Thursday, January 29, 2009

Finishing The Sentence

1. I love... my Knight in shining armor, my Fair Maidens and my Squires

2. Right now I want... to runaway from here and take my family with me.

3. I feel like... the young men and women of today do not know how to commit.

4. I hate it when... I forget to turn the oven timer on. Which happens ALL the time. Which means, I burn whatever I bake. Which is why I can't bake.

5. I fear... that I will fail my children.

6. I'm lonely without... my loved ones around.

7. I need... my Lord and Savior.

8. Today I... cleaned the Squires bedroom and bathroom.

9. Tomorrow I'm... hoping to feel better. The Boss Lady (my sister) bought two tickets (one for her and one for me) to Celine Dion's concert. I really don't want to miss it.

10. I just... don't understand how someone can say I love you and their actions don't show it.

11. I want to meet... Jesus.

12. I'm hungry for... an Outback steak, potatoes, salad and blooming onion!

13. I love it when... my Knight hugs me, I feel loved and protected.

14. I'm afraid of... my loved one dying and not knowing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

15. I'm listening to.. My Knight and Still Waters laughing .

16. I'm wearing... my pajamas.

17. I wish I was in... Colorado, skiing with my family.

18. I'm craving.... white chocolate.

19. I want to get... my hair straightened.

20. I can... watch reruns of my programs, over and over again.

21. I can't... understand why my family likes to watch UFC or MMA.

22. I have... a loving family.

23. I haven't... seen my dad in over three months. I miss him terribly!

24. I'm nervous to... mess up my Christian witness.

25. My Mom thinks I'm... married to a wonderful man. She's right!

26. My Dad thinks I'm... a wonderful mom.

27. I think... Life is good, cause God is good... ALL the time!

28. I'm happy when... my beloveds are happy.

29. I'm sad when... my beloveds are sad.

30. I like eating... junk food!

31. I hate eating... vegetables, so I don't eat them.

32. I love watching... my children play sports.

33. I love listening to... my children's laughter.

34. I like playing... with my Knight. ;o)

35. I hate waking up to... the sound of the alarm.

36. I can see... God's blessings.

37. I'm glad that... God is my Lord and Savior!

38. I'm disappointed that... I haven't been an effective witness to my unsaved family.

39. I look like... myself.

40. I wish I looked like... no one else.

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