Tuesday, January 15, 2008

When You Least Expect It

The Seamstress is not one to give compliments flippantly. So when one is given... well, she must really mean it.

For the past three days, I've been not been feeling well. Yesterday, I spent most of my day in bed sleeping. Well except for having gone out to get some lab work done and stopping at Wal-Mart for milk and gassing up our car. By the time I got home, everyone was done with their school work, the Christmas decorations had been put away and the Castello had been dusted and vacuumed.

Today I woke up around 11:30a. By that time, The Warrior was almost done with his school work. G.I. Joe was sitting quietly at the dinner table doing his work. Daughter of the King was up in her room reading, Boy Meets Girl by Joshua Harris. Soaring Amongst The Clouds had just arrived from classes at LS. I had some hot chocolate and went to lay down on our couch. The Seamstress looked at me and said, "You have such wonderful children. They love each other so much. They help each other out and play so well together. It's easy to see that you and your Knight have devoted yourselves to raising them." I thanked her and told her that, "We were both given good examples. Thank you for having and raising my Knight. We have the family we have because of who and what he is. We are raising our children as we feel lead by God to raise them. People might not always agree, but we are not here to please others. We are here to please God."

I meant what I said. I am thankful for the way they raised my Knight. Yes, they were critical and negative. But he learned that he didn't want to be like that. So he didn't follow those footsteps. He did learn good work ethics, good morals, good values and how important family really is.

We are raising our children the way we feel God is leading us to raise them. People don't always agree. We have been told (by friends and family) that we are too strict or we are too lenient. That our children are too sheltered. One family member even told our Fair Maiden that it was ok when you have a boyfriend to let him touch from the waist up, but not from the waist down! But we smile and keep on doing what we feel lead to do. No one is perfect. All we can do is follow God's will for our lives. It's not easy, but it's comforting to know that He is with us, guiding us and helping us. And knowing that, makes it all worthwhile. God is good... ALL the time!

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Tiffany said...

That must have been encouraging to you that she had something positive to say about your kids. That's an area that a mom really doesn't want to hear anything negative from someone else. :0) How are you feeling?