Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Update On The Dwellers Of The Castello

Things are winding down around our Castello. Soaring Amongst The Clouds has earned her Associates Degree. Way to go Baby Girl! Daughter of the King is done with high school. She will be attending the Alma Mater University in the fall along with her eldest sister, Soaring Amongst The Clouds. Still Waters will continue to work on her Bachelor's Degree on Computer Animations. G.I. Joe and The Warrior are almost done. There are a couple of things I have left for them to do and then we'll call it a year. Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE homeschooling our children?! Well, I do. :o)

Let me share some things that have been happening around here lately...

Steps and his youngest brother, One With Nature came over last week and spent the day with us. They were all out by the pool swimming and having fun. Just as I was about to step outside and take some pictures, I see Steps holding his head. Poor thing lost his bearings and swam right into the pool wall. He had what we Cubans call a, "chichon". What others might call a 'goose egg", but it sounds worse in Spanish. Well it swelled up immediately. I was thinking, "GREAT! Jewels leaves them here with me to take care of, while she's traveling to minister to her cousin who's husband just passed away. And what happens?! Her beloved son gets hurt!" Mother that I am, I quickly got some ice to apply to his boo boo. Daughter of the King gave him some ibuprofen and we prayed that he wouldn't lose consciousness. God is good... ALL the time. He didn't pass out. Whew!!!! Just like a man though, he didn't keep the ice on as long as a mama would of wanted him to. But all was well. They all went to church later on and you can believe everyone gave him what for, for his incident.

One night after G.I. Joe's baseball game, as I was parking the car, I caught a glimpse of this rabbit. He was too cute. Apparently he lives under our shed. I didn't want to get to close and scare him off, but I did want to get a picture. This was the best that I could do. Sure hope I get to see him during the day so I can get a better shot at him. Not with my gun, but with my camera. ;o) The only meat I like to eat are from Elsie the cow and Ms. Piggy. Nothing else!

The Warrior decided to sit on something cushy while watching the new pitcher warm up. He's too cute! Reminds me of the days he use to pretend to be Anakin Skywalker. He'd sit inside my laundry basket, put on his helmet and goggles and pretend to be flying a pod racer. Have I mentioned that he still fits in the basket? Well he does. When I have the basket on the couch, he hides in it as he's calling out for me to try and find him. I'm sure he'll outgrow doing things like that, but for now, I'm enjoying every minute of it.

My G.I. Joe plays first base and he's also a pitcher. He's a lefty when it comes to playing sports. But he writes and eats with his right. Pretty kewel! When he plays first base, he's got and UNBELIEVABLE stretch. Which makes him a very popular first baseman. I love watching my Squires play ball. You can always hear me in the stands, cheering... "YEAH BABY!!!!"

Soaring Amongst The Clouds chillin' out watching her brother play ball. I wonder if she noticed that I took this picture? She's wearing one her favorite t-shirts. Why is it her favorite? Well, her beau gave it to her. Airman G is a cadet at the Air Force Academy.

"No mom! You are wayyyyy toooo close!" I REALLY need to write an entry and share ALL the pictures I have that are just like this one.

My gardenias are blooming! WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!! I love their scent. Brings back childhood memories. My paternal abuelo grew gardenias in his garden. My abuela always had a bowl of water with gardenias floating in it as a center piece on her dinning room table. They have both passed on.

My Salvias are growing too. They attract the most beautiful butterflies. I haven't been able to get a picture of the butterflies. :o( But one day I will.

I dug this hole to plant some African Iris's. After I dug the hole, I decided to read what it said about the flowers. Turns out, they require morning sun. Wouldn't you know it, I dug the hole on the wrong side of our home. URGH!!! The area where I dug is afternoon sun, not morning. Oy Vey! Good thing I only dug one hole and not all 10 holes! LOL! Welcome to my life! :o)

Still Waters, my gardening partner. She loves working outside. Which is really kind of funny considering she's a little OCD about cleanliness. LOL! I say that very lovingly Sweetie. I enjoy working with her. She's so knowledgeable. If she doesn't know about something, she does some research and shares what she's learned. She is sooooo her father's daughter. The man that God has chosen for her is going to be very blessed. This Fair Maiden, like her sisters, is a rare jewel.

Softball season is underway. Soaring Amongst The Clouds really enjoys playing. She and Daughter of the King play for our church league. What's really neat is that the team has players of all ages. You have to be 16 and over to play. They play on a co-ed team. They have a great time. So far they've only lost one game. Just like at my Squires games, you can hear me cheering, " WAY TO GO, BABY GIRL!"

Daughter of the King also plays. The other day, I wasn't able to attend their game. I wasn't feeling well. The Squires came in laughing and shared with me that Daughter of the King got a home run! WOW! She quickly added, "Mom, it was a little, dribble hit." She got to first base before they got their hands on the ball. It was over thrown, by that time, she was already running to third! She ended up going home and scoring. I guess I should mention that Soaring Amongst The Clouds and Daughter of the King have a reputation. They are well known for their speed and agility. I love watching my Fair Maidens play ball.

Still Waters wrote an entry, specially for me. I would like to share it with you. Click here. I LOVE the pictures she posted. I am going to print them and frame them, so I can look at them
'whenever I want' (which movie is that from?). ;o) Thank you Sweetie! I LOVE IT! I am presently checking all my pictures. I want her to do one of herself. So I can have a 'fairy' picture of all my Fair Maidens. She's sooooo creative and artistic!

I love my family. I love my life. My life, is my dream come true. My hope and prayers are that whoever my children marry will love, honor, respect and appreciate them. That they too, get to live their dream.

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