Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Catching Up

So much has happened in the last three weeks. I just don't seem to have the time or energy to sit down and write about it. But I must. I want my family to see things through my eyes. So here are some of the things that have been happening.

Something happened to our computer and I'm not able to access my files. Nothing is lost, PRAISE THE LORD! My Knight is man of many talents. I'm so blessed. He's going to fix it. I should be able to access my files soon. Thank you Dalin'!

Airman G was here for three weeks. He came and went. To tell you the truth, it didn't even feel like he was here. He really didn't come calling on Soaring Amongst The Clouds. He spent the time with his family and his friends. Soaring Amongst The Clouds was invited to spend time with him and his family. She was thankful for what time she did get to spend with him.

Daughter of the King is at youth camp for a week. We are all missing her terribly! One would think that in a home full of people, one wouldn't be missed. Au contraire! The dwellers of the Castello are REALLY missing Daughter of the King. Her name is mentioned gazillion times a day. G.I. Joe and The Warrior are constantly wanting to call her. They keep saying, "Time to check up on Daughter of the King." It awesome to see that our children really do love each other and want to be around each other. I'm so blessed!

My Knight and I weren't thrilled with the idea of her going to camp. But she is 18 and we allowed her to make the choice. This is her first time attending summer camp. She's been on mission trips. Our main concern is, how much time is idle time? Not that we feel our children need to be entertained 24/7. But we all know how satan loves to mess with those that have too much time on their hands. When they go away on mission trips, they are constantly busy working. Not much idle time. My hope and prayer is that lives will be touched and changed.

Still Waters planted our pineapples. It will be three years before we can see fruit, but we are excited about being able to eat our own pineapples. We will wait... patiently. Good things come to those who wait. :o) We just hope all this rain we are getting won't uproot them and kill them.

Soaring Amongst The Clouds is enjoying her summer time. She's done with her summer online course. The last couple of weeks we've (Soaring Amongst The Clouds, my Knight & I) have been having some talks. She's a wonderful, godly fair maiden. As parents we want what's best for our children. We trust and have faith that she will make wise decisions. We pray that God will help her to be discerning and continue to help her to be wise. She knows the decisions she makes today will effect her future. We aren't telling her what to do. All we want is for her to be happy.

G.I Joe is thrilled to be playing on the Senior Little League baseball team. He's a lefty when it comes to anything sport's related. For everything else, he's a righty. He's a pitcher and a first baseman. It's an advantage to be a lefty first baseman. He loves the game. To tell you the truth, I was beside myself when he was asked to play for the Senior team. It's an honor to be a asked to play in the team when you are 14 years old. The Senior team is for 15 year old players. After it hit me, I had some concerns. My G.I. Joe just turned 14 in March. The other players are 15 and some just turned 16! What will my Squire be hearing in the dug out?! But PRAISE THE LORD we have a great relationship with out children. You wouldn't believe the conversations we've had through the years!!! G.I. Joe is a wise young man and he's well grounded. He's made wise decisions in choosing friends. So, I'm sure he'll do just fine.

Euro soccer has started. We have been watching it. We don't watch it during the year, but we do watch it when it's getting close to the World Cup and the Olympic Soccer games. I know that some think it's boring or unexciting. But we love it! In no other team sport, does a player have to keep running continually. Scoring isn't easy. That's what makes it so exciting. Being that I LOVED our visit to Italy, that's who I always cheer on. Well, except when USA is playing. Then I'm USA all the way! But for Euro soccer, I was cheering for Italy. But they got beat by Spain. :o( I know I should be cheering for Spain being that my grandfather was born and raised in Spain. But I really love Italy. I hope to one day go back and visit again. Hey, I can always dream. :o)

Well, that's enough catching up. I'm hoping to be updating my files soon. I'm really not the one that updates it. My Knight is the one that does all my computer stuff. But he's so busy right now, so I'll just have to wait patiently. Which means you have to wait patiently too. :o) I've got LOTS of pictures to share. But all in due time...

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