dwellers of the Castello. The Squires couldn't quite contain their laughs.

My Knight surrounded by our beautiful Fair Maidens.

We spent the day together, relaxing and enjoying each other's company. Steps came by later in the evening, he wanted to spend some time with Daughter of the King. This coming weekend he's leaving for summer camp. He'll be gone a week. They are wanting to spend some time together before he leaves. We know it's not easy, not being able to be with someone we care about. My Knight and I have been there. It's sweet to watch them. They played some cards and then we all sat to watch a movie. It was a perfect day.

My Dearest Knight,

Happy Father's Day! You are a PHENOMENAL dad. You have given our children the best gift a father could possibly give... unconditional love. My heart's desire is that our Fair Maidens marry a man a wonderful as you.

forever yours...
Your Lady~

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Little Bit Of Life

So much to share, so little time. So I've decided to share little snippets of the week and random thoughts.

This morning Daughter of the King woke up very early. She had signed up to take the ACT. She left before anyone was up. But she left this on the kitchen counter...

We all got a kick out of it. How sweet of her to think of The Warrior. When he saw it, he said, "She's a good sister." :o)

Earlier this week, we all decided to hang out by the pool. I was still inside, but most of the dwellers were out by the pool. Still Water comes inside and tells me, "Mom, dad is on the float in the pool. You should go and jump on him." Now this is something that I've done before. I thought it was a great idea. So I quickly went out and jumped on him. Little did I know the two of them were in cahoots. You see, they knew that I would check the water temperature before I go in. In order for me to even consider going in the pool, the water has to be warm. I'm talking bath water warm. See the expression on my face?! The water was no where near bath water warm. It was COLD! You can't see my Knight's face, but he's laughing. Cause he and Still Waters got me good. But that's alright, I'll get them back when they least expect it. ;o)

We noticed that our air conditioner was dripping. My Knight saw that it was clogged up. So he figured out a way to unclog it without having to call someone to come fix it. Did I ever mention that our Fair Maidens use to call their dad, MacGyver? Well, they did. My Knight can do just about anything. He's AWESOME! Oh, did I ever mention that around the Castello he's know as the walking talking dictionary? Well, he is. Someone else shares that title too... Still Waters. Well what do you expect, she takes after her dad. PRAISE THE LORD!

Here are Still Waters and The Warrior, trying to avoid my camera. But....

I'm relentless...... they finally gave in. But as you can see, The Warrior is strong willed. My padawan has much to learn. LOL!

Soaring Amongst The Clouds busy texting Airman G. Modern technology is amazing!

I didn't even know this picture was taken. As you can see the only missing is my Knight. He was the photographer for this picture. Thank you Darlin'. G.I. Joe decided not to go in the pool since the water was sooooo cold. Smart young man. Did I mention that I call Still Waters and The Warrior my little heaters? Well, I do. Being that I'm always cold, I love it when they sit next to me.

YEAH BABY!!! You are soooooo HOT! I'm talking SIZZLIN' HOT! And not because you were grilling steaks. ;o) Te amo!

We've been blessed to have Steps come and visit a couple of times this week. He fits right in with our family. It's very easy to see that Daughter of the King and Steps enjoy each other's company.

Driving up our driveway, Still Water noticed this flower growing by our gate. Since I had my camera, she had me drop her off so she could take some pictures. She then walked back home and went straight to her room. She searched the net and found out that without us knowing, we are growing Passion flowers. I just LOVE the name! Let me tell you... we have LOTS of passion in our Castello.

The Warrior's baseball team won the Districts Top Team Tournament. They were undefeated throughout the season. They were also undefeated throughout the tournament. They all played their little hearts out. There was even a write up in the paper about them. WAY TO GO DODGERS!

After one of the games we all went out to eat. Those that wanted to color were given some crayons and a coloring page. This proves that one is never to old to enjoy coloring. Did I ever mention that when I had my wisdom teeth pulled at the age of 22, my Knight bought me a coloring book and new crayons. I had a couple of days to recover from my procedure. We didn't have any children at the time. The coloring book and crayons were for me. I've always enjoyed coloring. Colors have a way of brighting one's day.

