Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cast Off!

YEAH!!! The Warrior got his cast taken of on Friday.

It so happens that The Coach was The Warrior's football coach back in 2004. He's great with children and the children love him. So it was great that he was the one that put the cast on and took it off.

Did I mention that he was also the one that assisted the orthopedic surgeon years ago when The Warrior had surgery on his elbow? Well he was. He had fractured his elbow and needed two pins put in due to the severity of the fracture. Praise the Lord this time around surgery wasn't needed.

He said his hand felt very heavy and stiff. The area around the fracture was still a little swollen, but nothing compared to how it was before. The x-ray showed it healed nicely. We were told to buddy tape it for the next 3 weeks if he's going to be doing any kind of activities and when he goes to sleep.

This is the machine they used to cut the cast off. Looks like a circular saw thingy. It's and old model. Their new one broke. We hope we don't have to see these kind of tools again!

This is what the inside of his cast looked like. The Coach asked us if we wanted to keep the cast, we declined. LOL! No reason to keep that around. Four weeks of it was enough!!!

You can see where they cut through the cast. I don't know if I could of sat still while someone used that machine to "cut" my cast off. But The Warrior was calm and collected. He amazes me!

All in all he's doing great. His wrist is tender and sore, but it's because he's been unable to move it while it was in the cast. He's not complaining, but I can see him favoring it. He's such a tough little guy. He goes back for a check up in 4 weeks.

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