Thursday, December 27, 2007

I'm A Sinner

I know my post on Christmas Day was not a pleasant one. I was weak and it came through on my post. I'm a sinner and have a hard time dying to self. I prefer to be as positive as I can be. If I'm not, then it really drags me down and I don't like to be down. I wish I could say that I'll not be weak, like I was on Christmas Day. If I did say that, then I'd be lying.

What has/is helping me get out of my ugly funk? Praying, talking to my Knight and Still Waters' post. I'm still (and will always be, until I die) a work in progress. We truly serve a Mighty God. He's never promised it would be easy. He has promised that He would be with us every step of the way, as long as we call on Him. That's comforting.

My relationship with my Knight's side of the family is a struggle for me. I've forgiven 70 x 7 and still continue to forgive. But it wears me down. If my Knight didn't look so much like his dad, one would think he's adopted. He is so different than his family. He's positive and an encourager and doesn't complain. He always wants to do the right thing, no matter what others think. His family is very negative, they like to criticize and complain. The only time they call us, is if they want something from us. There, I got it off my chest, I feel better. I do not want to go here again. Lord take this off my hands. Restore the peace in my life and in our Castello.

Today was a run around day. The Seamstress needed some items so I took her to Wally-World (Wal-Mart). The store was packed! I enjoy going to the stores, but I really don't enjoy crowds. She got three items. I bought items for a dinner. My friend Jewels had a procedure done today and we wanted to take dinner to her family. I know that the Mechanic (her hubby) and her boys are totally capable of taking care of dinner. But it's nice not to have to worry about it. Her Steps and One With Nature spent the day with us. My Squires had a great time playing upstairs with them. Did I mention that our carpet was cleaned today? Yep, they had to remain in the room for at least 4 hours, while the carpet dried a little. I also went to the permit place. Our permit to work on our septic was ready to be picked up. YEAH! Let the work begin! I drove to the eye doctor to pick up some contact solution (free) for Still Waters. Went to Target to exchange a movie I bought, which turned out we already had. I thought I was purchasing the last Pirate movie, but I purchased the second one. Have I mentioned that I've done that with other movies and cd's? I keep forgetting what I've purchased and I purchase it again. It's a joke around our Castello. They all laugh when it happens, and it happens often! I took the Seamstress to Publix cause they are the only ones that sell sugar free Nestle Quick and Eddy's No Sugar Added ice cream. Publix was a mess too, lots of shoppers. From there we went to Walgreen's to pick up her prescription. Oh, did I mention we had no internet for most of our day? Talk about feeling disconnected! We also didn't have cable tv. That really wasn't missed.

Well, that was our day. My Knight returned to work on Wednesday. I sure do miss him when he's not with us. I wonder what's instore for tomorrow....

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