We have been getting lots of rain lately. Which is great, cause everything was looking so brown and dead. My gardenias are growing beautifully. I love stepping outside and being greeted by the aroma of my gardenias.

Well, I've shared quite a bit. What have you been up to?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Good Sister

Still Waters has been named, The Good Sister, by her brother The Warrior. Let me tell you how she came by this name...

My friend the Scrapper and her children, Airman G and KT rented a condo at the beach for a week. Tuesday morning, Soaring Amongst The Clouds and Daughter of the King left around 8a. They went to spend one night with them. Not to worry, Airman G is a gentleman and Soaring Amongst The Clouds is a fair maiden. There were plenty of rooms for everyone. :o) The girls slept in one room. the Scrapper slept in another room and Airman G slept on the couch. Besides, those that know us, know that our children are very protective about each other. KT is very protective about her brother too. So all was good.

I was up when our Fair Maidens left. I was laying down on the couch watching fox news. The next one to get up was The Warrior. As he was walking down the stairs wrapped up in his quilt, the first question he asked was, "Where are the girls?" I told him they had left. Immediately his countenance changed. He was heartbroken. "They left without kissing me and saying goodbye." Yes, The Warrior said those exact words. He is the tender hearted one.

He loves to have his sisters home. It's not that they are constantly around each other. More often than not, everyone is doing their own thing. But I think he likes knowing that they are here. That he can go into their room, sit on their beds and just "hang out". He lit up once he saw that Still Waters was home. He told her, "You are the good sister."

Needless to say that once they got home he was thrilled, but that didn't stop him from giving them a hard time. But we all had fun with it. Even the fair maidens who had "broken" his heart. I love my family. I love the way they have fun with each other, without hurting each other.

Be still my heart...

All Tuckered Out!

It has been non stop lately. I've been in an emotional and physical roller coaster ride. Nothing major has happened. But we tend to make mountains out of mole hills. If only I would just, be still and let God do his thing.

Physical roller coaster: The Warrior's baseball team, the Dodgers, won top team in our little league. Which means the Dodgers have been playing all the teams in our district to see who is Top Team of our district. They have been undefeated this season. Tomorrow night is the championship game. When they win (I'm speaking life into it), they will be have had an undefeated season. During this tournament, the scores have been, 29-0, 18-0, 26-0 & 11-0. We are all very excited and thrilled to be having such an awesome season. We can't wait for the All Stars games to start. We won't find out who's made the team until June 15. So for now we are waiting on pins and needles. :o)

Oh, I forgot to mention they reason why going through all this feels like a physical roller coaster ride . Well, we have to travel to the nearby cities to compete. The closest one is 45 minutes away. The farthest one is almost 2 hours away. The driving around gets to me. But it's all good. The Warrior is having fun and we are too. I sure wish we had a car that could fit all of us. That way, we'd only have to drive one car, not two. All this traveling it taking it's toll on my body. Since I have lupus, any kind of stress (be it good or bad) causes me to go into a flare up. The last couple of days, I've been chillin' out. I need to get better so I can attend the last game tomorrow night. GO DODGERS!

Emotional roller coaster: Hmmm, what to share and what not to share? That is the question. This is all I will say, when my children are hurting, I hurt too. Enough said. :o)

A godly woman I admire, recently (this week) had a series of post regarding, Parent's Love. But I feel that post not only applies to parents, but it can also be applied in all relationships. She has no idea how timely her post was. Lately in our Castello, we have been talking about precisely what she wrote about. But not from a parental view.

Below are three questions she asked:

1. Have I spoken words of love and blessings to my children?

2. Did I show love with my actions?

3. Did I treat my child the way I want to be treated?

Those are GREAT questions to ask ourselves. You don't have to be a mom to ask yourself those questions. I am a wife, mom, daughter, sister, cousin, aunt and friend. I can ask myself those questions in all my relationships. If you are a grandmother, girlfriend, son, nephew, grandson, boyfriend, father or brother, you can ask yourself those questions.

