Thursday, May 15, 2008

Orientation Day

I got to attend the Transfer Students Orientation Day, with Soaring Amongst The Clouds. They gave us a bag of goodies and LOTS of information. The university has expanded since my Knight graduated from there. It was nice to see all the changes.

They had all the transfer students and their parent gather in the ballroom. They talked to the whole group. Then they escorted the parents to a different room. They shared information that would only interest parents. Funny thing was, that it all sounded familiar. Well, it dawned on me that I had hear it before. I had heard it at Still Waters orientation day two years ago. Mind you it was a different university, but it was the same information. I could of skipped this, but I'm glad I didn't. I got to meet some very nice families.

I was very pleased to learn that they offer escort services. No, not the dating kind, but the kind that walks you to your car. She was able to sign up for her classes and she also got her student i.d. The great news is that she only has classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Even greater news is that they are all during the day! YEAH!!!! I hope and pray that Daughter of the King is also able to get her classes on those days and during the day too. That would be an AWESOME blessing.

She humored me and allowed me to take a picture of her. Thank you sweetie, I know this isn't easy for you. ;o)

I noticed that there were many fine looking young men. I also noticed that some were taking notice of Soaring Amongst The Clouds. I found it a little humorous that she was totally oblivious about this. When I brought it to her attention, she politely blew me off. She is completely unaware of how beautiful she is, inside and out. I think that's what makes her even more beautiful.

Soaring Amongst The Clouds is very excited. There are a few clubs she plans on checking out. On the top of her list is a high venturing club and Campus Crusade for Christ. She's also interested in checking out the intramural sports. I think she's going to enjoy her last two years. She shared that this year will be her last "class" courses. Her senior year she will be interning at a school. Her eyes were sparkling and she couldn't help but smile the whole time she was there. She is looking forward to meeting new people. Today was a very good day. I'm so excited for her.

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