Saturday, November 15, 2008

End Of The Fall Ball Season

Thursday night was the last baseball game of the season. The Dodgers played AWESOME! They ten run ruled the Indians. Which is awesome considering they have been in a slump for 3 weeks. But they played their hearts out and showed what an awesome team they are. I was so proud of them.

Last night was our team end of the season party. We had a FANTABULOUS time! We decided to have a parents against the children baseball game. There was a purpose for this. You see we had a couple of parents who were... ah... a little critical (to put it mildly) about their children. This is the perfect time to say, that some of those parents learned their lesson. It's easier said than done. It's easier when you are "coaching" from the stands. The children OWNED their parents tonight and they (the children) were glowing!

I took some pictures of the games, but it was in the evening and none of them turned out well. :o(

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