Saturday, January 05, 2008

A Day Like Every Other Day

As I'm journaling, I'm listening to the Hope Floats soundtrack. Check it out and hear a sample of each songs.

Little League baseball sign ups started today. Which means, Spring Ball is just around the corner. My Squires are thrilled and so are our Fair Maidens. Can you tell we love the sport? :o)

My Knight was the president of the league last year. Due to his mom living with us, he stepped down. But he's still on the board of directors. So he volunteered to be there today from 9a-3p. Needless to say, I hated when he got out of our warm waterbed. :o( But I know he does is for our Squires. So, I got up too.

I had promised The Seamstress I'd take her shopping today, for Scooter's 1st birthday. His party is tomorrow. Can't wait to see him. Well, she wanted to go to Target. Her mind was set on buying him a bathing suit or a beach towel. Keep in mind we are still in the middle of winter. The chances of her finding something she likes are a little slim. As it worked out, they did have about 6 different styles. But none that she liked. Four of the styles were really cute, but my taste and hers are very different. She reluctantly picked one. Not because I made her, but she just wanted to get it done. Then we found some beach towels. They were all very cute, but again, she wasn't happy with the choices. But she settled for one. So she bought a bathing suit and a beach towel. Scooter is ready for the Spring/Summer. He will look too cute in his turtle covered bathing suit, with his blue sea horse towel to keep him dry. :o) After our outing, I drove her back home.

I decided to surprise my Knight and pick him up for his one hour lunch brake. We went through Burger King's drive through. We decided to take it back to the fields and eat while we parked. It reminded me of when we were younger. We would eat lunch together in the car. I love spending time with him. Doesn't matter what we are doing, as long as we are together.

Well, Airman G has come a-calling again. He's going back tomorrow to the Air Force Academy. Tonight Soaring Amongst The Clouds is having dinner with his family. He's a fine young man and I know they have been fond of each other for many years. Only God knows what's in store for them.

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