Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Little Bit Of Life

So much to share, so little time. So I've decided to share little snippets of the week and random thoughts.

This morning Daughter of the King woke up very early. She had signed up to take the ACT. She left before anyone was up. But she left this on the kitchen counter...

We all got a kick out of it. How sweet of her to think of The Warrior. When he saw it, he said, "She's a good sister." :o)

Earlier this week, we all decided to hang out by the pool. I was still inside, but most of the dwellers were out by the pool. Still Water comes inside and tells me, "Mom, dad is on the float in the pool. You should go and jump on him." Now this is something that I've done before. I thought it was a great idea. So I quickly went out and jumped on him. Little did I know the two of them were in cahoots. You see, they knew that I would check the water temperature before I go in. In order for me to even consider going in the pool, the water has to be warm. I'm talking bath water warm. See the expression on my face?! The water was no where near bath water warm. It was COLD! You can't see my Knight's face, but he's laughing. Cause he and Still Waters got me good. But that's alright, I'll get them back when they least expect it. ;o)

We noticed that our air conditioner was dripping. My Knight saw that it was clogged up. So he figured out a way to unclog it without having to call someone to come fix it. Did I ever mention that our Fair Maidens use to call their dad, MacGyver? Well, they did. My Knight can do just about anything. He's AWESOME! Oh, did I ever mention that around the Castello he's know as the walking talking dictionary? Well, he is. Someone else shares that title too... Still Waters. Well what do you expect, she takes after her dad. PRAISE THE LORD!

Here are Still Waters and The Warrior, trying to avoid my camera. But....

I'm relentless...... they finally gave in. But as you can see, The Warrior is strong willed. My padawan has much to learn. LOL!

Soaring Amongst The Clouds busy texting Airman G. Modern technology is amazing!

I didn't even know this picture was taken. As you can see the only missing is my Knight. He was the photographer for this picture. Thank you Darlin'. G.I. Joe decided not to go in the pool since the water was sooooo cold. Smart young man. Did I mention that I call Still Waters and The Warrior my little heaters? Well, I do. Being that I'm always cold, I love it when they sit next to me.

YEAH BABY!!! You are soooooo HOT! I'm talking SIZZLIN' HOT! And not because you were grilling steaks. ;o) Te amo!

We've been blessed to have Steps come and visit a couple of times this week. He fits right in with our family. It's very easy to see that Daughter of the King and Steps enjoy each other's company.

Driving up our driveway, Still Water noticed this flower growing by our gate. Since I had my camera, she had me drop her off so she could take some pictures. She then walked back home and went straight to her room. She searched the net and found out that without us knowing, we are growing Passion flowers. I just LOVE the name! Let me tell you... we have LOTS of passion in our Castello.

The Warrior's baseball team won the Districts Top Team Tournament. They were undefeated throughout the season. They were also undefeated throughout the tournament. They all played their little hearts out. There was even a write up in the paper about them. WAY TO GO DODGERS!

After one of the games we all went out to eat. Those that wanted to color were given some crayons and a coloring page. This proves that one is never to old to enjoy coloring. Did I ever mention that when I had my wisdom teeth pulled at the age of 22, my Knight bought me a coloring book and new crayons. I had a couple of days to recover from my procedure. We didn't have any children at the time. The coloring book and crayons were for me. I've always enjoyed coloring. Colors have a way of brighting one's day.

We have been getting lots of rain lately. Which is great, cause everything was looking so brown and dead. My gardenias are growing beautifully. I love stepping outside and being greeted by the aroma of my gardenias.

Well, I've shared quite a bit. What have you been up to?


Tiffany said...

I love these posts with lots of pictures and just showing how you are spending your time as a family. The pool looks nice and refreshing!

Steph Clunn, moderator said...

THis is SOOOO cute!