Monday, December 03, 2007

Monday Monday, So Good To Me

I woke up this morning and praised God for what He was going to do in my life and in my beloved family's life, today. This is sad to say, but it's the first time ever I have praised Him before I got out of bed, for what He was going to do in my life.

I pray. I pray every day. I pray a couple of times a day. But it never occurred to me to thank Him for what he's "going" to do. I have to honestly tell you that today, Monday Monday was so good to me. My Lord and Savior blessed me every step of the way. Not only me but my beloved family too. He blessed me in the big things and in the littlest things. How were we blessed today? Let me share a few of the blessings:

* I woke up at 6am, without any joint pain, neck pain or headache.

* I was able to do 2 loads of laundry and every one showered without the tank backing up.

* The weather was absolutely wonderful.

* My mother-in-love and I got to have a heart to heart talk.

* Soaring Amongst The Clouds spent most of the day with me.

* Soaring Amongst The Clouds had to meet with the Alumni University (*see note) counselor. She had to turn in the list of classes she's taken and what she plans on taking next semester. The counselor is only there on Mondays' and one can not schedule an appointment. It's on a walk-in basis. I dropped her off at the entrance and went to look for a parking space.

* I got the perfect parking spot, right in front of the LS administration building.

* As she was getting to the Administration counter, the counselor was leaving, even thought he's suppose to be there all day long. She was able to hand in her paper.

* I was able to find a pair of jeans for Soaring Amongst The Clouds and Still Waters. They are very petite Fair Maidens. Their size is not easy to find.

* When I went to turn in the paperwork for the septic tank permit, everything went smoothly.

* While at the "permit" place, a mom with her 6 month old was standing next to us. I was blessed to hear and see that little one smile, giggle and laugh. She was a simply adorable.

* I was able to find the gift I wanted to get my good friend, Jewels.

* My Knight had a good day at work.

* Daughter of the King got to go with Steps and his family to see the Christmas lights of a neighboring town.

* When I called the nurse practitioner, they were able to see me today. They were also able to get me in to see the surgeon this Thursday.

* The pharmacy had the new medication I was prescribed, even though it's not something they usually carry.

* I was able to get to the post office before they closed.

This was only some of the ways that I was blessed. So much more happened, but I have to cut the list somewhere.

My prayer is, that you God bless you and yours...

*note: The reason I call the university she'll be attending, Alumni University, is because my Knight, the Matriarch (his sister) and the Constable (our nephew), all graduated from that university.

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