Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm 45!

YEAH!!!! I can't believe it! I am only 5 years away from being 50! To tell you the truth it's been great!

Someone I know wished me happy birthday. But he said, "Happy 29th birthday." I know it was like saying, you'll be 29 forever, never hitting the 30's. But I told him thanks I turned 45 and I'm thrilled. Being 29 was great, but I wouldn't want to go back. I've been very blessed. Every step of the way has been great. Yes, I've had ups and downs, but they've helped me to grow stronger and be the person I am today.

I started my day the way I love to start my day. It just made my day. :o) My Knight was home with us today and it was great. Soaring Amongst The Clouds cooked my favorite breakfast, french toast and bacon. It was DELISH! Of course I drank my favorite morning drink... coke.

Still Waters baked a cake and decorated it for me. It was chocolate fuged. YUMMO!!! Since Daughter of the King knew she wasn't going to be here, she had given me a b-day card and wrote , "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL JUNE 26" on the envelop. So, today I got to open it. I was also given a card by the rest of my children. We are all big Snoopy fans. The cards were perfect.

Since my Knight had to work the concession stand for a little league All-Star game tonight, I was given my birthday present at lunch time. They got me a laptop computer. I'm overwhelmed. I'm so undeserving. I was speechless. But I'm grateful and thankful. Now I don't have to keep borrowing Soaring Amongst The Clouds laptop. Did I mention that Still Waters got me hooked on the game Mahjong? Well she did. When I'm having to take a rest, I sit on our couch and Soaring Amongst The Clouds lets me borrow her computer so I can play Mahjong. Now, I play on my own computer, updater my journal and check my email. This is AWSESOME!

Well due to a thunder strom, the game was postponed. They'll be playing tomorrow night. So my Knight called and asked what I wanted to eat. I know this sounds awful, but I've been craving a taco salad from Taco Bell. That's what I asked for and that's what I got. :o) After dinner we had cake. I had a wonderful birthday. My family treats me like a queen. They really do. I'm so blessed!

Like I've mentioned before, my picture files are not on my computer yet. I'll share pictures when I can.


Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a good one. I've heard the 40s are great for women--that you sort of finally accept yourself and live more confidently. Would you say that is true?

Lady G~ said...

Thanks! :o) To tell you the truth, I have felt content with being me for quite a few years. My Knight has really helped me to grow and become the woman I am today.

Since our girls were wee ones, I've been telling them that God doesn't make junk. He made me, no reason to put myself down or mess with what He created. :o) He's perfect, He doesn't make mistakes. :o)