Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Funnies To Share

The Warrior has always been fascinated by cows. He loves them. When we moved into our home, the property next to us had about 50 cows. One day as The Warrior and I were looking out the bay window of our family room, I started talking to him about God's creation. I was telling him how much God loves us. I told him how much his dad, sisters, Papi, Granma, and other family members loved him. As we were watching some birds fly, I asked him, "And do you know who else loves you?" He quickly replied, "Yes, the cows love me." I couldn't help but laugh. Here I was expecting him to tell me, "Yes mommy, you love me." Needless to say, I hugged him tightly and loved on those cherubic little cheeks. I told him, "Yes, sweetie you are right. The cows love you and so do I."

Today I was sitting on our couch and I decided to watch a movie we had checked out from our local library. Soaring Amongst The Clouds is my movie partner. We like the same type of movies. So I asked her if she wanted to watch the movie with me. She was in our living room playing Call of Duty 4. She replied. "Ummm... mom, I'm busy _______ ______." Still Waters and I couldn't help but laugh at her response. Now if any of you know my Fair Maidens, you know that they are loving, caring, gentle, warm hearted young ladies. Her response was not her typical response. She was totally focused on her game. Her soldering skills/shooting skills must be improving. She's received two friend requests. Not bad for a Fair Maiden. Way to go Baby Girl! NOTE: I had originally posted the words she used, but at her request, I deleted the words and put a blank. They weren't offensive words, but she feels that they were a little too... ahh... military. I'm beginning to regret having shared my blog with my children. Even though they are the reason I blog. So that they can look back one day and reminisce. I now know what it feels like to be censored. Have I mentioned how much I don't like censorship? Well, I don't. But being that I love my daughter and I don't want to "provoke" her, I will honor her request. Who loves ya Baby?! ;o)

Look at her intense concentration! She's out for blood! Watch out bad guys, she's comin' to get ya!

I've been wanting to do something a little different with my hair for quite some time. So I called the beauty school in our area to schedule an appointment with the daughter of a good friend. She's a student there. I know what you must be thinking, "ARE YOU CRAZY! You are going to let a student work on your hair?!" Well, this young lady is very talented at what she does. She's been coloring her own hair since she was 14. She is now 20. I've always admired her spunk and creativity. Not that I wanted anything that drastic. :o)

I've always wanted to have mahogany highlights. So that's exactly what she did. She did a great job, except that once she was done she realized she hadn't done highlight on the very front part of my hairline. She had used up all the mixture, so she went back and mixed some more.

This was the end result. If it had come out white, I would of looked like Rouge in the movie, X-Men. Except I'm much older, Hispanic, and not as pretty as she is. So, I guess I really wouldn't have looked like her. I can always dream right? LOL! The color came out like a red orange. It didn't match the rest of my hair. I know she was beside herself, but I told her it's not big deal. Which it really isn't a big deal. Hair can always be fixed, grown out or be cut. It's only hair! :o) I have plenty of baseball caps and hats. LOL!

Well I was due for a haircut. It's a been over 6 months since my last cut and my ends were as split as they could get. When I saw my stylist, she asked who did my hair. I told her the story and she said, it's a common mistake with student stylists. She offered to fix it. Turns out she only had to do three foils in the front. She matched the color beautifully...

This is what it looks like now...

Still Waters caught me saying something to The Warrior. I was concerned that he was going to try and push me into the pool.

Ok, this part is not a funny. But it's a bitter sweet moment. G.I. Joe's last game of the season was tonight. It might be his last little league game. You see he's 14. Next year he hopes to be playing ball for our local high school. Tonight they put him in to pitch the last 2 innings. He struck out the best hitter in the junior league. He's done this before and he's been the only one to do it this season. WAY TO GO BABY!!!! He always has a positive attitude. He's always grinning and smiling. I wish my eyes were a camera. So I could automatically capture fleeting moments.

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The Gatekeeper said...

Well this was a fun post, my Lady. And your maiden is fair indeed. Your Warrior is a hoot and you, my friend, are beautiful--and so is your hair. Have I mentioned it is just so peaceful here in your land of blog. Don't leave me for too long, keep in touch.