Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas/New Year's College & Career Party

My Knight and I are the Sunday School teachers for the college & career class. We started teaching that class in October. Prior to that we were working with the youth. He taught high school boys and I helped in the high school girl's class. I'm so glad we are teaching together again.

I had to admit, that teaching is not my gift. I'm more like the rabbit chaser. :o) You could say, I'm the sidekick. He teaches the "meaty" stuff and I am the comic relief. Don't know how I got to be that, cause I'm really not that funny.

Well tonight, we are hosting the college and career Christmas/New Year's party. All who are coming will bring a dish to share. We are also going to play the white elephant game. So they are all bringing a $10 (under) gag gift. My Knight got a Chipmunk cd. He thinks they are annoying. LOL! Let's hope he doesn't get stuck with that. LOL! I'm bought a penguin fleece throw. I figured, there's got to be a gift that someone might want to keep. I hope I "do" get stuck with that one. The penguins are sooooo cute!

Daughter of the King, G.I. Joe and The Warrior was going to hand out with Steps' family for a while. She baked some chocolate chip cookies to take over to his home. Jewel's said they are going to have a bonfire and roast some hot dogs. I know they will all have a good time.

Still Waters and Soaring Amongst The Clouds are busy betting some dips ready. Still Waters also baked a caramel, chocolate chip brownie. I'm not much of a brownie eater, but let me tell you... I LOVE her brownies! Daughter of the King also makes a "to die for" brownies. Soaring Amongst The Clouds also makes some brownies called Texas Brownies. YUM!!! But those are the only brownies I'll eat.

Well, I'm off to get ready, I'll update this entry after the party! :o)

We had a great time at the party. We had a total of 15 guests. I was thrilled to see 3 guest that usually don't attend class. Two are students who study our of state and one is a young man who works every Sunday. I was glad to see him cause that meant he felt like part of the group even thought he hasn't been able to attend class in quite some time. We ate, laughed and played games. We played two games of scene it. It was gents against the ladies. The gents won both times. They won by a landslide. We vowed a rematch, but next time it will be playing the Disney Scene it. I know we will smoke them!

I enjoyed having our Castello full of people. It's been quite a while since we've hosted anything. I used to host gatherings all the time. But my Knight is not much of a people person. He doesn't mind fellowships, it's just his Castello is a haven for him. Also he's a morning person and I'm the night owl. So, when things start to really get going it's when he's starting to wind down. But he did great tonight. I know he had a great time too. I'm already planning our next gathering... well, we need a rematch! I'm very competitive and I don't like to lose. :o)

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