Saturday, August 02, 2008


This has been a tough week. I will not go into detail, for I do not know the whole truth. It's not up to me to judge. I have to trust that God is in control and that there is a purpose for all things.

Our minister of music resigned. Since my Knight and I teach college/career Sunday School class, the minister of music's oldest daughter was in our class. She will no longer be attending our church, due to her dad's resignation. She's assured us that since she lives and works in the area, she will still attend fellowships and will keep in touch. Her brother and his lovely wife (they are 20and just got married this past March) have also decided not to attend our church. I know that what they are going through is not easy. My heart is heavy... they must be torn up about all this. Remember that this world is the evil one's playground. He delights to mess with God's people and create havoc and dissension. Please pray for all of them and for our church.

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