Thursday, January 03, 2008

Let's Go Have Coffee!

When we got home from church last night, I got busy doing some more laundry and other little things. Through it all, I was thinking, "I really want to go out tomorrow, but it's such a short notice. Who can I call? Who would be able to go and hang out for a little while?" I got busy again and forgot about it. Then The Seamstress tells me, "You got a call while you were at church. The lady left a message." Well wouldn't you know it, The Peace & Love Child called to see if I wanted to go out for coffee! LOL! She's so sweet. She said, "I know you aren't a morning person, but how about 10a?" I'm like, "OH YEAH! That sounds great!" I'm really looking forward to spending time with her again. Let me share how I came up with her name. Her parents were into the hippie movement. She is easy going and makes those around her feel at ease.

I'm drawn to her her for many reasons: Somehow she reminds me of my child hood. She has two beautiful little girls and a handsome little guy. Not that I was beautiful, but there were also three of us, two girls and a brother, in that order. She has a carefree spirit. She loves her children. She is also the age my brother would of been if he were still alive. Her funny, witty, easy going, happy spirit reminds me of him.

We met at Perkins around 10a. We sat and talked for a couple of hours. We talked a little about everything. We hoped from topic to topic. She's my kind of gal. LOL! I really enjoyed her company. I look forward to our new found friendship...

Oh, did I mention that I'm not a coffee drinker? I get my caffeine from.... coke. :o) So she had the coffee and I had a coke.

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