Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Countdown To Our Family Vacation... 2 days

A couple of days ago, I started a ski trip check list. I've been skiing before, but the last time was in 1994! So I was having a hard time making up a check list. I though, why not check and see if I can find and checklist online. Wouldn't you know it, I found several! So I combined different lists and tweaked it. Wala... we have an AWESOME check list. Now all I had to do is copy them and give them to our children.

We started to lay out our items tonight. My checked and our check in luggage has to be 50 lbs. or less. Yikes! But at least we are each allowed two check in bag and two carry ons. We got a great deal for our luggage. We didn't get it at JC Penney's and we didn't pay that price either. We got a great deal at Wal-Mart and it was a set of 7. Being that we are a family of 7, I bought two sets. They didn't have enough black sets, so we bought it in red. That's ok, cause now they are easier to spot. :o) I got it a couple of days after Thanksgiving. I already mentioned, that in no way was I going shopping the day after Thanksgiving. The stores still had great deals days and days after Thanksgiving. :o) So far, The Squires can fit their stuff in one of those rolling bags. They each have their own luggage and will also carry a backpack. Soaring Amongst The Clouds and Daughter of the King also fit their stuff in one. They too have a luggage to themselves. They'll also carry a backpack and their purse. Still Waters was busy studying for her last final, which is today. So she'll start packing when she gets home tonight.

Being that my Knight was in the military, we kind of pack military style. It just makes things tidy and everything fits perfectly. Even the bibs didn't take up that much room. Our snow boots are filled with socks or underpants. So far, everything is going smoothly... Praise The Lord. \o/

Yesterday I had a ct-scan done on my neck. I can't remember if mentioned I was having that done. Well, for quite some time I've been having trouble swallowing. My doc also found a lump on my neck. So he wants to rule out anything serious. This is just a precaution. Any way, they did the ct-scan with and without contrast. The taste of that dye (even though it was given by IV) stayed with me ALL day long! I couldn't even enjoy the delicious meal Daughter of the King fixed. :o( But it finally got flushed out of my system by 11p! LOL!

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