Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Our Christmas Day

I'm crying as I write this. I am blessed with a wonderful, loving, caring and unselfish family. My heart is full of joy and happiness. I'm so grateful for God's blessings.

Our children gave us this...

The inside of the card read: Merry Christmas! Thank you for taking us on the ski trip! We all had a blast!! We love you! Love... then they all signed it. I decided not to post what the inside looks like, since they all signed their names. I couldn't help but cry..... be still my heart.

Our gift this year was our ski vacation. Christmas morning at our Castello was still joyous, even though there were no presents to open. When we opened our card, I couldn't help but cry. Our children were grateful and appreciative. Even during our trip, they kept thanking us for everything. They thanked us every time we went out to eat. They thanked us for the little souvenirs they got. I'm so blessed... God is so good... ALL THE TIME...

Yesterday, we went to the 5pm church service. It was wonderful. Our Mr. Dr. Pastor Sir read the Christmas Story from Luke 2. We sang songs and had a candlelight service. We had a Holy Spirit filled service. After service we all went home and had our traditional Cuban Christmas dinner. After dinner, we watched The Nativity Story. I had just purchased it, we had not seen it before. What a beautiful movie. From now, we will make it a tradition to watch it on Christmas Eve.

Through the years we've been adamant about our family not showering our children with gift at Christmas time. Well, it's not their birthday... it's Jesus' birthday. They get one gift from family members. My parents and sister always combine their gifts. They figure it's their way of getting around our rules. LOL! This year they got our Squires a playstation 3. Well it's for the whole family, cause all but two enjoy playing video games. The first to guess which two don't play, gets a prize. Family members are not allowed to guess. :o)

We spent most of the day hanging out at home. Jewels and her family called and asked if we wanted to go see National Treasure 2 at 5p. So we all went. Great movie. We really enjoyed it. From there my Knight went with Still Waters to pick up the Seamstress. During our vacation the Matriarch guilted her into coming back. But the Matriarch is leaving Friday for a 4 day trip, so the Seamstress is coming back to our Castello.

Update: I went to before I could finish my post, below is how my day ended...

Our day ended not at all as it had started out. Poor Nicodemus had the.... well... how can I put it nicely... had the runs. While we were at the movies, he had two accidents. So I got home to an aroma one doesn't care to smell. I felt bad for him, cause he's really doesn't like to disappoint us. But that really put me in a bad mood. Too boot, one of the accidents was in our living room, which is where the Seamstress sleeps. URGH!!! So I started cleaning it. I was still cleaning it when my Knight got home. So he went to the upstair's stain to clean that one up. I also got all worked up because I felt that the Matriarch is really taking advantage of us. We've been home four days and are still getting into the swing of things. Our Fair Maidens are having a Sunday School Christmas/New Year's party this Saturday. We have things to do to get ready for that event. My carpet now needs to be cleaned, which means everything in that room needs to be moved out. Both of my surgeries are being postponed until I can recover quietly in the comfort of our Castello, without having some one sit there and stare at me because they are bored. So, I took a long cool bath to cool down. It didn't help. I ended up with a headache and went to bed.

I know that I sound selfish and uncaring. I know that it's wrong of me. But I also know that my spirit is not at rest and God is dealing with me on this issue. This too shall pass. All I need to do is to turn the other cheek... and allow that one to be slapped too (excuse the sarcasm).

Lord, please restore the peace in our Castello. Help me die to self and to do it without complaining...

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