Monday, May 19, 2008

Graduation Weekend Parte Due

Soaring Amongst The Clouds knocks on my bedroom door, I mumbled, "Come in." She asked, "Mom? Are you going to The Warrior's baseball game?" I answered, "Yes, what time is it?" She tells me, "It's almost 8:30a." I jumped out of be. And that is how my Saturday started.

The Warrior's game started at 9a. Good thing I never eat breakfast! I quickly washed up, got dressed and we were out the door. We got to the fields a couple of minutes before the game started. My Knight and The Warrior had to be there at 8a. I love it when my Knight coaches our son's team. He's so good at what he does. Well, The Dodgers were undefeated this season. YEAH! They are the Top Team. So now they get to play all the Top Teams in our district. Which means we are still not done with baseball. LOL! But I don't mind. :o)

The Warrior holds two titles. One is, The Three/Two kid. He has a way of getting a full count and then smacking the ball into tomorrow land. The other title is, The Walking Kid. He holds the record for the most walks. Which is kind of funny considering both titles kind of contradict itself. LOL!

When The Warrior's game was done, my children and I went home to have lunch. My Knight had to stay at the fields. He was umping a game at noon and at 3p. We were back the the fields by 1:30p. My G.I. Joe's game was at 3p but he had to show up at 2p. I didn't stay for his game this time. Soaring Amongst The Clouds and Daughter of the King had a softball game. I've only been able to make one of their games. So I went to see their game.

Our Fair Maiden's game was awesome. Let me tell you why. Our church has two co-ed softball teams. They were playing each other today. So every time I cheered, "Go *insert church name here*!", I was cheering both teams on. Don't tell anyone, but secretly, I was rooting for my Fair Maiden's team. ;o) After their game was done, I thought, "Hey we might be able to see the tail end of G.I. Joe's game." So everyone except Daughter of the King, got in the car and drove back to the baseball fields. Daughter of the King stayed to watch Steps game. Did I mention that the softball games are about a 45-50 minute drive from our home? Well, not you know.

I got to the field in time to watch my G.I Joe ( who happened to pitch the ENTIRE game!) catch a infield fly and the game was over. LOL! Oh well. Good thing I didn't watch his game. He's a good pitcher, but I get so nervous!

G.I. Joe is one mighty handsome Squire. He really did a good job pitching today. He really enjoys playing baseball. His team won. There is still a chance that they could win first place for the second half of the season. If they do, then they have to play the winning teach of the first half of the season. Whoever wins that game, is Top Team. Then they go on to play all the other teams in our district. I sure do hope we win. Our team is the underdog. The coach who's team won the first half of the season really needs a lesson on humility. But I shouldn't be judging. I'm say this as I'm slapping my wrists for being so naughty.

We got home around 7p. I was sooooo tired! I felt like I was dragging all day long. Of course I had made a comment about that. To which Soaring Amongst The Clouds replied, "Mom, I thought you were a night owl?!" Well, apparently I can no longer burn the candle on both ends. Gone are the days. I now require lots of beauty sleep. Except I now get lots of sleep, but the beauty part is nowhere to be found. Ohhhh... to be young again, NAH... I wouldn't trade where I am at this moment in time for anything in the world.

I have to say after dinner (pizza) I crashed out on the couch. I was in and out (mostly out) of consciousness for the rest of the evening. I can't even remember walking to my bed!

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