Monday, December 10, 2007

Welcome To The Blog World

I'm big into journaling (see *note). I like everything about it. But blogging bring journaling to a whole new level. Not only do I see blogging as journaling, but I also see it as a ministry. Why? Well, let me tell you...

I feel that by sharing what happens to our family, it could help other families. Maybe we have gone through something that the reader is going through. Maybe, what our family has done might help someone else. Maybe, it gives hope to others. I know that when I read other blogs, I sometimes come away feeling encouraged. At times it helps me see things from a different perspective.

Having said that, I would like for you to welcome my Soaring Amongst The Clouds and my Still Waters (see **note) to the blog world. When you have a chance, drop in on them and see what are the musings of a 20 year old and 19 year old. You might be pleasantly surprised. You'll see why there is never a dull moment in our Castello.

Today, Soaring Amongst The Clouds sent me an email. This is what she wrote, "You know, I was just looking at my 10 year plan I made a few years ago... so far I've been following it to a "t"... not even realizing it!!" Let me tell you how this came to be. A young man had expressed interest in her. At the time they were very young and still in high school. We had both of them read, I Kiss Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris. After they read the book, we had them write a 5 and 10 year plan. We asked them to share where they would be in that time. What would they want to be doing. Then they were to compare the list. That's the list she's talking about. She is always being told that she is her mother's daughter. But today, I see that she is very much her father's daughter... be still my heart...

*note: Ok this is driving me crazy. I kept typing journaling and it kept saying it's misspelled. So went to look it up. It is written in two ways, journaling and journalling. Could someone please correct me? :o)

**note: Still Waters just set up her blog. Due to finals, she hasn't had the time to journal online. Though, she does journal in her journals. She' be making an entry when she's done with her finals. That's what I've been told. I'm looking forward to that. I know I enjoyed her old blog. For some reason, she's not able to access it.

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Fresh Girl said...

Hi, Lady G! Thanks for stopping by my blog (Anew and Afresh) and commenting! I hope you'll come back again soon, maybe add me to your bloglines (if you use that).

I like the hippieish couple on The Amazing Race, too! And much to my surprise, I rather like the Goth couple, too. They've raced well, been kind to each other and the people they meet and haven't shown disrespect to the cultures they've encountered (like the Blonde team did). So, I guess now that the brother and sister team are gone, I hope one of those two win. :)

Hope to see you around again soon!