Tuesday, August 05, 2008

FINALLY... Pictures!

YEAH!!! I now know how to access my pictures! Let me tell you, I've missed not being able to share them or write about them. This is going to be an entry scattered with random pictures and captions. So prepare yourself...

This is what my laptop looks like now. I LOVE this design skin! There were a few others I liked, but I got his one. To me it says... hopeful romantic. Awe...

As I was walking out of my bedroom and heading to the kitchen, this is what I saw. So I went back into my room and got my camera. Doesn't my Warrior look toooooooo cute!?

While Daughter of the King was at summer camp, the rest of us went to MGM Studios. No wait, it's no longer called that, it's now called Hollywood Studios. I keep forgetting. Oy vey! While there we rode Toy Story Mania. I LOVED IT! I'd even say I enjoyed it more than the Buzz Lightyear ride at The Magic Kingdom. Soaring Amongst The Clouds rode with G.I. Joe and....

Still Waters rode with The Warrior. I rode with a mom from Australia. LOVED her accent! Her teenage son didn't want to ride with her. What's up with some of these teenagers?!

Here we are in line for the Toy Story Mania ride. We waited about 50 minutes. But it was inside and it was air conditioned. Definitely doable!

Soaring Amongst The Clouds is ecstatic! She just found out she was called to be a "stand in" for a movie that's being filmed. She doesn't aspire to be an actress, she's just happy to be making some good extra $$$!

The Warrior and his usual camera "look". For reals.... he's not upset. This is his, "hurry up and be done with it" look.

Still Waters has a beautiful smile. But then again, she's a beautiful Fair Maiden. Well, she's beautiful from the inside out too. I love to see her smile.

My 45th birthday came and went. I can't believe I'm 45! But I'm SOOOOOOO excited about it. I'm SOOOOOOO BLESSED! Daughter of the King was a way at camp, so she wasn't here for my birthday. :o( But I knew she was having fun. Still Waters and Soaring Amongst The Clouds baked my birthday cake. It was DELISH!

My Fair Maidens (minus one) and I. I can't believe we are all smiling. AWESOME!

My Squires and I. WOW! We are all smiling too. I need to write that down!

I love it when Still Waters is goofy. This doesn't happen often. She's really funny, but not many see this side of her. They don't bother to take the time to get to know her... their loss.

Soaring Amongst The Clouds wading in the pool. She didn't want to get her hair wet. Yeah right, as if the Squires are going to pass up the chance of getting her all wet. But they decided to be nice and abide by her wishes. Her hair stayed dry. They are sooooooo good to their sisters.

During All-Star season parents demonstrated some of their spirit by writing on the windshield's of their cars. Here my Squires are checking out what their mama wrote. Needless to say I wrote their names, numbers and... YEAH BABY!!! For safety reasons, I can't post the pictures.

Daughter of the King got into the spirit of things too. Way to cheer on your brothers Sweetie!

Ok, I think that's enough for now. Thanks for bearing with me. I sure do love my family and I love sharing my family with you.

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Tiffany said...

Toy Story Mania looks like so much fun, I can't wait to try it! I love your laptop skin--I didn't even know they made those.