Monday, June 02, 2008

Graduation Reception At Church

Like I've mentioned before, this year we had 10 graduating seniors. The parents got together and hosted a "Graduation Reception". Well, the idea came from one of the graduates, KT. She's Daughter of the King's best friend. Her mom did something similar for her brother, Airman G two years ago. This time around, KT envisioned something a little bit different.

Each parent of the graduates, got to decorate a long rectangular table. They could do whatever they wished. I was amazed how each table really spoke about each graduate....

This is Daughter of the King's table. We used a Panamanian tablecloth. My aunt gave it to us the last time she came to visit. It's hand embroidered and appliqu├ęd. It's absolutely beautiful! We displayed things that told a little about her. She has read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy 4 times! It's her favorite book. She loves to cook. Even though she uses the internet to get a lot of recipes, she also uses my Betty Crocker Cookbook. I got that as a wedding gift from The Matriarch (my sister in law) when we got married almost 26 years ago. She's going to continue her studies in Sign Language, so we displayed the first sign language book we had bought her. She loves all the of Louisa May Alcott's books. Her favorite movie is Disney's Little Mermaid. We also put a little quilt she had made for Kirsten, her American Doll. She loves babysitting, so we put some bubbles and the CPR Babysitting book she had to use when she got her CPR certification.

She enjoys playing games. Any kind of game. Lately she's been playing a lot of backgammon. She even plays with Steps over the phone. LOL! She loves flowers and candles. She has an old fashioned candle holder. She's such a girlie girl, but at the same time not. LOL! She plays softball on our church co-ed team. The leis are from the night the seniors were taken to Ohana's Restaurant. Between the candle and the glove Still Waters set up her computer. As a surprise to her sister, she had made a slide presentation. She had pictures of her throughout her 18 years. She put it to the songs, "I Hope You Dance and There She Goes". It was absolutely WONDERFUL! I hope to be able to put it on my blog sometime soon. Still Waters has to help me out. :o)

The baskets are filled with her favorite snacks. One basket had the Twix candy, which is her favorite. The other baskets had Chex Trail Mix and Goldfish. Come on now, that was a given, considering she babysits. ;o) We had invited all the families that she babysits for. There was plenty of Goldfish to go around. :o)

This was Step's table. I LOVE the collage Jewels made for him. The pictures were absolutely beautiful. He loves music and he's a great singer. He's taught himself to play the guitar and he's a wonderful musician. He also enjoys writing. At the far, right back side, you can see a brown leather case. I believe it holds some of his writings. Right in from of his guitar is a picture frame Daughter of the King gave him as his graduating gift. It holds the first picture taken of them when they started liking each other and a picture taken on graduation day. I was touched to see that he put it on his table.

Punch and cake was served. I and some of the other moms also took some more cake just in case. As it turned out, we all got to take our cakes back home. I presently have some frozen in my freezer waiting to be eaten at a later date. YUM!!! Each graduate table had some snack to share.

It was a wonderful night. A lot of our church family attended the fellowship. It was nice to get to meet the graduates extended family. It was such a hit, that we plan on doing this again next year. Except the post graduate's family will be the one getting things ready, so the graduate's family can just enjoy the fellowship without feeling like they have to "host".

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