Sunday, April 06, 2008

Our Sunday

I've spent the last four days in prayer. I'm not sure what to make of what has happened and how I got pulled into it. Well, I do know, it's because I was asked to translate in a meeting at church. I have been uneasy since I met with some of church leaders. I do not want to cause my brothers and sister in Christ to stumble so I will not share what happened. But I would greatly appreciate your prayers.

Even so, life goes on....

Still Waters took a little break from her school work. How does she relax... by playing Assassins Creed. Yes, we own the game.

I was going to take a nap after church today, but instead, I gave my Knight and The Warrior a hair cut. This is the shortest my Knight has had his hair in years. He looks just like he did when he first enlisted in the Army 27 years ago.

I love my deep blue eyed man. He still makes my heart skip a beat. I LOVE YOU BABE!

Needless to say, The Warrior wanted a Marine hair cut... again! This time he kept telling me, "Mom, you need to go further up on the sides." I kept going up until I realized he was trying to get a "semi" mohawk!

For those that were praying for my Soaring Amongst The Clouds, I thank you. It's good to see her twinkling.

Today she spent some time working on her Physics homework. Yep, she has to build two paper airplane. The catch? One has to do a loop and the other one has to fly (glide) for 8 seconds. She has been working hard. But she thinks she's got it. :o)

Daughter of the King had lunch at Steps' home. Jewels had a cousin that was visiting and they all had lunch together. After that, she swung by here to pick up G.I. Joe. They had a drama meeting. They are getting ready to do a skit in a couple of weeks. They are all excited about it.

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