Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Knight Was Right...

Let it be known that my Knight is seldom wrong. I'm not saying that sarcastically. I'm just stating it as fact. :o) I love my man... I really do.

Airman G and Soaring Amongst The Clouds are no longer courting. Being a cadet at the academy, school work, distance and working on a relationship has proven to be a little too much for Airman G. It's good that this was realized now and not when too much had been invested in their relationship.

Now you must be wondering, what does my title have have to do with what I just shared above. Well let me tell you. During Airman G's summer break visit, my Knight told Soaring Amongst The Clouds, that it seemed to him, that Airman G had lost interest. But that he just didn't quite know how to end the courtship.

When she went to visit him with his family last week in Colorado, once again things were "different". Soaring Amongst The Clouds wondered and asked, but nothing was said. But actions spoke louder than words. When she got home she knew, but waited until they had a chance to "talk". Then he spoke the words that went along with the actions he had been showing since summer.

First off, I want to say that God is good... ALL the time. He always has a way of working things out for the best. I see a change in my Fair Maiden. She has matured. I know this can't be easy. But I see God's grace, mercy, love, peace washing over her. I have seen her smile more in the past couple of days than I have since her summer break.

I haven't seen him or spoken to him. But I'm sure he feel less stressed out. I know that it wasn't easy for him to balancing a relationship, family, friend, school and work. He'll now have the time to focus on being a college student. I know he will apply himself and do a great job.

Why am I sharing all this? Well, I know some will roll their eyes, but that's all right. :o) Parents do know best. Parents really have their children's best interest at heart. Did I mention that my mom knew that my Knight was the one for me? Well she did. She told me so when we were in high school. This is what she said, "Lady G, he is the one for you." Did I listen? No. But God knew even though I wasn't walking with Him, He knew. He brought us together after we graduated. I have often wondered what my life would of been like had I listened to my mom in high school. At least, I came to my senses. LOL! But even so, my life with my Knight has been a dream come true.

Now, The Boss Lady (my sister) was in a relationship with a young man. He was loved by the family and things were looking promising. Along came an old friend from high school and declared himself to her. My parents didn't think he was suitable, but her heart told her different. She ended her relationship and got married to her high school friend. They are now divorced. It's not an amicable divorce either. My poor niece and nephew are stuck right in the middle. My heart goes out to them. I sometimes wonder if things would of been different for her had she headed our parents advice.

I'm not saying that parents should run and live their children's lives. There comes a time when we have to leave and cleave to the one we are going to marry. What I'm saying is parents do know best. We should seek their counsel. We should remember everything they've taught us and make wise choices. Most important of all, we should ask our Father. After all, remember that, Father knows best...

to be continued...


CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

I'm glad this relationship is getting straightened out...by the best Straightener of them all, the Father who really does know best!

Lady G~ said...

How true. :o) She love this young man very much. If he is the one for her, she has faith that God will make it happen. If not, she has faith that God will bring the right one to her.