Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gun Toting Mama

Today my Knight and I went to the gun range. :o) We signed up to take the class required to carry a concealed weapon. I'm sooooo excited!

I called yesterday to get some information. They told me the next class available isn't until the second week in December. We would have to pre-pay and pre-book for the class. So we went went to get that done today. Well, the class they told me about yesterday was already booked up. They had a class for the following week and it was halfway full already! Looks like lots of people are trying to get their permit before they take that right away.

We also signed Soaring Amongst The Clouds up to take the class. In order to get the permit for a concealed weapon, you have to be 21. So our other Fair Maidens aren't able to get their permits yet. But they will as soon as they turn 21. That's if the law doesn't change and we pray it doesn't.

In the mean time, we are checking around for suitable guns. Today I got to try a Glock 26. I enjoyed shooting, but I really didn't care for that particular gun. I like our 357 and our 38 special. So the search continues. I'm going to enjoy our search. :o)

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