Monday, September 29, 2008

My Warrior Is 12... Be Still My Heart!

I can't believe that MY BABY is 12 years old. Time has flown by so fast. But I'm so thankful that God has made it possible for me to be a stay at home mom. Not only that, but that He called us to homeschool. What an AWESOME blessing. I have been able to enjoy my children 24/7. THANK YOU, JESUS! \o/

In honor of my Warrior's 12th birthday, I will share 12 things about him...

* He loves animals. His favorites are cows and dogs... particularly german shepherds. When he grows up his german shepherd is going to be named, Smokey Stewart Stallion Johnson Buddy. LOL!

* He can't stand injustice and will stand up for those that need defending. On different occasions he has stood up for those that have been picked on, by others.

* If it was up to him, he would eat chicken for lunch and dinner. But he's also a lover of hamburgers... plain, nothing on them.

* He loves his sisters dearly and misses them terribly when they aren't home. When they aren't home, he'll say things like, "The house feels so empty when the girls aren't home."

* Gaming runs through his veins. There is no video game he can't master in a couple of days.

* His dad is his hero. He admires him, loves him and is proud that he takes the time to coach his baseball team. Once when a player was complaining about a call my Knight had made (when he was umping), The Warrior stepped up and told the player that, "The upm (his dad) was a fair and just man."

* He's quick witted. There is never a dull moment in our Castello. He keeps us smiling and laughing.

* The military fascinates him. He talks about being a Marine one day. He also wants to be a paratrooper.

* He's a homebody. He would rather be at home, than anywhere else.

* His favorite clothes to wear are... his pajamas. He's in them ALL day long. If we have to go out, he changes clothes to go out. But the minute we get home, he will change back into his pajamas.

* He enjoys photography and video taping. He is often found playing around with my camera taking pictures or video taping those around him.

* He has a HUGE Beanie Baby collection and he plays with them. I've seen him pretend that they are soldiers, ninjas, football players, baseball players and soccer players. He's creative and has an incredibly vivid imagination.

I have no favorites. I love each of my children unconditionally, with ALL of my heart. But I will be the first to say, that he is my favorite (insert his given name here) in the whole world and he knows it cause I've told him. ;o) Just in case I'm misunderstood... my (insert Soaring Amongst The Clouds' given name here) is my favorite (insert her given name here) in the whole world. My (insert Still Waters' given name here) is my favorite (insert her name here) is the whole world. Well, you get the picture. To me, my children are my favorite in the whole world. :o) I hope and pray they know it. I hope and pray that I've shown it.

My Dearest Warrior,

I get all emotional just thinking how fast time has passed. I can't believe that today we are celebrating your 12th birthday. You've grown up in a blink of an eye. What a blessing you have been. You bring joy and happiness to our family. God has a mighty plan for you. I look forward to the coming years. The best is yet to be. I love you Sweetie and don't ever forget it.

I'll love you forever...
I'll love you for always...
As long as I'm living...
My Baby you'll be...


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