As a daughter, I answer yes to all those questions. Well, at least when it comes to my dad. We have an awesome relationship. Every time I talk to him, I tell him I love him. But as we all know, love is a verb, it's an action. So, I also show him I love him. Not just with hugs and kisses, but by doing things for him. As for my mom, it's a little harder for me. But I do try. Our relationship is a little strained. But that doesn't mean I don't love her. I do show her with my actions. I know I have to tell her with my words too, but somehow, expressing my love for with words is harder than showing her with my actions. I know I have to work on that.

Needless to say that all this roller coaster riding has me on my knees... praying. I know that God is in control. We grow through adversity, it builds character. Let me tell you, boy do the dwellers of the Castello have character! LOL! The love in our Castello over flows. My cup runneth over.

Let me end by asking this...

Do the ones you love, know you love them? Are you telling them? Are you showing them? If you are being convicted of loving a loved one, is there enough evidence to get you sentenced?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thankful Thursday!

"In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
-1 Thessalonians 5:18

There are sooooo many things I'm thankful for. But for today, in no particular order, I'll share ten things I'm thankful for...

* God's grace and mercy- I'm such a sinner. I keep falling and He keeps picking me up.

* My Knight- He is so loving, understanding and patient. He doesn't just tell me he loves me, he shows me. Love is a verb.

* My children- I'm overwhelmed by the thought of them. My tears well up. I don't deserve to have such wonderful family.

* Unconditional love- I'm so unworthy.

* The Word- Without it, I'd be lost.

* Music- It lifts my spirit.

* True friends- They are always there in good and hard times.

* Season friends- God brings them in to my life for a reason and a season.

* My favorite programs- They entertain me.

* My dad- He is such a wonderful dad. Because of his example I married my Knight. Because of his example it was easy for me to accept God as my Lord and Savior.

What's Your Target

I have some friends who are having difficulty "letting go". The problem is, they doesn't realize it. They'll see it in other parents, but they doesn't see it in themselves. How does one minister in a situation like that?

My Knight and I have always tried to "look or plan ahead." Since our children were little, we talked about everything. How important modesty was, about abstinence. How God created Eve, a helpmate for Adam. We talked about the importance of marriage, family and helping out. We talked about character and work ethics. This and much more were talked about throughout their years growing up. It was always geared at their level of understanding. The end goal was to help them grow to be men and women of God. It has not been easy, remember this is satan's playground. But with God all things are possible. We do not have perfect children, but then again none of us are perfect. There is only one that is perfect and that is God. But He is showers us with grace and mercy. How awesome is that?!!!

This morning, this is the devotion that was waiting for me. Isn't it just like God to do things like this. :o) I thought I'd share it with you. It's mainly geared for parents who are still rearing children. Which all of you know that we still have two younger ones. :o) But it might minister to someone with older children too. Please join me in praying for all the parents that are having trouble letting go.

What's Your Target
by Dennis and Barbara Rainey

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one's youth.
-Psalm 127:4

A few years ago my oldest son, Benjamin, and I got into archery. Never fear, the deer in the woods are safe. There is no chance of us hurting anything, I promise you. When we started, we were so bad that we missed the entire bale of hay.

As I've learned more about archery, I've discovered there is much more to this sport than meets the eye. And in the process I've gained insight into Psalm 127:4, which describes children as "arrows." For example, did you know that even the best manufacturer cannot make a perfectly straight arrow? You can pay more than $15 apiece for arrows, and even they aren't perfect. In the same way, no parent can produce a perfect child. It's impossible.

Also, there are many factors that can influence an arrow after you release it-wind, trees, rain. But do these factors keep me from releasing the arrow? No, because arrows are not meant to stay in the quiver.

As we raise our children with the goal of releasing them into the world to live independently, we see the pressures and influence of a culture that is increasingly turning away from God. But children were given to us to be released.

And what is our target? Where are we aiming our children? Toward a lifetime of walking with God. No matter what factors try to influence them, they will be fine as long as we point them to the right target.

Many parents, however, have never considered where they are aiming their children. We did some research and found that more than 90 percent of parents said they had plans for raising their children, but were unable to clearly explain them. They didn't have the plans written down.

