Monday, December 31, 2007

Lady In Waiting

I bought a book I've been meaning to get as a devotional study guide for my Fair Maidens. It's called, Lady In Waiting. Book-A-Million only had one, so Soaring Against The Clouds gets it first. There are some privileges to being the oldest. I'm ordering 2 more books today.

Last night I couldn't sleep. I was restless. I try not to worry. I really do, but satan has a way of just getting to me. I know that God is in control. That nothing happens without Him knowing or Him allowing it to happen.

I love my Knight and my children. I love them unconditionally. I know that sounds untrue, but it's true. My dad showed me to love unconditionally. I think that's why it was so easy for me to accept my Heavenly Father's free gift, because my earthly father set a good example and was a good example too.

Just like our Heavenly Father wants the very best for us, I too want the very best for my children. I've always thought that my life couldn't get any better. But it continually does. Now that doesn't mean that I haven't had pot holes, pits or speed bumps. I have. I know that they've helped me to be stronger, But even so, I want much more for my children.

Getting this Lady In Waiting book made me reflect a little. Well, not just that, but my Fair Maidens are young ladies now, of marrying age. I often wonder how it will be for them. I know that they are well grounded in the Word. Should they stray, I know that God will bring them back to Him. So that's not what I wonder. I wonder about the man they will marry. I have been praying for the man God wants them to marry since the day I got saved. My Knight has been/is so good to me, that I want my Fair Maidens to be just as blessed as I have been... no... even more blessed than I have been.

I have a carefree attitude when it comes to myself. I don't worry about things when it concerns me. Every surgery that I've had ( and I've had my share of surgeries!), I've not worried a bit about it. When my children were young, I didn't worry a bit about them either. The Warrior, stopped breathing twice when he was new born. God's peace washed over me. I remember not even panicking. God carried me through it all. I just never worried about my children. But now, I find myself... well.. worrying. I'm hoping that they marry whom God intends for them to marry. That things go smoothly for them, even thought I know that one grows through adversity. But I don't want them to have those heartaches. I don't want them to have to shed those tears. It's not that I don't have faith. I do. I know that God will see them through it all. He will carry them. But the thought of them going through struggles, any kind of struggles, keeps me up at night.

Lord take these thoughts away, replace them with your peace.

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