Friday, August 22, 2008


I'm up to...
* sitting on the couch next to my Knight and
* watching the Olympics while...
* listening to the movie, 300 which is being watched in the dinning room table by Daughter of the King and Steps, on her laptop (with speakers attached) ... at the same time...
* hearing G.I. Joe playing his guitar upstairs in his room (his door is open- Castello rules)

I'm thinking...
*I love my Knight and children
* people sure have a warped sense of what love is and how to show it
*I miss my brother
* how can people make comments about how others always want to get their way and are spoiled, yet they think the world revolves around them
* my Knight really makes his blue shorts look good
* G.I. Joe really needs a new guitar
* why do I keep stumbling and sinning
* why can't I die to self
* I hope my children will be loved by their spouse, more ( if that's possible) than what my Knight loves me.
* I don't want my children to suffer
* I really like the movie, 300
* I might have to get the soundtrack
* a pawn shop would be a good place to look for an acoustic guitar
* that maybe Soaring Amongst The Clouds and Still Waters should take some Salsa dancing lessons being that they're going to a wedding in Panama
* why didn't we hear more about Bryan Clay, the American Olympic Decathlon Gold Medalist
* I need to buy more candles
* what restaurant would Still Waters want to eat at for her 20th birthday celebration
* I should of never highlighted my hair
* I don't like how my hair (highlights) looks like, now that my hair is growing out... URGH!!!
* my fingernails need to be polished

I'm thankful...
* that tropical storm Fay has finally said goodbye to Florida
* no lives were lost due to the storm
* it's the weekend and my Knight will have a chance to chill (hopefully)
* that all five of my children are home
* for God's grace, mercy and salvation
*that my Knight loves unconditionally
* both of my parents and sister are alive and well
* for the my sisters in the HAUS
* for friends and family
* my children don't mind spending time with their mom and dad
* my Fair Maidens believe that being a wife and mom is honorable (considering it's not what the 'world' teaches)
* coke and chocolate cake

What are you up to? What are you thinking? What are you thankful for?

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Tiffany said...

I'm up to...getting ready to start school tomorrow. I'm finally excited about this new year of homeschooling and I feel ready. I do plan to get up extra early and get all prayed up first.
I'm thinking...should I make chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast or go out for do-nuts?
I'm thankful for...a new church building--our very own! My hubby for putting kids to bed tonight and giving me some quiet time.