Saturday, November 15, 2008

All-Star Soccer Tournament

G.I. Joe was asked to play in a soccer tournament. Turns out that all the schools they played picked three players from each school to participate in the tournament. Even though G.I. Joe is not an enrolled student at the school he played for, he was chosen to play. What an AWESOME honor!

Did I mention that the other two students chosen from the school he played for and G.I. Joe were the only freshmen asked to play?! Well, they were. ALL the players on both teams were seniors. WOW!

I can't begin to share just how proud I am of my Squire, G.I. Joe. He plays with heart and soul. I pray that he will always have such passion in all he does. That he continue to walk the straight and narrow path God has chosen for him.

Allow me to share some pictures of the day...

G.I. Joe warming up. They were told they could wear their team shorts and would be given a white shirt. All the players on the team he played in, wore white shirts like his.

I know this looks odd, but I think it looks KEWEL! LOL! Pretty freaky looking!

The three players from the school he's playing for. They get along really well. G.I. Joe wore #9. Moon wore #6 and Man wore #16. Moon and Man have been playing soccer since they were wee ones. They are great players. G.I. Joe felt honored to be playing in the All Star team along with his friends.

You guessed it, another "hand" shot. My Knight didn't allow me the pleasure of taking his picture. :o( Don't know why, he's so awesomely handsome! His baby blues still make my heart skip a beat.

The evening was quite cold. Good thing we brought blankets and had thick towels. The quilt they are folding is one of my favorites. I wish it were bigger, but it's just a lap quilt. I love our colors... red, white and blue.

Can't believe I got this shot....

... or this one! I love to see their smiling faces.

Here we have the coaches and the players. From left to right... Coach Gerry, his son- Moon, G.I. Joe, Coach 24, and Man. Everyone had a great time.

Well what do you know, I did manage to get a picture of my Knight. :o) Too bad you can't see his baby blues. But that's alright, cause I get to see them. Be still my heart...

I love shots of people walking. Everyone's walking back to the car. Boy was it chilly! The wind was blowing too, which of course made it feel colder.

I took this inside the car. JC came along too. Did I mention that JC plays soccer? Well, he does and he's really good too! It was fun to "hear" him during the game. We all enjoy his company. Specially Soaring Amongst The Clouds.

We all went out to eat at a outdoor burger stand. I have to admit, the burgers were really good. After burgers, we went to Carvel. I LOVE their ice cream. Even though it was cold, I wanted to eat ice cream. Mainly cause we hardly visit that town and there isn't a Carvel in our town. I was freezing, but boy was my ice cream good.

Daughter of the King wasn't able to go with us because she had lots of homework. So she stayed home and got it done. I'm so proud of her for prioritizing. Way to go Baby Girl!

The Warrior spent the day with his best friend Bro. They went to see the movie Madagascar 2. It was Bro's sister's birthday and she had some friends over. So The Warrior was asked to go over and have some fun with Bro. He had a great day. Thank God for good friends.

All in all, we all had a great time. I hope JC did too. There is nothing like spending time with family and friends.

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