Saturday, April 05, 2008

Gardening Day

Like I mentioned a couple of days ago, we bought a tiller. YEAH!!! So today we decided to start tilling our garden. We are starting out small. But we are looking forward to when we'll be able to have a larger garden.

First off, let me start by saying that... I LOVE flowers. I even love weeds that have flowers. I just think they are all beautiful. But then again, God doesn't make junk. He created the flowers therefore to me they are beautiful. A couple of years ago, we planted some Salvias. Let me correct myself, we planted bunches and bunches of Salvia close to our vegetable garden. Once we gathered our crop, we really didn't tend to the Salvia. Winters have come and gone. To my amazement, the Salvias have come and go too. I decided to uproot this one and move it to the front of our home. I hope it thrives. I am not known for having a green thumb. :o( I hope I didn't kill it by moving it.

My Knight was showing Still Waters and I how the tiller works. I'm thankful she was there, cause I have already forgotten how to turn it on. Notice, how unkempt our garden is. We have much work ahead of us.

Still Waters loves working the land. She enjoys being outside. She is in her element when she's outside weeding, tilling, planting, watering... well... gardening.

She was outside with us from 10am until almost 2p. Still Waters and my Knight did the tilling.
After they tilled the area, they cleared it up. Once they were done, Still Waters started weeding the area outside our pool . We only have the left side of our pool area to weed. It's looking much better. She did a great job.

Praise the Lord we still have our Squires' play wagon. In the last couple of years, it has come in quite handy. Even though they no longer "play" with it, we put it to good use....

.......see! :o) I wouldn't want to have to carry all the weeds to the compose pile.

Thanks to our handy dandy wagon, we just pull it to the spot and dump it!

This is what it looked like in the end. We'll be clearing out the area on the right side of the garden. It use to be an outside pen for Belle (our Nubian goat). We no longer keep her there, she keeps Sapphire (our Arabian horse) company. Which means, that our garden will grow another 10 feet. Give and take a few feet, considering I not good at measuring. LOL!

You are probably wondering, "Well, where are all the other dwellers of the Castello?" I'm glad you asked. Soaring Amongst The Clouds had to meet some fellow students at the library to finish working on a project that is due this coming Tuesday. Daughter of the King and G.I. Joe were helping at a function at church. The Warrior was attending the function. Everyone had a great day.

Ooops, I forgot to mention what I did. Well, I planted two Salvia plants in our front yard. One on each corner of our Castello. I also planted four Mexican Petunia plants. I love these flowers. I planted two on the right side of our front door entrance and two on the left side.

I want to thank a fellow blogger for telling me the name of the plant I've been looking for. It's called African Iris. We use to have them at our old home, but I didn't know it's name. I'll be heading out the our local landscaping shop tomorrow. ;o) {{{{{{{Thank you my friend... I greatly appreciate you help in naming the plant for me.}}}}}}}


Randi Sue said...

We really like the African Iris plant. They are a big part of our front landscaping.

What vegetables are you planting? I blogged about my garden recently.

Lady G~ said...

Seems like a lot of people like the African Iris. My Still Waters was teasing me last night, "Mom, I'm noticing a trend here. African Iris, African Violets..." LOL! I wonder if I have some African American in me. LOL!

I visited your blog and couldn't find your garden post. :o( What do you have in growing in your garden? :o)

We hope to plant all kinds of peppers, tomatoes, corn, cucumbers and black beans. That's to start off with. We have tried watermelon in the past, but we've had no success. :o( I also want a section for herbs. YUMMO!