Sunday, January 18, 2009

Did Someone Say Zumba?!

Ok... I... AM... HOOKED on ZUMBA!!! I first heard about it a couple of years ago. I saw a commercial for the dvd's. I thought, "Oh, I would LOVE to do that!" But it was new and one ever knows exactly what you are getting when you purchase dvd's. So I forgot all about it.

Until... a fellow homeschooler shared that she was attending Zumba classes at the Y. WHAT?!?! The Y in the next town has Zumba?!?! The offered our homeschool group a 3 day free pass. I went to one of the classes. That's all it took. SIGN ME UP BABY!!!

They offer the class 4 times a week. At present time I'm only able to attend 2 of the classes. :o( I wish I could go 6 days a week. The workout is PHENOMINAL!!! FUN!!! EASY!!! When our hour of exercise is done, I leave feeling like I haven't had enough. I want MORE!!!

When I first started Zumba, I was weighing 126-130lbs. Wearing a size 7 or 9. I am presently weighing 110lbs. Wearing a size 3/4 or a 2 (if bought in Target). Aside from doing Zumba, I'm eating smaller portions and drinking more water. I am still eating whatever I want to eat, but in smaller portions. I'm still eating sweets, chocolates, coke and fast foods. I've also started to eat lost more fruits... specially pineapple. YUMMO!!!

What I love even more about it, is that my Fair Maidens also enjoy Zumba. This is something that all four of us go and do together. You should hear us in the car on the way to class. I have some AWESOME Zumba type songs on my ipod. We crank it up and get all worked up before we even get to class. Once we are there, we are READY!!! Let me tell you... you should see them shake their stuff! I didn't know they had it in them!!! WAY TO GO BABY GIRLS!!! You do me proud!!! ;o)


Anonymous said...

I think I may need to check into this. It would be perfect since it is right across the street too. What days do you go?

Lady G~ said...

I got Tuesday and Saturday mornings. Class starts at 9a. They also have a Thursday class at 5:30p and a Sunday class at 12 noon.

I can't really go on Thursday's cause G.I. Joe has basketball practice until 5p. I'd hate to make him sit an wait another hour while I Zumba. Sunday is family day and church doesn't let out until 12:30p

You should check it out. It's LOTS of fun! :o)