Friday, August 29, 2008

My Fair Maiden.. Still Waters Is 20 Today!

In honor of her 20th birthday, I will share 20 things about her that I admire. There are many more but I will limit my list to 20 for obvious reasons. :o) This is in no particular order...

* She's a wise Fair Maiden... wise beyond her years.

* Love of learning... if she doesn't know something, she will research it in detail.

* Her humor... has a dry sense of humor but at the same time, finds silly things funny, she's also quick-witted.

* Her kindness and gentleness.

* The loving way she always allows her brothers to go into her room to play or hang out while she's busy studying.

* Her gracefulness and elegance. It reminds me of the great actress of days of yore... like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.

* She's a good steward of her time, talents and spiritual gifts.

* Her OCD which is not as bad as CDO. Her organizational skills ROCK!

* Her green thumb. This sweet child of mine can make anything grow.

* She's got great work ethics.

* Her "stick to it" attitude.

* Her faith and faithfulness.

* Her sense of style. She knows what she likes and wears what she likes. It matters not what "the world" says is "in". If she likes it, she wears it.

* The way she enjoys being outside and taking pictures of God's creation.

* She's so imaginative and creative.

* Her artistic ability.

* How even though she's 20 years old, she still enjoys playing and being silly with her siblings.

* Her wild side. Yep, she has one. True she doesn't enjoy roller coasters, but this child of mine wants a motorcycle.

* Her spiritual walk. It's evident that God is Lord of her life.

* How she is not swayed and sticks to her convictions.


I'm so proud that God chose me to be your mom. You are such a blessing to me and those around you. You are a beautiful godly young lady. I look forward to seeing all the amazing , wonderful things God has planned for you. Stay the course...

love always,

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