Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Some Brotherly Love

The other day, Still Waters got home late from school. Poor thing had to sit through a lecture for extra credit. We missed her... A LOT!

Once she got home, I went up to her room to see her. The Warrior came up with me. He sat on her computer chair. Like all boys, he started spinning himself on the chair. While I sat on her bed. We watched her put her books away and hang up some of the her laundered clothes. The Warrior had brought up her clean clothes and laid them on her bed for her. I sometimes wish my eyes were a camera. So I can instantly capture the moment. He got up and hugged his Still Waters. It was a lingering, full of love kinda of hug. She needed it and he sensed it. She said, "Everyone needs The Warrior's hug." It made her day.

The Warrior showed a little love to Soaring Amongst The Clouds too. He went into her room and laid down beside her. This time, I had my camera. I was able to capture the moment.

Today during Still Waters' art class, she was drawing on her sketch pad. He professor took a look and told her she should illustrate books. Funny thing is, a teacher I know was impressed with her drawings. He is writing a book and has asked her if she would be interested in drawing the illustrations for his book. Coincidence? I think not, I'd call it a God-incidence. ;o) She is very excited.

Steps has come to visit with Daughter of the King a couple days a week. We enjoy having him over. They'll sit and play games for hours.

One of those night's, we had ice cream for dessert. Poor guy, I asked him a question while he had some ice cream still in his mouth. He went to swallow it and got a brain freeze. Needless to say I felt awful! But I have to be truthful, we all laughed... including him. Sorry Steps!

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Tiffany said...

Your daughter looks sooo happy with her friend.
And--your boys are really sweet and have such a great relationship with their sisters. You don't see that very often.