Friday, May 09, 2008

Beach Time!

We have been trying for quite some time to head out to the beach. But for one reason or another, we haven't been able to "beach it".

Today we headed out at 10a. Got there by 11a and stayed until 3p. The Warrior had baseball practice. I figured he'd need some "wind down" time before heading out to practice. By the time we got home I was whooped! I guess I got too much sun. So I decided we'd all stay in and spent the rest of the day chillin' out by the pool. It was a GREAT day!

The first thing the boys did, was dig a hole. Then Steps sat in it and they buried him up to his neck.

Jewels was having a panic attack just by watching. I think she's a little claustrophobic. LOL! Steps didn't stay buried too long.

Even though Jewel's and I didn't go in the water (WAYYYYY TOOOOO COLLLLLD) we had a great time under the umbrellas. Oh, Jewels forgot to bring hers, so she rented one. Then mine broke, so I ended up renting one too. I have lupus and I can't be out in the sun much, it causes me to have a flare up. Ask my children, it's not fun. But even so, the day was picture perfect.

Steps brought some shovels and One With Nature brought some castle building buckets. They had a great time building castles. Steps and Daughter of the King built this one. They built a moat around the castle. The tide didn't come. :o( Even so, they did a great job.

This castle was built by Still Waters. I thought it was so creative. I thought it was very unique because I had never seen one like this before. But I was told it's a "dribble" castle and they've seen other people build it at the beach. I still think it's uniquely beautiful.

Still Waters kept busy taking pictures. I haven't seen her pictures yet, but I bet they turned out good. :o) She's at photography.

Can you believe I managed to get a smile?! Only because I called her and she was smiling at something that was said or something that she saw. Not sure which one, but I'm glad I got it.

We all had a great time at the beach. The day was perfect. No just because we had a great a time beach but because my Knight got home tonight. ;o)

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