Friday, January 11, 2008

A Visit To The Happy Place

You must be wondering where is this "happy place"? Well... Disney World. LOL! Soaring Amongst The Clouds coined it that a couple of years ago. Yesterday we spent the day with our friends at... The Happy Place.

First off, we thought that Soaring Amongst The Clouds and Still Waters weren't going to be able to go. Soaring Amongst The Clouds had classes until lunchtime. Still Waters was working all day. But... God had other plans. :o) Soaring Amongst The Clouds class was canceled. Still Waters worked extra hours the day before our trip and is going to work extra hours today. Still Water left with us yesterday morning. Soaring Amongst The Clouds met up with us later on.

Well let's see... we started our day at MGM Studios. Ooops, I forgot to mention who went with us. My bad. The Mechanic, Jewels, The Sub, Steps and One With Nature spent the day with us. Since we have all been to The Happy Place before, we hit the places our friends wanted to go first. So while at MGM Studios, we rode The Tower of Terror, Rocking Roller Coaster and Star Tours. Our wait time for the rides were less than 15 minutes. It was great! By the time we were done, it was lunch time. We tailgated! LOL! Which is what we usually do. It gets pretty expensive to eat in the parks, remember we are a family of 7! Then it was off to Animal Kingdom. Where of course we rode Mt. Everest and the Kali River Rapids. I had no desire to be wet the rest of the day, so I chose not to ride the rapids. We also walked through the Bird Sanctuary and also the section where they have all the tigers, gorillas and all those animals. I've already forgotten what that section is called. LOL! Our last stop was The Magic Kingdom. The main attractions we hit were, Space Mountain, Buzz Light Year, Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion. I declined Space Mountain, Buzz Light Year and The Haunted Mansion. I was one tired puppy! The waiting time was less than 15 minutes for all rides except Thunder Mountain. That one the sign read 30 minutes, but we waited almost an hour. That was HORRENDOUS! Splash Mountain was being refurbished for our future pleasure. :o) While we were riding the ferry boat to the main entrance, we got a perfect view to the fireworks. It was a great loooooonnnnnngggggg day! :o) Did I mention I was one tired puppy?

We are in line to ride Mt. Everest. We really didn't have to wait much. I love roller coaster rides. I've been told not to ride them cause of the chiari. I ride them as long as it doesn't jar me around too much. but I don't think I'll be riding this one again. I have a shunt and I kept hitting that area in the back of my head. It didn't feel good. Next time around, I'll have to pass this one over. :o(

Jewels and I waiting in line. I'm really blessed by her friendship. She accepts me warts and all. That's just a figure of speech, I don't have any "real" warts. But you know what I mean...

My Knight and our Fair Maidens. I love this picture. Just yesterday, they were holding onto to daddy's hand, sitting on his shoulders, clinging on to him. Sweet memories...

A Knight and His Lady... be still my heart...

The Mechanic and His Jewel.

The only four crazy people to ride Kali River Rapids: my Knight, G.I. Joe, The Warrior and One with Nature. One with Nature is the one holding his hands up. The boys went back and rode it a second time. Since there were no lines, they were allowing guests to ride it over and over if they chose to. Which of course, my Knight chose not to. :o)

Soaring Amongst The Clouds sporting the t-shirt Airman G gave her. I wonder what she thought about all day, or should I say "who".

Still Waters and her mama. She will always be my itty bitty girl. We are so different, but we enjoy and value each other's differences.

Daughter of the King and Steps. I wonder what they are talking about?

Lady G and her Fair Maidens. I LOVE my girls! I'm so blessed that I've been able to enjoy them EVERY step of the way. God is good... ALL the time!

Last picture of the day. Can you believe there were 12 in our group! Every time they'd ask us in a ride, "How many in your group?", they would scramble to try to fit us all in. LOL!

All in all we had a wonderful time. Can't wait to do it again... next year! :o)

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Tiffany said...

Wow--three parks! I would poop out big time. We've only park hopped two and that was one too many. I love the Happy Place. We will be going on Wednesday to Epcot. Joe's been begging to go there. He loves Soarin' and Test Track. This is definitely the best time of year to go--almost no lines. We'll probably try to go every other week or so.