Friday, December 28, 2007

So Much To Do...

We are in the process of getting our home ready for our oldest two Fair Maidens Sunday School class, Christmas/New Years party. So much to do and so much time to do it! LOL! I know, how can that be? That's not how we've always heard it. But it's true. It will all get done... in due time.

We are the ones that set ourselves up to fail. Who says that the home has to be spotless in order to have friends over? Does it really matter? Are you friends going to say, "Wow, did you see that living room? Did you notice the fooseball (sp?) table, they had clothes on hangers hanging on the handles? Did you see their futon, it was laid out and made out like a bed. Did you see all those baskets full of papers and books in the family room? " I think friends would say, "I'm so glad they have room for their guest. Good thing they have that foosball table, she can hang her clothes on it. That bed sure looks inviting. They must work hard on homeschooling did you notice all their workbooks in the baskets?"

It all comes down to how we perceive things. I would like to think that loved ones would care more about spending time with me than checking out our Castello. I have been to homes that make Better Homes and Garden look like what the world would call a shanty. But to me they looked empty and cold.

Our Castello looks, well.... lived in. It's warm and inviting. We've got pictures every where. It looks tidy. I have throws on my couch cause I'm always cold. I enjoy scented candles, so I usually have some candles lit. We live out in the country and it's hard to keep sand out our floors. We vacuum once a week, but as we see Nicodemus' hair floating by, we pick that up. I'm a little... ah... compulsive about bathrooms, so they get cleaned daily. Dusting happens when I notice the tv has to get dusted. Which is frequent cause the sun shines, through our bay window in our living room and it makes it easy to see it's dusty. LOL! That's the extent of the cleaning. The major cleaning, baseboards, walls, etc... get done only a few times a year.

Let me share why I feel it will get done in due time. A wise woman once said, "The house will always be here. Your children won't." It sounds better in Spanish. LOL! What she meant was, time is fleeting. A spotless home is not important. Treasure the time with your children. She told me this when we only had two Fair Maidens. I respected and valued what that wise woman told me. I will never forget her words. Who was this wise woman, my Abuela Caky.

So let me leave you with this...

I use to complain about cleaning the rings around the tub.
Now, I clean the dust around the tub.

Enjoy your children. They are precious. Treasure your time with them. They are watching you. What are they learning? Before you know it, they'll be all grown up with families of their own.


Tiffany said...

Thanks for the reminder. You are right there really is so much time!

oneblessedmamma said...

I want to visit your castillo some day (did I spell that right?). I heard once that "those that love you don't care, and those that don't don't matter" but I have a hard time applying that truth to my messy house-mostly because some of the family that "loves" us DOES care, and it weighs heavily on me. My friends...well, they've all seen my house and love me in spite of it, LOL. But, we are striving all the time to do better.

Lady G~ said...

Castillo is the Spanish word. I'm fascinated with the Italian language, so I call it Castello. LOL!

I can relate to the "it weighs heavily on me". I wasn't always like I am now. My mom was a "white glove" inspector in our home. So I was ah... compulsive about my cleaning. But God really worked on me in this area. When I first got sick, something had to go. It was either, kill myself with the "upkeep" of our home and not be there for my family or be there for my family and keep the home livable. For me there was no choice.

We do have loved ones that, I know for a fact speak behind my back. But, they are also the first ones to praise our family. My Knight is also my rock. He helps me to keep things in check.

So, that's how we handle things around in our Castello. :o)