Thursday, December 13, 2007

Vacation Bound!

We head out to the airport tomorrow morning at 4:30 am! I don't think that we'll get much sleep. Everyone is just too excited.

Bags are packed. Clothes are laid out. Our home is clean. The Sub is house sitting for us. He is one of Steps' older brother. He's a real nice guy. He'll be keeping our Nicodemus company. I'm not sure if I've mentioned Nicodemus before. He's our Golden Retriever. He's a beautiful 97+ lb dog. We just hated having to leave him at the vet. So, The Sub agreed to watch him. Oh, The Sub came by his name because he's a.... substitute teacher. :o) The name fits. He's great with kids of all ages.

Here we have my stuff on the left. The ones on the right are my Knight's. Notice, I have the biggest luggage. LOL!

The biggest luggage on the left is my G.I. Joe's. The one on the right is The Warrior's. They are also taking a backpack. They'll be taking some books, mp3 player and sudoku puzzles.

Can you tell who's room this is? This is Still Waters room. She's the methodical, logical one. You can tell by how she's got everything sorted out. :o) I love this girl. She's everything I'm not.

This is Soaring Amongst The Clouds' bedroom. She too is organized and knows how to pack. She's got everything in one luggage. She's only carrying on the green slingback. I don't know how she does it! A girl after her own dad's heart. Wish I was more like her.

This is Daughter of the King's room. She also packed everything in one bag. She is so efficient! If you look closely, the blue item that is rolled up toward the right and the grey item, are sweaters that my Knight and I bought over 22 years ago in Germany. Pretty kewl that our children are now wearing them.

Well, time for bed. Praying you all have a Holy Spirit filled week. I can't wait to share our adventures....


CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

You are now at your destination and grace and peace are flowing to you and from you. Enjoy your time together! Come home refreshed!

The Gatekeeper said...

I can't wait to hear about your adventure, Lady G. Your daughters keep a nice room. Could you send them to my Princess' room please. In any case I pray that you are having the time of your life with your family. Blessings, my friend.