Monday, August 04, 2008

What's Up With Couples Today?!

I am troubled by what I am seeing in couples. Not just the one's that are dating or courting but those that are married too. I don't mean every couple but I'm seeing more and more couples treating each other with a lack of respect.

The other night our college/career group had a pizza/bowling fellowship. Everyone had a great time. But this is what I observed...

* A couple of young ladies doing some "male bashing".

* Lots of flirting by a young lady (20 yrs old) who is single. She flirted with young men who are 3 years younger than her and one in particular who had a girlfriend but she wasn't able to attend the fellowship.

Dating Couples...
* Some didn't invite their girlfriends. They wanted to hang out with their guy friends. Even though their guy friends brought their girlfriends with them.

* Young ladies bashing their boyfriends.

* Young men putting their girlfriends down.

* Young ladies trying to "one up" their boyfriends.

Married Couples...
* No endearing words.

* No tender looks.

* No loving touches.

I don't mean that EVERY couple is like this, but I'm seeing more and more couples doing this. they don't edify each other. Sarcasm has become the second language. Punching and slapping is the norm.

Is it so hard to say something nice? To focus on the good instead of focusing on the negative? What wrong with being more encouraging, caring or loving? What's wrong with gentle and courteous gestures?

Friday night, I heard lots of laughter and saw lots of smile. That was all on the outside. But I wonder how some of the couples really felt on the inside? The thought saddens me.

Some couples were expressive with each other. They sat together and had fellowship with others. But in all honesty, it wasn't the younger couples doing this, it was the older couples. Well except for one young couple... Daughter of the King and Steps (see note below). The affection they have for each other was not only evident in the way they looked at each other, but in how they treated each other. I hear them say encouraging, edifying words to each other. They made time to fellowship with their friends too. Watching them gave me hope...

*Note: I'm not saying this because she's my daughter. I'm saying this because this is what I saw. Those that were there are welcome to comment and share what you saw.

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