Thursday, September 04, 2008

Soaring Amongst The Clouds Is Back!

She went to Colorado to visit Airman G. It was family weekend at the Air Force Academy. Airman G had asked her to go visit him with his family. They left last Wednesday and they got back late Tuesday night.

We missed her terribly. Yep, even her siblings missed her. What can I say, we are one close and loving family. :o)

This picture was taken by KT, she's Airman G's younger sister. Well she's his one and only sister. :) She's taking a photography class in college. So she was busy practicing while they were in Colorado. Out of all the pictures that were taken and they've shared with me, this one is one of my favorite pictures of Soaring Amongst The Clouds. She loves being outdoors. She looks so at home.

This is my other favorite one. They are both smiling and look happy. She was happy to be able to see Airman G.

My Knight and I have been to Colorado twice, to ski. We spent one week at Breckenridge. Then another time we spent one week in Winter Park. We fell in love with Colorado. Well, hearing her talk about Colorado, made us want to go back. So our next ski trip just might be to Colorado. :o)

Welcome back Sweetie, we are so glad your home. We missed you.

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