Thursday, May 08, 2008


Today the ladies of the quilting ministry at church, surprised Daughter of the King with a graduation luncheon. She didn't suspect a thing. The ladies also invited me to the luncheon. They are so thoughtful and wonderful. They have been such a blessing to Still Waters and Daughter of the King.

I have always wanted to learn to quilt. Since I didn't know how, I wanted our Fair Maidens to learn. I really feel it's a dying art. Our church has a quilting ministry. They make quilts and send them to orphanages all over the world. They also make receiving blankets for babies and regular size blankets.

Soaring Amongst The Clouds loves quilts, but she doesn't like to sew. Still Waters and Daughter of the King started helping out in the quilting ministry when they were in middle school. Because we homeschooled, they were able to attend their meetings during the day. They knew some basic sewing. But the ladies took them under their wings and taught them how to quilt. They have made some beautiful quilts. God has blessed them beyond words. I'm so proud of them. Not just for making the quilts but because they desire to continue to help and minister to others.

The ladies decorated this board specially for Daughter of the King. She got to bring all the decorations home with her.

They even bought her a cake!

It was a pot luck lunch. They all brought something to share. There were lots of sweets too. Mmmmm...

One of the ladies brought her some roses from her garden. Turns out that she has 50 rose bushes! WOW! She told us that her son was the one that started growing them when he was younger. His reason? He wanted to give his girl roses. How romantic is that?! How old was he at the time? He was just a teenager. He is now 32, happily married and a father. I can see why. :o) It not so much what one buys or gives, it's the thought and time put into it. I know I melt when my Knight brings me a chocolate bar or a pint of my favorite ice cream. It's the little things that matter. Sorry, I got off track. It's because I miss him so. But he'll be back tomorrow. :o)

Here they are having a good time of fellowship. Everyone was talking, laughing and sharing stories. These godly ladies have been such a blessing. They have shared their wisdom and knowledge with our Fair Maidens. They have been wonderful mentors.

They showered her with gifts. This is a beach towel that one of the ladies monogrammed for her. They also gave her a love offering. Daughter of the King was so moved and overwhelmed with all their kindness. I saw her eyes glistened.

The godly quilting ladies of our church. May God bless them as they continue to bless other. I know that one day, they will hear, "well done my good and faithful servant...

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Tiffany said...

That is so neat how these older women have taken your girls under their wing and really embraced them. Just like Titus 2 says!