It was baseball great Yogi Berra who quipped, "If you don't know where you're going, you'll get there every time." Does that describe you as a parent?

Ask God to clarify your target and grant your children favor as you release them toward it.

Discuss: What are your goals as a parent? At what target are you aiming your children?

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My Knight's Blog

If you want to read some "good stuff", head on over to my Knight's blog. You might even bookmark it. His blog is "meatier" than mine.

I tend to write about the dwellers of the Castello. I share scriptures, thoughts, quotes and tend to write more about what's happening in our lives. He is the "thinker". LOL! The "deep" one. I just wouldn't know what to do without my Knight! He keeps me up to date on what's happening around the world. He's just wonderful!

So, don't take my word for it. Hop on over to his blog and pay him a visit. Feel free to leave a comment. I know he would love to hear what you have to say. All views are welcomed. :o)

Lady G~

Monday, June 02, 2008

Graduation Reception At Church

Like I've mentioned before, this year we had 10 graduating seniors. The parents got together and hosted a "Graduation Reception". Well, the idea came from one of the graduates, KT. She's Daughter of the King's best friend. Her mom did something similar for her brother, Airman G two years ago. This time around, KT envisioned something a little bit different.

Each parent of the graduates, got to decorate a long rectangular table. They could do whatever they wished. I was amazed how each table really spoke about each graduate....

This is Daughter of the King's table. We used a Panamanian tablecloth. My aunt gave it to us the last time she came to visit. It's hand embroidered and appliqu├ęd. It's absolutely beautiful! We displayed things that told a little about her. She has read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy 4 times! It's her favorite book. She loves to cook. Even though she uses the internet to get a lot of recipes, she also uses my Betty Crocker Cookbook. I got that as a wedding gift from The Matriarch (my sister in law) when we got married almost 26 years ago. She's going to continue her studies in Sign Language, so we displayed the first sign language book we had bought her. She loves all the of Louisa May Alcott's books. Her favorite movie is Disney's Little Mermaid. We also put a little quilt she had made for Kirsten, her American Doll. She loves babysitting, so we put some bubbles and the CPR Babysitting book she had to use when she got her CPR certification.

She enjoys playing games. Any kind of game. Lately she's been playing a lot of backgammon. She even plays with Steps over the phone. LOL! She loves flowers and candles. She has an old fashioned candle holder. She's such a girlie girl, but at the same time not. LOL! She plays softball on our church co-ed team. The leis are from the night the seniors were taken to Ohana's Restaurant. Between the candle and the glove Still Waters set up her computer. As a surprise to her sister, she had made a slide presentation. She had pictures of her throughout her 18 years. She put it to the songs, "I Hope You Dance and There She Goes". It was absolutely WONDERFUL! I hope to be able to put it on my blog sometime soon. Still Waters has to help me out. :o)

The baskets are filled with her favorite snacks. One basket had the Twix candy, which is her favorite. The other baskets had Chex Trail Mix and Goldfish. Come on now, that was a given, considering she babysits. ;o) We had invited all the families that she babysits for. There was plenty of Goldfish to go around. :o)

This was Step's table. I LOVE the collage Jewels made for him. The pictures were absolutely beautiful. He loves music and he's a great singer. He's taught himself to play the guitar and he's a wonderful musician. He also enjoys writing. At the far, right back side, you can see a brown leather case. I believe it holds some of his writings. Right in from of his guitar is a picture frame Daughter of the King gave him as his graduating gift. It holds the first picture taken of them when they started liking each other and a picture taken on graduation day. I was touched to see that he put it on his table.

Punch and cake was served. I and some of the other moms also took some more cake just in case. As it turned out, we all got to take our cakes back home. I presently have some frozen in my freezer waiting to be eaten at a later date. YUM!!! Each graduate table had some snack to share.

It was a wonderful night. A lot of our church family attended the fellowship. It was nice to get to meet the graduates extended family. It was such a hit, that we plan on doing this again next year. Except the post graduate's family will be the one getting things ready, so the graduate's family can just enjoy the fellowship without feeling like they have to "host".