Monday, July 28, 2008

An Angel Encounter

I know some will have a hard time believing this, but it's the truth. There is just no other explanation. My G.I. Joe had an encounter with his guardian angel.

My Knight, Soaring Amongst The Clouds, Still Waters , Daughter of the King and G.I. Joe traveled to Tupelo, Mississippi with some members of our church. They went with World Changers on a mission trip. You can read about how it all went in their blogs.

While they were there, one day the went out and about. My Knight and a group of youth were going to cross a 10 lane intersection. Some went ahead, while others lagged behind. Well, G. I. Joe saw two of his friends ahead of him so he was going to catch up. He thought it was an 8 lane intersection instead of a 10 lane. So he was looking one way and didn't see a car coming. So he was hit on his backside. He landed on the front hood of the car, was propelled and landed on his feet. He suffered no injuries. No bruises. No concussions. We know that God was looking after him.

I haven't even been able to blog, cause I just couldn't even put it into words. Every time I think about it, my heart beats faster and my hands start to tremble. My Knight called me as soon as it happened. This is what he said, "Babe, I wanted to call you and tell you before you heard it from someone else. G.I. Joe is fine. But he got hit by a car." My knees buckled and I felt my life being drained away. Immediately tears welled up and I began to cry. For me, the rest of the day was a blur. But I had to remain strong. The Warrior was with me and he needed me. It was hard for him too.

I know that G.I. Joe's guardian angel was the one that was standing between G.I. Joe and the car. He had no bruises where he was hit. I know the angel cushioned his landing, when he landed on the front hood of the car. He had no bruises from that landing. I know the angel carried him when he was propelled. He landed on his feet, totally unharmed. It wasn't his time. My G.I. Joe still has work to do for his Father. This has strengthen his faith. God is good... ALL the time.

I want to thank you all for keeping my family and those that went on this trip, in your thoughts and prayers. I know that God heard our prayers.

I have often thought, what if something happens to my beloved. But I always come back to, I know that I will see them again. Because I know where they will be... in my Heavenly Father's Mansion. I know they will be there. I hold onto His promises... I have hope. Do you know where you're going?

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