Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy 45th Birthday To My Knight!

Today we celebrated my Knight's 45th birthday. I know that the heaven's rejoiced day he was born. He is an AWESOME man of character. I'm so blessed that he picked me to be his wife.

For the first time EVER, he stayed home with us on his birthday. We loved having him around. If was great to be able to see him and kiss him whenever I wanted, which was often. ;o) He spent the day home relaxing. Which is hard to believe, cause the man does not know what the word relax means. The only thing he had to do today was ump a Juniors game. My poor Babe. But at least it was a cool evening. When it's someones birthday around here, we 'all' take the day off. Well, except for those who attend college. :o(

Daughter of the King baked the birthday cake. She also decorated it. The birthday person gets to choose what they want for dinner. Being that he's recovering from oral surgery and he's still not able to chew, he decided to have tortellini. YUMMO! He can swallow that carefully without choking. It was a huge hit. Daughter of the King really outdid herself tonight. There were no leftovers!

I had to retake this picture 6 times! I kept telling them things were so much easier when they were wee ones!

The birthday boy having some fun. Boys will ALWAYS be boys!

A birthday kiss for my Knight. I sure love my man!

We all love Snoopy. This was my Knight's birthday car from our children.....

As they say, "We owned it mom." They added stickers to the little Woodstocks. Since there were five Woodstocks, they each claimed one and personalized them. The one that has the graduation cap and teddy bear is Daughter of the King. She's graduating this year. The one with the burger and the soda is The Warrior. He loves burgers and soda. The one with the vanilla ice cream cone is Still Waters. The one with the chocolate ice cream cone is G.I. Joe. The one with the raft, is Soaring Amongst The Clouds. She's the thrill seeker. They also added the confetti and balloons. They really did 'own' it! LOL!

I can't believe I found this card. It was the perfect birthday card for my Knight...

If you look closely, the dragon is holding a "heating" bill. Well, I scratched the word 'heating' and wrote, "shopping". Why? Because I'm a shop-a-holic. So I guess I 'owned' my card too.

My Dearest Knight,

Happy Birthday. You are my dream come true. I love you.

forever yours...
Your Lady~

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